The entire Mba,emba infrastructure is a variety of case studies

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Recently some time has not been how to write the case class article, today starts will write the case class article more.

Because these days I suddenly want to understand one thing, is the whole Mba,emba infrastructure is a variety of case analysis, the case for the entrepreneur is very large, so write more of the latest cases of the Internet will be very meaningful.

Turn to the point, today to bring you a new case of Japan.

We all know that there are probably 3 types of General Electric business platforms:

1. Similar to Taobao, Jingdong, such as sales of physical and virtual items such as Electronic business platform.

2. Similar to the United States network such as the O2O electric platform, sales are mainly under the line of service experience category products.

3. Similar to YY education, such as school education, electronic business platform.

And today's case is unique to you, Timeticket is only on the line in July this year, a new Japanese electric business platform. This Electronic business platform allows sellers to sell their time + skills on the platform, ranging in length from 30 minutes to 5 hours. The seller can set the date, amount and the service available during this period. Buy time buyers, you can freely browse the platform, if you find the content of interest, you can apply to the seller. When the seller agrees and pays the fee, the deal is established.

and Timeticket this platform will be from the seller set out the amount of 30%, as a handling fee. The remaining amount will be donated to the public welfare organizations according to the proportion of the contribution made by the sellers.

Although the establishment of Timeticket on the time is not long, but the above sellers are also a great deal. Professionals such as former social networking site Mixiceo Changcang and Gizmodojapan editor-in-chief have been selling their time here. Since Timeticket users tend to be more focused on networking and entrepreneurship, the most popular types of selling are business-related services, followed by business consulting, food and movies.

In short, Timeticket is a consumer-to-consumer electric business platform, this platform allows skilled people to sell their own time, who said time is not money, now has a platform to help you turn the time into money.

In fact, in 2010, China also had a similar time to sell and trade online platform called "Big Goose Net", was also said to have an angel investment, but now can not find any information on this site, it may have been closed.

2010 to do such a time trading platform may be a bit too early, although there are excellent rice network auction Shi Yuzhu lunch time, Taobao also sporadic people selling their time, but these are difficult to become scale and system.

And by 2014, it would be a good time to make an electric-commerce platform like this in China for sale and trading.

Why do you say that?

Because 2014 can be said to be from the media star Year One, a large number of unique skills, skilled individuals and teams, to kill into the media field, they through the media to their own personal brand, team brand has been done, with a group of loyal users.

And these media stars are facing a commercial problem, if there is a platform to help these from the stars, such as the time to sell from the stars + skills, as long as the platform is good enough, and the platform can also bring them actual sales, there will be a large number of stars willing to join the platform.

This is similar to a snowball effect, has since the star to join the platform to sell their time, will bring his fans focus on the platform, focus on the platform while also may purchase other from the star time. This rolling up, the platform will be more and more users, the more users will bring more people with unique skills to sell time.

Clay, author of the cognitive surplus, says Americans spend about 200 billion hours a year watching TV, which is almost 2000 of the time the Wikipedia project takes a year. If we take everyone's free time as a set, a cognitive surplus, how big is this surplus? We have forgotten that our free time has always belonged to us, that we can consume them by our own will, create them and share them, and we can build mediocrity into excellence through accumulation.

Each of us doesn't realize that we have a lot of time, and that time is a chicken for us, but it may be gold for other people.

Taobao is the sale of concrete objects, made the world's second largest internet company.

And everyone's time if can be used for sale, imagination may not be worse than Taobao.

Wen/Qin Gang

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