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July 17, the Beijing-East led the new racket officially on the line, Liu listed for the first public debut for the new Pat platform, the Beijing-east and Ali's competition more white-hot, as the domestic electric business industry, the two giants, Jingdong and Ali competition has spread to the industrial chain in various fields.

The challenge of constructing ecological industry chain

If the 2012, the electric Business enterprise is in happy enclosure, then 2012 after the focus of competition has begun to platform, the construction of eco-industrial chain changes. Based on the basic functions of the sales of Electronic business platform products, with an open posture, horizontal, vertical extension, mainly in the vertical service industry chain layout, covering logistics, after-sale, upstream procurement, such as Beijing east after 2012 to accelerate the pace of self-construction logistics, in the country 34 cities to establish 82 warehouses, has nearly 1500 distribution sites, Ali set up the rookie network is to invest hundreds of billions of money to build a nationwide logistics system within 24 hours; horizontally, mainly to the electrical business related to the field of penetration, such as internet finance, mobile Internet, local life services, these industries based on the electricity quotient, Play a complementary role; therefore, the construction of the industrial chain, the main direction is to form a business model of the independent cycle, to the drainage, transformation, enhance user experience, profit closed-loop transactions, and the platform can not only enrich the role of products, but also to the electric business enterprises to bring huge profits, Beijing East 2013 from the service of nearly 2 billion revenue, Ali's main revenue is also from the platform of services, promote the benefits. Product rich, user attraction, high profit characteristics attract more and more electric enterprises to establish an open platform.

To build an ecological chain is a long process, in addition to a huge amount of capital investment, but also have a strong ability to integrate, want to completely independent into the new industry, the challenge is great, so, Ali chose the way of mergers and acquisitions, micro-bo, gold map, culture China, Hang Seng Electronics and other acquisitions are Ali ecological chain of important links, How to integrate all the resources into the same target service is the key factor after the acquisition. But the industry's competitive pressure in the future will inevitably lead to the establishment of differentiated industrial chain enterprises.

How to avoid the homogeneity of strategy heterogeneity

Although the electric business enterprise platform, constructs the industrial chain the big strategy to be consistent, but each other's emphasis has the very big difference. Enterprises must find different points with competitors, from different points in order to form a different core of the new industrial chain. The different industry, the eco-industrial chain will also vary, for the integrated type of electric business platform, the whole industry chain development model is undoubtedly the most competitive, but to highlight the focus of the industrial chain, any link is the source of differentiation. In the case of Jingdong and Ali, the industrial chain layout of Jingdong is more focused on service system and mobile Internet, since the construction of logistics has been one of the most important Beijing-east strategy, the acceptance of Tencent, the main focus is the mobile portal micro-letter; and Ali Industrial layout is based on finance and flow, to Alipay as the core of the financial empire is being established, Taobao, Cat, a cost-effective flow of liquidity is also the most powerful of all electric business enterprises. For vertical electric dealers, limited to the size of products and users, we must try to establish the industrial chain of the scale to adapt to the user, brand, product or professional services as a breakthrough point, strengthen in one aspect of the absolute advantage, and then the unilateral advantage to drive other business chain to improve. For example, the product is single and can control the production of enterprises, corporate brand and product brand consistent, you can strengthen the attributes of the product, through micro-bo, micro-letter and other new media gathered consumers, millet, video TV, etc. is through such a path to lower costs to establish a unique "micro-industrial chain."

Differentiation is an important basis for the survival of every industry, any homogenization of the strategy will have the heterogeneity of the factors, the electric business industry is a distinctive feature of the industry, the future of competition in the homogenization of the level, heterogeneity of the most prominent enterprises will become the market leader.

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