The red envelope battle is not just a two-horse war

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At the end of the horse, "Two Horses" (Ma Yun, horse) to the climax of the atmosphere. Wave after wave of "fat red Envelopes" as the name of the marketing war ensued. Have to let people admire is that people know that some hype flavor, but not with money, have participated in it.

On the Wednesday, a little, 10 o'clock in the morning, Ali Baba paid the first shot of red envelopes, a few minutes later, the author's circle of Friends filled with "only a few cents", "I Want to unload Alipay", "too pit Dad" and so on. Of course, some of the friends grabbed the red envelopes, have to bask in their own mobile phone screenshots. All in all, the circle of Friends is full of content related to the payment of red envelopes.

Have to admire Ali little friends of wit. Since Alipay began to brew through micro-letter channels to send red envelopes, Tencent has not stopped the "kill". But it turns out, no matter how difficult it is to pay the password, the user experience how bad, "Money everyone Love", Ali or hard in the micro-letter to kill a way out, so that their red envelopes everywhere.

Many people think that this seems to be the "war" between Ali and Tencent. From this point of view, the invasion of micro-trust channels like Ali won the hand. But in fact, Tencent will not lose, with "red envelopes" as the name, People's "Rob" is no difference, will not tube is Ali or penguin. Next, mobile phone QQ and micro-letter red envelopes will rise rapidly in this trend, all is just a matter of time.

So in the red envelopes that will last until the Lunar New Year, the two horses are winners. And the stars and companies involved in all kinds of red envelopes, they took out some of the cash, and a lot of virtual goods, in fact, every pen in the advertising itself. For example, some June grabbed a few yuan drop a taxi red envelopes, in the micro-letter on a picture, well, there is the spread of the effect.

In the past, these will be regarded as the marketing cost of the enterprise facing the Spring Festival, and the channel is a variety of traditional media, such as to the CCTV ads, or the magazine's New Year message. Now, these costs are on the platform of Ali and Tencent to turn a lap, fall into the user's pocket.

More interesting is that, from the news dissemination, the red envelope war also "bring hot and make the media" effect ——— first, Alibaba vs Tencent itself is full of gimmicks, from the industrial news point of view is a good topic can not be missed. Second, Rob red envelopes derived from a variety of Rob Law, Raiders, that is a good story of life-like news. Again, Rob red envelopes attract outlaws loopholes, phishing sites, viruses may bring economic losses to the people, that is the category of social news. You do not report, can't keep up with the hot, reported, for two horses do wedding clothes.

If the micro-letter introduced last year, the main purpose is to allow more people to open micro-letter payment, the use of their own products, then this year to upgrade to the multi-enterprise melee red Envelopes, the nature of the war has been different. The "red envelope War" is a chain of different social marketing platforms, seemingly competitive, essentially the same theme. It is like a brand new marketing platform, by sending red envelopes, stars can enhance their popularity, enterprises can promote their brand. All they have to do is travel through micro-blogs and micro-letters.

In the past, in traditional marketing media, enterprises can not get effective feedback, can not quantify the effect of statistical marketing. Access to the Internet era, the user's use habits are recorded to facilitate the monitoring of effects, to provide support for the future strategy.

This is actually a cliché topic, only to this year's red envelope war, Internet social Marketing has a silk peak flavor. For example, in the mobile phone QQ red envelopes, each hair Red Star will have 1 hours through the network to raise red envelopes funds, which itself is a competition, the method of statistical popularity. And the whole process is in the "play", the user is relaxed without pressure. Who doesn't like it? Everybody likes it.

Red Envelope War seems to be the war of two horses, in fact, is another traditional marketing media and internet media competition. The old pattern has collapsed completely and the trend is irreversible. Find their own location and market segments, really understand what users want, and then do their own things, as if only to survive the possibility.

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