The method of extracting raw material from Fujian Province was questioned the company does not respond

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Image source: Sina Weibo recently, a little blog about the protection of black bear by netizens competing reprint. Yu Jichun, an insider Sina blogger, called on Weibo to: "Fujian's innocence Hall listing will be used for annual production of 4000 kg of bear bile powder, 1200 first Class two black bears." The province hall was first checked and passed! If the real listing, then this year is the month bear (note: The bear is also known as the Sable Bear, the shape between the bear and the mink, body length 80~100 cm, weight 8~14 kg, tail length of 18 centimeters.) The head big Ear is small, the back is curved, the limb is short, the curved and the long claw cannot stretch, the tail hair is fluffy. The body has a light brown transverse belt, starting from the shoulder to the end of the confluence, like a "crescent", so there is "moon Bear" said. The end of a country-level animal protection. To spread this microblog, hope that more people will resist bear bile products, I hope the government hears our voice!!  "This appeal aroused great concern of netizens, so far the micro-blog has been forwarded nearly 8,000 times." The origin of the incident is a rumor. According to media reports, Fujian province, the IPO plan has been first checked and approved by the Fujian Provincial Hall. According to the revelation, the company's listing will be mainly used for the "annual output of 4000 kilograms of bear bile powder", "the annual herd of black bears 1200, the annual breeding black Bear 200" two major projects.  The black bear is the national level protects the animal, but the live bear takes the gall is one kind of very cruel profession, whether the company actually as the outside said, uses the extremely brutal method to extract the bear bile product the raw material?  Reporters try to contact the company's relevant departments, but was told that "Dong-mi has not been to work, after the company part of the staff has not come to the post", and refused to provide specific contact details. In Fujian, the official website "FAQ" plate, netizens to "kill bear to take the gall way to extract raw materials" questioned, the company's official website to give the answer is "never kill bear take gall." The company said that "Bear is the national protection of animals can not be killed, kill bear to take the gall of the goose." We use the High-tech, to the black bear's own soft tissue as the drainage tube (that is, no tube drainage), the use of live bear artificial natural drainage method of regular drainage of bear bile. "There are at least 54 herbs that have similar effects to bear bile, including dandelion, Honeysuckle, Forsythia, coptis, chrysanthemum, etc., and these herbs are better and cheaper than bear bile," said one expert. Why, then, does the company not use pure herbal medicine instead of bear bile products? The company's official website publicly refuted this view, saying that "some people exaggerate that there are more than 50 kinds of herbal medicine to replace bear bile, it is only from the efficacy of heat and detoxification, the state Food and Drug Administration of natural Drugs animal Group leader Professor Deng Mingru: Scientific research has confirmed that  In bear bile powder, the bovine sulfonic acid is not a substitute for any other animal or plant ingredient. It is reported that as early as last August, online users have launched a spontaneous boycott of the bear bear bile companies listed activities.
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