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Absrtact: Recently, a number of IT industry, automobile industry listed companies have issued a message that will be through cooperation, investment and other means to enter the field of smart cars. At the peak of the three quarterly release, a number of intelligent car-related IT-listed enterprises performance to the good, share prices are also

Recently, a number of IT industry, auto industry listed companies have issued a message that will be through cooperation, investment and other means to enter the field of smart cars. At the peak of the three quarterly release, a number of intelligent car-related IT-listed enterprises performance to the good, share prices have climbed. On the other hand, the whole vehicle type enterprise also mostly by the cooperation way into the intelligent automobile domain. Industry insiders believe that smart cars will be the future trend, in addition to the combination of mobile internet, and automotive safety, fuel and other areas of the combination will also bring investment opportunities.

Car Networking investment opportunities looming

Recently, NavInfo, Rongzhifa, Asia-Pacific shares and many other it categories, auto parts and components of the stock market has climbed, these enterprises in the smart cars, intelligent transportation, car networking and other areas of frequent movements, not only release the relevant concepts, more large orders and corresponding cooperation. From the point of view of the stock price only, in the last three months, the new stock price of the four-dimensional chart has risen by 49.62%, Rongzhifa's share price has risen by 68.26%, and Asia-Pacific shares have risen by 50.96%, up by more than 50%.

Recently, NavInfo and internet giant Tencent in the field of car networking three aspects of cooperation, the company's general manager Sun Yuguo said, and Tencent's cooperation, including smart maps, internet vehicles and together to create a place to serve the ecological circle. In addition, the company has previously cooperated with Baidu on maps. "The new four-dimensional map will receive huge support in terms of capital and traffic, and may have a very important vehicle networking portal." Huoxin, general manager of Shanghai Hok-XI Capital, told the south reporters.

Brokerage IT industry analysts told the South reporters, NavInfo, Rongzhilian and other intelligent equipment enterprises and traditional car companies have close relations of cooperation, and the Internet giants are holding a lot of traffic, such enterprises if there can be with the BA T and other mobile internet enterprises, will quickly get the support of traffic, the opportunity is greater.

Huoxin for Asia-Pacific shares in the Smart car development is more optimistic, he analyzed that energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence, security and other aspects are the future development direction of Smart cars, Asia-Pacific shares in the automotive sensors, automotive electronics has more layout. He believes that in the context of the decline in car sales growth, auto parts investment direction will also change, intelligent parts manufacturers will have more investment opportunities.

Vehicle companies avoid "lagging behind"

In addition to the IT category of listed enterprises, car enterprises in the internet car is also unwilling to be outdone, the volume of large car enterprises some action even more eye-catching. Recently, SAIC announced that it would work with Alibaba to enter the field of smart cars. Dongfeng Group will also cooperate with Huawei, said the future mobile phones can be directly connected with the vehicle equipment.

Compared with it enterprises and parts and components enterprises, the vehicle enterprises in the field of intelligent vehicles, car networking, the substantive action is limited, more is the concept of things. Huoxin to the south of the Reporter analysis, domestic and foreign in the smart car gap is larger, foreign capital has a lot of investment, the domestic more is the concept of follow up speculation, and to carry out some technical reserves, to avoid in the future trend of lagging behind.

A brokerage auto industry analyst told South all reporters, the Internet field of the first advantage is very important, so at present, the car companies under the stimulation of Tesla, should be at the end of this year, early next year some substantive action. October 22, Dongfeng Motor and Huawei signed a strategic agreement in Wuhan, Huawei will be the Dongfeng Automobile production Vehicle Intelligent system, this system will also be used in the Dongfeng New energy vehicles. The analyst believes that new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles and electronic equipment has a natural proximity, the New Energy vehicle field with a larger car companies, may be in the smart cars, Internet vehicles, the field of action will also be larger.

In addition, the person also pointed out that if a joint venture with the Internet companies to set up a subsidiary, specializing in the field of smart cars, it shows that the car companies will have particularly substantial action, deserves special attention.

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