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Last year, "Double 11" electric war played a vigorous, creating a number of records, Taobao is in the "double 11" the same day to create a 3.36 billion-yuan sales of the myth. This year, "Double 11" is coming, the electric business is already gearing up, in the Crazy Electric War, a A shares which plate will get the opportunity? The reporter interviewed the correlation analyst about this matter.

Logistics sector by the most direct

November 5, China Express Association website disclosed that the Nine express enterprises in the original 150,000 vehicles on the basis of more than 29,500 new carriers, add 65,000 to collect the delivery staff, fully guarantee the "double 11" express service.

On the Express enterprise preparation for "Singles Day", Sen de Institute analyst Xuanji, now "Singles Day" has become increasingly the electric business and logistics Industry Carnival Day, this festival will directly benefit online shopping, on-line payment, logistics and other sectors. And the impact of the logistics sector may be the most direct, such as Yi-Tong, xinning Logistics (300013, shares bar), Fly Lidamycin (300240, shares bar), Hua Pengfei (300350, shares bar), Sinotrans development (600270, shares bar), China Trade Logistics (603128, shares bar), in the reserve stock (600787 , stock bar) and so on.

The electricity merchant pays the plate to benefit obviously

According to media reports, China's commercial retail industry leader Suning Appliance (002024, shares bar) to enter the war this year "double 11" promotion, in November 9-11th online under the electric appliance stores and on line Suning easy purchase linkage operation "0 yuan purchase" activities.

On the electric business's gearing, Xuanji said, from last year's experience, "double 11" is the Electric Business Carnival Day, the electricity business plate benefit obvious. Shares, Suning Easy to purchase has become a hot online platform, with the end of the consumer season, Suning may appear a wave of rebound. And online shopping is essential is electronic payment, business treasure is electronic payment concept faucet, "double 11" coming or leading the stock breakthrough upward.

Film and entertainment sector is expected to follow suit

It is noteworthy that the "double 11" has long been not a bachelor's exclusive "fun", peremptory has become a national entertainment festival. Financial chief analyst Zhaohuan that "double 11" approaching, can pay attention to film and television entertainment unit. From the cultural media sub-plate, last week, film and television animation performance better, Rose 5.65%. "Double 11" is coming soon, the festive atmosphere will promote the development of various recreational activities, film and television stocks, entertainment stocks or have upward thrust. Investors can focus on a-share related film and television production listed companies, such as Huayi Brothers (300027, shares bar), Huayi Film (300133, shares bar), Light Media (300251, shares bar), music Network (300104, shares bar), but pay attention to the low entry, every high resolute shipments.

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