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Absrtact: Do you remember the scene of the "Harry Potter" that saw the roar of Sirius in a photo? As a Muggle, you can now have the magic of wizards. Recently in Kickstarter to start the Prynt is so cool! Just plug in the phone

Remember the scene of "Harry Potter", where you can see the roar of Sirius in a photo? As a Muggle, you can now have the magic of wizards.

Recently in Kickstarter to start the Prynt is so cool!

Just insert the phone into the prynt groove and download the matching app, and you can start taking pictures. But unlike the ordinary racket, Prynt will automatically help you record the picture when the picture is printed out, and then through the mobile phone camera to watch, it will automatically play in the picture of the entire video camera, like Halibeiteli, you can see the roar of Sirius. Details can be seen in the video below.

Using Prynt to print a photo for 30 seconds, the battery can be roughly supported to take 20 of the time, while charging for 1.5 hours of electricity. The consumable aspect is similar with the common racket, uses 10 piece of photographic paper, the price is about 50 sheets/25 dollars. Before KR TV introduced a use of super cheap supplies-The receipt of paper is called Printsnap, the price is about a penny. How nice it would be if you could combine it.

However, currently Prynt only supports the iphone 5/S/C/6 and Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 models, and is expected to support the iphone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note when it is officially available this summer. The other good news is that there are all kinds of beautiful colors including light blue and pink.

Prynt team only seven people, mostly have design, programming and marketing background photography enthusiasts, make prynt also not difficult to understand. Now that Prynt is Kickstarter, early supporters will buy a 49 dollar price for a 99-dollar slap-switch shell. The project, which is 34 days from the end of fundraising, has already completed a 50,000-dollar fund-raising target and has received nearly 200,000 dollars of funding from 1610 supporters.

Itch to buy and buy Kickstarter! It's convenient to pay now anyway ~

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