The railway department said that the purchase of self-help seats only individual Gao Tieco pilot

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"Railway ticket ticketing system version 5.2" This sounds obscure technical vocabulary, this two days because of the media has been exposed to a "ticket can choose Seats", "buy tickets can be card", "More than synchronous query" and other powerful functions, causing great interest to visitors. Does the 5.2 version really have such a god?  In this respect, the railway department cautious stance: 5.2 version of many features are not available.  Buy Tickets: Only individual Gao Tieco pilot in early November, Hefei, Shanghai and other local media have reported that "railway ticket ticketing system 5.2 upgrade, passengers can be like to buy tickets for the same train ticket seats, tickets can also brush the bank card, sitting at home can be online booking" and so on. The 5.2 Most eye-catching is that the ticket can be used to pick seats-different trains have different seating options, including by window, aisle, disabled seat, three-seat, two-seat, with table board, by disability seat, by the dining car, rely on large luggage racks, by the door, by the bathroom, seat can rotate these 12 items.  Passengers can choose by themselves. Is that so?  The reporter interviewed the railroad department related responsible person, each other said: This function in most trains buys the ticket to be unable to use, only individual high iron passenger dedicated line may pilot. The reason, the function must be unified in the national railway implementation, but limited to all types of vehicles, the situation of various stations vary widely, it is impossible to put into use uniformly. Gao Tieke is able to pilot, thanks to its new numbering method, such as the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway g-word high-speed train seat number is not just 1 to N, but like the cockpit press A, f corresponding window, other seats corresponding aisle design.  This makes it easier to choose a seat. The railway ministry said the idea of the "self-help choice" was only for internal research.  The 5.2 version does not allow all railways to achieve a ticket to pick seats.  More votes query: information can not be updated in real time 5.2 version of the other people relish the function, is the network System and window ticketing system synchronous real-time refresh, you can "more than the ticket synchronization query." In this connection, the railway department officials said that the 5.2 version can do to simplify the repeated query. Before the passengers in the purchase of tickets, a train did not check another trip, ticket staff must be repeated inquiries. And the use of version 5.2, as long as the passengers reported the date of travel, train, departure and destination, the conductor in turn to enter information, ticketing system will pop up the "train more tickets Quick Query" window.  The number of tickets per train is at a glance. At present, the online system is one hours before the refresh, there is a lag.  The 5.2 version, although faster than before, can not do real-time updates, the main reason is that the server can't keep up. Credit card purchase ticket: will soon be able to achieve this September, on the network booking, credit card purchase tickets to the news. Some sources said that the network booking train tickets have entered a substantial stage of progress, is expected to be tested before the 2011-year Spring Festival. There are also reports that the network booking may be pilot. Yesterday, the railway department said the online booking implementation time has not been determined. Online booking and credit card purchaseA major problem in the implementation of new models such as tickets is the payment of bank cards.  Although the new system has designed this function, but not yet, to solve this problem before it can be truly possible. Beijing progress: Complete system upgrade before 14th the 5.2 edition of Railway ticketing system will greatly improve the efficiency of ticketing. Beijing Railway Bureau released yesterday news, the railway station ticket ticketing system 5.2 version of the upgrade preparation has been launched. Before 14th, each station will complete the ticket ticketing system upgrade.  During the upgrade, the need to stop the ticket at night, but will not affect the passengers to buy tickets, the specific sale time please pay attention to the station relevant announcements. It is understood that November 10 from 23:50 to 11th 5 o'clock in the morning, Beijing Railway Bureau overall sale of tickets.  During the period of sale, the application software of all terminal windows of the Bureau center, which is connected with the vehicle section under the jurisdiction, is upgraded synchronously. Beijing railway station, Beijing South railway station, Beijing West railway station and Beijing North railway station will stop the ticket from November 12 to 5 o'clock in the morning from 23:50 to 13th. Ticket ticketing system version 5.2 upgrade work from November 8 to 14th, the period needs to be discontinued several times. This reporter Kim can
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