The importance of trademark defense in enterprise intellectual Property management

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It can be said that I am a hardcore jingdong shopping spree, but sometimes I will be on Taobao day cat looking for what I want.

This time the double 11, the Home appliance merchants in the power spell. Taobao Department 35 billion of the turnover is indeed not low, today to see Jingdong seems to be more than 10 billion. Today we do not talk about data, to talk about the electric goods brand trademark management aspects of personal opinion: The Enterprise Intellectual Property management, the importance of trademark defense.

Not black who, also not honey who, in the text of Ali and Beijing East For comparison, just conveniently.

First of all, from the title, what is the trademark strategy: the Enterprise trademark strategy, refers to the trademark work and trademark means used in the business activities, to drive and affect the entire enterprise business activities. is an integral part of the business strategy and is adjusted with the adjustment of the business strategy.

In layman's terms, it is the trademark brand which is registered to protect the business activities in time. In accordance with the provisions of the law, comprehensive and perfect protection of enterprise intellectual property. Do not violate the rights of others, also will not be found by other operators opportunistic opportunities, so as to avoid the business activities of enterprises to bring negative, unnecessary loss and trouble.

First look at the screenshot below:

Total number of Alibaba trademark registration

Jingdong Mall Trademark Registration Total

It can be seen that, as China's largest two electric companies, are in the protection of trademark intellectual property right up and down the time, from the number can be seen, there are thousands of trademark registration volume. Many traditional enterprises should learn.

But if you carefully analyze the content of the registration, you will find many different places. This article to say is, although two trademark registration quantity is many, but in the trademark management, Alibaba obvious fast person step. Its trademarks, whether from the brand operation, or from brand defense. Can be said to do more perfect. Jingdong Mall, although also registered a number of thousands of trademarks, but its trademark sorting strategic registration is still not too much, that is, defensive do not good enough.

Double 11 Singles Festival just ended, then randomly selected "Double 11" related trademarks, after the query collation, "Double 11" only Ali registered protection, with the following data.


As you can see, Alibaba is very sensitive to the protection of trademarks.

Similarly, I also choose Jingdong "618" shop, the same query to read the Beijing-East registered trademarks, but did not see the "618" one of the trademarks (including how large the success of registration). Jing Dong Shop has been doing for two years! Check Alibaba's double 11 related trademarks, mostly in November 11 before and after registration. In other words, when you start planning a 11 carnival, you've already done it. Jingdong Carnival Festival, has been two years, not aware of registered trademarks? My little friends were stunned.

Twitter announced in May 13 that it had patented a "drop-refresh" technology, and Loren Brichter said it did not want the "drop-and-refresh" technology to be sucked into the tech-patent war, and that it had promised to patent the technology for protection purposes only and would not be used to gain litigation benefits. Commitment to commitment, but the overall intellectual property management strategy can not be ignored, although Twitter said that their patent is defensive, but in case someone serious, it is not a joke.

Empathy。 I see Alibaba registered trademarks have "Double 11", "double 12" and so on, in case Ma Yun serious. Does anyone want to cry? What about Jing Dong? When, Amazon, Le Bee ... ··· What to do?

Think of Apple Samsung's patent wars, 1 billion of dollars in reparations, to think about the ipad trademark incident, just how long ago? Double 11 of the trademark in the hands of Ali, is not so to say: Today I am happy, everyone Zille; Today I am unhappy, only I alone Lele! As mentioned above, in case Ma Yun serious?


13 double part of the Electronic Business home screenshot

If there is a problem, there must be no more perfect and reasonable system. I did not inquire about the trademark registration of several other electric dealers, I would not like to think better than Ali!

is a big business, will not register the trademark that little penny preoccupied it!

Written at the end:

Trademarks, patents and rights, the triathlon in the field of intellectual property protection, are becoming increasingly important in the fast-growing Chinese economy. This requires the enterprise can not be the same as the original point of view (a customer enterprise has been ready to go public, should be required to prepare information only to find that a trademark is not registered, it is called a rush). We should establish a sound intellectual property management system as soon as possible.

In addition to domestic registration, enterprises can also choose the main customer in the country or region for international trademark registration. Under the law, only locally registered trademarks can be protected locally, and domestic companies may also register defensive trademarks abroad.

It is important to note that the trademark "cease to use for three consecutive years", under article 44th (4) of the trademark law, is subject to the possibility of being withdrawn. The purpose of registering a defensive trademark, it is not to use these trademarks immediately, but to restrict the use or registration of others in certain other related categories of goods or services to the same or similar trademarks as the main trademarks (protected trademarks), and to play a protective role, while reserving "foreshadowing" for future enterprise development.

Therefore, the registration of defensive trademarks must take into account how to comply with the law of the implementation of the regulations 39th of the second paragraph of the provisions of the "use" trademark, otherwise it will lose the meaning of its existence.

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