The electric dealer will be able to take back tomorrow with the way of smashing money

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Every customer this year's marketing cost is 200 million, handle the advertising is also used billion for calculation, and when and jingdong advertising is equally considerable ... Chinese electric dealers have been frantically burning money to advertise to tap the market. Because of this, the senior industry insiders described the electricity quotient: the so-called electric business, is to use advertising to fight the market, with advertising for tomorrow.

However, for all customers, when the electric business enterprises, how to accurately look for the audience and advertising, become E-commerce enterprises must think about the problem. In this market environment, a number of advertising platforms emerged, even search engine enterprise Baidu also launched the advertising butler.

Compared with other advertising platform, Baidu advertising butler flagship "precision" and "Easy-to-use" slogan. All along, whether it is E-commerce enterprises, or other industries advertisers, all want their own ads to achieve accurate delivery. And now some advertising platform, its delivery accuracy is not high. Baidu advertising Butler with the help of Baidu search engine this platform, the needs of netizens analysis, and in accordance with the need for advertising, so as to achieve accurate advertising.

Although the analysis of the needs of netizens is a huge project, but Baidu Advertising butler will be accurate to put the process into a very easy-to-use tool platform. According to Baidu insiders said, "Baidu advertising Butler" June on the line "Custom directional function", can let advertisers according to their own needs, customized precision directional conditions, personalized targeted delivery needs. In behavioral orientation, the user properties of each network media are different, according to user interest attributes (22 industry classification, 230 product classification, custom brand classification) to provide matching ads, and again, through the technology orientation to achieve geographical, time, weather, frequency, browser, OS and URL precision delivery.

Compared with other advertising platform, "Baidu advertising Butler" of the Netizen needs analysis is difficult to surpass the advantages, after all, Baidu search platform can provide an accurate direction for the advertising butler. In order to improve the accuracy of advertising, since 2009 Baidu Advertising Butler In-depth study of precision directional technology, combined with Baidu search to achieve accurate delivery. Although other advertising platforms can also achieve precision marketing, but with Baidu's behavioral orientation still has a big gap.

To give a simple example, where the customer is a men's business site, in some women's forum ads will undoubtedly result in little, with the help of Baidu advertising Butler precision delivery function, where customers such as the Electronic business platform can easily achieve accurate advertising. In addition, some mobile phone platform, the precise advertising site is in digital sites and a number of digital forums, pregnant baby site is clearly not suitable for mobile phone advertising. Obviously, Baidu Advertising Butler's accurate delivery can let advertisers spend money on the blade.

At the moment, after the madness of the money after the stage of E-commerce began to return to the rational, many electric dealers focus on online advertising. How to achieve accurate advertising, the maximization of traffic value is the most difficult problem for E-commerce enterprises at the moment. Able to achieve accurate delivery of the Baidu advertising butler, will help the electric business squeeze Dry network advertising value, with network advertising bo out of the bright future of the electric business.

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