The most anxious year of traditional industry

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The impact of the big environment, and the freezing of consumption power, the whole 2013 years without the slightest warmth. At the end of the year, I said that 2013 years would be a very important year in the history of the Star Vision Enterprise, because we faced the perfect storm of the economy that year, when we began to have the real electric quotient gene.

Digital anxiety in traditional retailing

In 2010, I was asked to attend a forum organized by the magazine "Business Value", at which time I was questioned about the layout of Formosa glasses in E-commerce. My answer at that time was: "There is no choice." "After the forum, I also really studied e-commerce for some time, but also started the construction of E-commerce group, but the project level is very low." In January 2013, we formally established an E-commerce department. The Department participated in the national event of the 2013-year bachelor's Day, because O2O, pushed us to the forefront of the media.

Singles Day and double 12 cat activities are on the table. Table, we in a short period of two months with several major group buying website dialogue, with the micro-letter team to engage in dialogue, including the recent O2O Ali group meeting. Each enterprise to O2O strategy all have the calculation, and the media to O2O understanding is the smoke and mirrors, always see not clear! After a few rounds of in-depth understanding of electrical business O2O operation, I found O2O is actually a pseudo proposition! The problem is 2!

The O2O issue was due to the advent of mobile Internet/commerce, as well as the media spotlight reported by the war between Ali and Tencent. Solomo is not a new concept, but Solomo, especially social networking, has become the most scarce foundation for mobile commerce as it shifts to the mobile end.

At present, most of the O2O discussion, are "technology" aspects of how to "get through" e-commerce platform and traditional retail business issues-closed-loop, payment, two-dimensional code ... I personally think that these are not issues at all. For example, the existing traditional payment links in the entity channel are UnionPay, MASTERCARD, VISA, AE ... Future mobile payment for all platforms, traditional retail must be docking. Two-dimensional code is a standard of information interaction, in the present, is the lowest cost operating mode, perhaps in the future, there will be more convenient, lower cost standards appear.

The whole O2O technical environment, I think at the end of 2014 will reach the state of curing, that is, the technical O2O closed loop will have a standard platform. The standard O2O mode of operation will show that there is no differentiation. Technical O2O closed loop, which I personally call the inner ring O2O. For traditional retailing, the real big impact of O2O comes from two major factors. The first is that the number of Aboriginal people in China (12~35岁) is already over 500 million, and I am accustomed to calling the population above the digital divide "analog consumer" AC (Ananlog consumer), who live in the era when television and traditional media grew up. Digital natives for DC (digital consumer), grew up in PCs and smartphone consumers. The 2013 is the intersection of AC and DC population, and the popularity of smartphones has enabled traditional AC consumers over the age of 40 to start experimenting online shopping via smartphones. This is an important reason to make traditional retailing very anxious.

Over the past 10 years, traditional retailing and e-commerce have flourished. The traditional retail door is the soaring rent and very high turnover rate. Soaring rents led to a rapid rise in commodity prices, providing a strategic strike at the core of parity. The high turnover rate leads to the inability to accumulate training results and the consumer's experience without feeling or dissatisfaction in the physical retail store. and E-commerce shopping experience, the convenience of commodity information search and cheaper than offline is the two strategic advantages-human computer (PC-side) interactive smooth shopping experience while staying in the cold environment, but always better than in the physical store is more comfortable death. We tend to be more willing to communicate with a smarter and smoother system than to interact with poorly trained and low performers. These two factors are the biggest reason to frustrate physical retailing.

O2O, kill mediocrity.

I personally believe that the development of e-commerce and mobile commerce, will clean up most of the Me2 brand and boiled water enterprises, the goods have no characteristics, low service level of enterprises must be in this round of business changes disappear. We currently think that the line O, represents the convenience of consumers! Convenient for consumers to search, pay, complain, comment, share ... And the line of O, must be more in-depth, more intimate experience. If the psychological level can be moved, that line o can attract more consumers to the physical store consumption. If the inner ring of O is the technical link, that outer ring O is the service differentiation link.

Why I think that online 2 offline (O2O) is a pseudo proposition, because online and offline should not be conflict, should not be who diversion to WHO. I think the future of the enterprise must be o+o, online plus line, the technical aspects of the O differentiated Services O, two quadrants at the same time do a good job in the future business environment can survive. The Internet Society is an equal information society. Low information cost and equal information gives consumers absolute power. The new consumer manifesto is: "I will not deliberately set aside time to buy a product or service and put down what I have now important to go to your shop." I ask that when I ask for your service and goods, you must be there at any time. Your shop comes to me instead of me in your shop. ”

The popularization and the organ of the smartphone is a big jump of human consumption habit. The future is a fragmented and situational consumer behavior. So the real big strategy is the big strategy of "total contact point". Smart Enterprises can use the characteristics of mobile internet, so that thousands of people face the interaction, the real start of personalized membership services.

Alibaba Group Chairman Ma Yun and Alibaba Group chief operating officer carefree son share Ali Big strategy transformation in the afternoon of January 13 O2O strategy release meeting. Ali Group is now promoting the "New Economy", the new economy is the combination of electronic/mobile commerce and traditional enterprises. There should be no pure e-commerce/mobile business company in the future. The future competitive enterprises must be the state of electronic and mobile commerce.

In the whole contact point of the link, and consumer life track seamless connection. So the future is O+o business model. God describes his abilities in the Bible: omni-knowing omniscient, omni-present omnipresent, and omni-potent omnipotent. If the consumer is God, then the Enterprise to serve God need to omni-available (anytime, anywhere, on call), omni-servicing (a variety of customized services) ability.

The perfect storm I was thinking about was three factors: the Chinese economy has entered a period of adjustment, consumer spending habits have changed (experiencing a significant rise in the consumption of goods such as tourism), and the number of AC and DC consumer groups cross. In these months of retreat to explore the future of business, I have added a major factor-the development of major technologies impacting the existing business environment and knowledge. I now think even O+o is a transitional thinking. In the big data background, the real pursuit should be O x O, online and offline, inner ring and outer ring, the large-scale integration of industry and heterogeneous. Large data structure, so that we have a way to customer service, the future of artificial intelligence mature, more can let us predict consumer demand. We're going into the great paradigm shift period of the business environment. Companies will be facing the business community at the same time 12-magnitude quake, 12-magnitude tornado, and 12-magnitude tsunami.

The most common word at the beginning of the English letter O is on and over. O2O can also be said to be in from the 2 over. In this era of upheaval, online and offline enterprises, if not clear direction, it is easy to become online 2 Over,offline 2 over!2014 to 2015 two years, is the bat three platform mobile internet big strategy of hegemony period. When the elephant fights, the small animal's advance and retreat need very high wisdom! I choose the way forward in my anxiety ...

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