The influence of electronic commerce on the organization structure of professional market

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& ">nbsp; Traditional organization is based on information flow and control and division of labor refinement. Whether linear, linear function or business unit system, the structure is a top-down vertical structure. (One-to-many) Emphasis on the order of professional division of labor delivery.

Under the influence of e-commerce, the organizational structure is flattened (many to many), the use of E-commerce technology, reduce the middle management level, reduce the time lag between decision-making and action, accelerate the dynamic response to the market and competition, make the organization ability becomes flexible, the reaction is more sensitive. So that the market can break the boundaries of departments, time and space, the appointment of cross-functional, cross-geographical task team, the market networking, so that each staff to become a network of contacts.

Billion-cloud long-term focus on China's professional market, industrial real estate e-commerce Construction and Operation services. At present, the industry has accumulated a number of market e-commerce business solutions. Because of focus, so professional. Core team has many years of solid marketing experience, the Internet experienced operating experience.

Professional achievement Dream, the market creates rich future! With the professional market in China, industrial real estate E-commerce development work together!

Service Features:

1, for the professional market, industrial property developers to provide customized E-commerce solutions. Pre-aid research, medium-term auxiliary investment, the main operation of the late stage E-commerce platform for the market to provide "home door" services.

2, for the professional market, industrial real estate to provide a mature and complete e-commerce platform services. Eliminates high technology development costs and reduces unforeseen business risks. Fast implementation of the offline entity market E-commerce (B2B\B2C).

3, supporting services, fully protect the platform operation and Development. Experience in the industry is the absolute truth.

Typical case: Shenzhen South China City Network Phase I project Guangzhou shiling leather leather city connotations million business red market

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