The most rich industry rankings: Retail industry, the fastest rise of the electric quotient

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2013 Forbes Global Rich List freshly baked. This is the 27th consecutive year that Forbes, a worldwide journalist, researcher and publishing partner, has launched the rankings. The list is seen by many media, researchers and institutions as an indicator of economic and industrial growth.

I and one of my research assistants analyzed this year's 1426-plus-1 billion-dollar millionaire, mainly on finding out where the world's richest generation is, and making a list.

We can see that retailing is the first to create the rich, not only the largest number of billionaires, but also the wealth of the rich far more than other industries, including the second-largest real estate industry. What needs to be proposed is that it also includes E-commerce in the retail business, such as Amazon. With the rise of electricity dealers and the subversion and transformation of traditional retailing, it can be expected that the world's biggest wealth-making sector will show untold fortunes, especially in China.

As the Forbes Global Rich list, the Chinese rich list, the Chinese rich list and so on show, real estate is the largest area of wealth creation in Asia, the Chinese circle and China, but it is far less than retail in the global view, and in the developed economies of the US and Europe, real estate is almost no longer the main area of entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

We can also see some interesting phenomena, such as the media field (in fact, it is generally referred to as the entire entertainment industry, or, as China called the cultural Industry), is a more than oil, banks and other areas of wealth creation. But in China, the potential of this area is still far from being played out, mainly because of strict government control and imperfect copyright system.

Other areas, such as oil extraction and refining, communications services, banking and financial services, are among the world's entrepreneurs, but in China it is largely an area that excludes private companies.

In addition, the momentum of information technology creation is still continuing. such as computer applications (USD 265.3 billion) and Web services (USD 237.8 billion) are already quite large, but the potential for wealth creation is likely to be half done, given the combination of information technology and the Internet and traditional industries.

and "eat" related to the line-building industry in different sectors, catering (29.2 billion U.S. dollars), agriculture (56.35 billion U.S. dollars), beverages (145.65 billion U.S. dollars), food processing (279.35 billion U.S. dollars), which link to create more space for wealth, at a glance.

If you look at these 24 industries in a holistic way, direct consumption or consumer dominance, creating wealth, you need to deal directly with consumers, give them the best experience, and build brands.

Forbes Global Rich List 27 years of history, real estate, computer applications, financial investment, telecommunications services and other fields have appeared in the world's richest man, what will be new areas?

The world's richest industry rankings

Note: 1. All data from Forbes 2013 global Frauscher list

2. The industry includes the main business and the net value of the diversified operations that comprise it, but it is not counted separately in the diversified business because of insufficient data

3. The overlapping segments of the industries listed here

Forbes Chinese Vice researcher Hong also contributed to this article.

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