The electric business industry should move towards civilized opening: Two what is the bottom line?

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First tell a story: Hunan Satellite TV year, want to engage in a big event, please come to the domestic many famous actors. Other satellite TV to see, also follow suit to make up. So the CCTV sit still, the eldest brother here, will you be a noisy Zhang? So privately issued a notice to the artists, all participate in Hunan TV actor will not be allowed to participate in any activities CCTV. The actors to listen to, which is the weight, a look at the Ming, and then turn around. And the audience moved small bench wait for a long while, but found that actor half did not appear, can only scold Hunan satellite TV pit Dad, scold CCTV, helpless to move the small stool back, said no longer believe you these bullshit TV station. Hunan Satellite TV helpless cry, CCTV proudly smiled, fantasy a few years later, all the local stations out, even if every day to broadcast ads, the same ratings, not fast!

June 18, this is a normal day, Jing-dong set for the shop celebration Day, become a double 11 other electric business festival. And, of course, it has again sparked a free-for-all in the electricity business. Starting from 5.30, Suning, Gome, when, a shop, easy news, Amazon six platform faction to attack, Sniper Jingdong, trying to get a piece.

These cutting styles are not the most terrible for Jingdong. The real threat comes from a variety of Taobao-the day cat. Beijing East Vice President 蒉 Ying Chun published a blog to denounce Ali, accusing the day cat forced merchants to "two election one". It is confirmed that the days of the cat forced the merchant to carry out "two election one" thing does exist.

This is not the first "two choice", as we have experienced in the 3Q war three years ago. When a company is in a monopoly position in the industry, the "two choice" has a chance to happen, not to mention the lack of regulatory and moral bottom line in China's internet industry.

The origin of the second election is the monopoly of the channel, in three kinds of mainstream electric business model, Ali as "> domestic electric Dealer's Big Mac, are in advantageous position." Consumer-to-consumer field, Taobao monopoly of the Consumer-to-consumer market, accounting for more than 90% of the share of the business-to-business sector, Alibaba's share of 52% or so, the second global resource less than 10%, the dominant position no one to shake; Other platforms are single-digit proportions. Ali is the only strength in the electric business let users two select one of the company, and Jingdong is the only one worthy of Ali to make "two choose one" decision of potential opponents.

10 years, Taobao defeated the predecessor of ebay, Monopoly Consumer-to-consumer, hatched a day cat, a Amoy, poly cost-effective, all are the industry one brother; with Alipay set up a security payment system, the accumulation of China's largest e-commerce flow of information and capital flows, the attack must not be unmatched.

10 years, Liu after several transformations, to the price of the butcher's gesture ended the 3c digital profiteering, with years of loss to establish their own logistics system, in a barbaric way to grow up to become the leader of the electric business.

Before, the Beijing-east positioning is independent of the shopping mall, the cat positioning is a platform for the two, the two positioning is different, but also peaceful. Nowadays, Jing Dong also goes pop open platform, and the more do the more fierce, direct shunt day cat merchant and turnover, couch side, can let others snore to sleep? So the cat shot, like Tencent, let the merchant make a difficult decision: "Two choose one". Although the Beijing-East in the information flow is weaker than Ali, but stronger than logistics, capital flow is not subject to Alipay. Ali is the biggest potential rival in the electricity business.

Although the enterprise publicity and promotion of market share is normal business behavior, but through the advantage of attacking opponents and then kidnapping public opinion, it is not justified.

Six platforms sniper Beijing east, there is nothing wrong with the opportunity to work together, whether true or false, but also to give users more choices. But forcing the merchant to do two election one, this and "Let the world is not difficult to do business" farther and further away.

People get married, you Rob Sweet, hi.

Why do you rob a bride when they get married?

Ali is a great company, but it does not mean that all the actions are worthy of our affirmation. Industry monopoly is an unhealthy form, the ultimate victim will only be consumers. Just like today's two barrels of oil, once the Ministry of Railways, no matter what you scold more severe, as long as there is rigid demand, they have to let their mercy, this is the consequences of industry monopolies.

Electric business is an emerging industry, we hope that the industry bosses can take out the posture of Big Brother, leading the industry to open the road to civilization. After many years, when people pass the tombstone of Ali, want to see the screen Zhi Ming is: it has created an honest and open electronic Business system and environment for us. Not the electric dealers that once monopolized China.

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