The embryonic form of China's large data industry chain has been first manifested

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Sponsored by China Institute of Electronic Information Industry development, "2013 China Cloud Computing Industry annual Meeting and the best application of Cloud computing Exhibition" recently held in Zhenjiang. At the meeting, Sadie Consultant Cloud computing Industry Research Center released a report that 2012, the prototype of the large data industry chain has been early, around the generation and clustering of large data, organization and management, analysis and discovery, application and service levels are accelerating the construction.

The report said that the large data industry is a technology-intensive industry, competition is more technical strength and innovation ability, the closer to the data industry, the greater the value of industry. Those who can control large data real-time integration, mass information processing and management, cloud storage and other technologies will become the leading industry, leading the future development direction of large data industry technology and promoting business model innovation.

The report shows that domestic enterprises are limited to the position of the IT industry chain, generally in the database, data warehousing, business intelligence and other areas of the weak foundation, so the layout of large data is not as comprehensive as multinational enterprises. But the relatively strong domestic internet enterprises, telecom operators, telecommunications equipment suppliers have begun to start industrial layout, Internet application Services as a starting point to seize the commanding heights of large data.

Report recommends that in order to grasp the strategic opportunity in large data times, our country should accelerate the construction of a good large data industry ecological environment, the Government should constantly improve the policy and regulations, create a moderately loose development environment, enhance China's status in the world's information industry; It vendors should focus on innovation in technology and service mode, and Provides a holistic solution for high availability; Industry users should achieve large data concentration through cloud platform to form enterprise data assets, and at the same time deeply analyze the value of large data mining and promote enterprise intelligent decision-making.

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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