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A lot of people confuse VPS with cloud host, think VPS is cloud host, think Cloud host is VPS. In fact, there are essential differences between the two. A lot of people talk about cloud computing, talk about it, what is cloud computing, maybe the more the conversation is blurred. Hope to use this article, chat about cloud host and VPS contrast, perhaps you will understand, what is "cloud".

Vps:virtual Private Server (virtual Private servers) is the use of Virtual server software (such as VMware, Xen) on a physical server to create multiple isolated small servers. These small servers (VPS) themselves have their own operating system, which runs and manages exactly the same as stand-alone servers.

Cloud Host: Cloud Host is an IT infrastructure capacity leasing service that integrates computing, storage, and network resources, and can provide on-demand and on-demand server leasing services based on the cloud computing model. Cloud Host is in a number of servers composed of a cluster of cloud host virtual a number of similar independent host parts, it has high reliability, flexibility and strong characteristics.

VPS and Cloud host the same point: are in the physical server virtualization of the space, running and management of the same as stand-alone server.

VPS and Cloud host different points:

1. Different schema patterns

In the above VPS and cloud host introduction, we can see the difference. VPS is just a physical server to create a number of isolated small servers, this is not difficult to understand, to say the simple point is that you install a VMware, built in a lot of virtual machines in the same concept.

And cloud host, it is not so simple. If the VPS classified as stand-alone version, the cloud host is full distributed.

A cloud host is a part of a cluster of several servers that is virtualized to resemble a stand-alone host. For example, Aliyun's own research and development of the flying Distributed system, can support 5,000 server clusters. To create a cloud host is to be dispatched through a distributed system rather than simply creating a virtual machine on a single physical machine. It is because of this distributed system scheduling, cloud host and VPS only have the essential difference. It is because of this distributed system scheduling, cloud host has a VPS can not exceed the advantages.

2. Different storage modes

The cloud host uses the distributed cluster storage, the data writes many copies in real time, therefore does not have the single point failure problem. When the physical machine where the service resides is down, it is automatically migrated to a redundant data backup. The VPS only use a stand-alone local disk storage (that is, a physical machine), data only write a copy. Eggs in only one basket, the risk of machine failure and data loss will always exist.

3. Different reliability

In computing the node machine burst hardware failure, the cloud host support automatically rebuild to other nodes, only need 5-10 minutes or so, and all of these are distributed system automatic scheduling. VPS may take hours to wait for hardware fixes.

On the storage side, the storage node destroys one or two servers without any impact, and the system automatically directs data read and write to other nodes. While the VPS is native storage, once the local hard disk or array damage, light interruption hours, heavy may occur data loss.

4. Different functions and services

As mentioned above, the essential difference between cloud host and VPS is that the creation and management of the underlying resources are to be dispatched through distributed system. It is because of this distributed system scheduling, cloud host has a VPS can not exceed the advantages. What is "cloud", in fact, is the traditional IDC resource integration into a service, users need to take, this is called the cloud.

Usually after the purchase of cloud host, some features and services will be free to open to users, and these are not beyond the VPS:

A, the cloud host has mirrored package function, can pack the cloud host system into the mirror. If you combine the API to create thousands of cloud hosts, it's just an instant thing.

b, cloud host monitoring do not worry, by the cloud monitoring to help you fix. The status information of the server can be at a glance in the console. Fault alarm, automatically sent to your phone or mailbox. Mother no longer worried about the cumbersome monitoring.

C, the security of the server, do not worry, the bottom of the cloud host are deployed hardware firewall. Such as DDoS attacks, there is no need to worry. You can even manually set some parameters such as the flow threshold of the attack.

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