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In 2012, Sohu Video announced the first of its first homemade play with the South Korean team, "Secret Angel" is about to wrap up the news, Sohu claimed that the play investment as high as tens of millions of yuan, and this is the domestic video-homemade play in the comprehensive Cross-border cooperation epic masterpiece, At the same time, the play is an important step in the international pace of Sohu video.

Sohu Video Huge Toupai Try "cultural output"

"Secret Angel" is Sohu Video portal play's fourth play, but also was the first time by China investment, Korean team to complete filming production of pure Korean dramas. And Sohu Video This not only let the network drama further rid of the cottage, low-end image, and also in the internationalization of the road has taken a substantive key step.

According to Sohu, "Secret Angel" a total of 10 episodes, and each episode is only 12 minutes, but Sohu video for this part of the series of investment scale of up to tens of millions of yuan people. The single set cost reaches 2 to 3 times times the current Toupai of all the portals of Sohu. In addition to domestic Sohu video broadcast, overseas copyright, such as South Korea broadcast, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan and Southeast Asia copyright is also in negotiations.

In addition, Sohu Video homemade drama project team with the production of "Bai", "Today" and other films such as Korea's famous producer Song Xiaying full contact, by the well-known director Zhao and has "South Korean comedy mother" reputation of the Wenshangyi composed of three luxurious group for the "Secret Angel" fencing.

Sohu Video related personage discloses, prior to Sohu Video had launched "Money many get married", "Crazy Office", "summer sweetheart" three since make a play, and with high investment, high quality open the new world of network drama, create a unique business model. Among them, "Summer sweetheart" and Hunan satellite TV homemade idol drama "Fall Run Sweetheart" set Pat, in the young audience group to get a decent response.

"Secret Angel" as Sohu Video test Water "go out" strategy of the first attempt, the play by the full investment of Sohu Video, will give full play to its funds and platform advantages, to explore a deeper than pure content cooperation, more dominant "cultural output" new form.

Partnering with Yintai to create a new business model

It is reported that in the "Secret Angel" filming the beginning of the investment, there are many customers for their own brand in the Korean dramas show a strong interest, and finally to operate high-end fashion brands at home and abroad shopping website Yintai Network established a cooperative identity. This is not only a bold attempt by the Silver Thai network, but also Sohu video in the implant concept of a change.

Silver Thai Network as the "Secret Angel" the chief partner, is also the first to dare to "eat crabs." And this time the commercial implantation, not only the content implantation and the brand exposes, but also includes the audience matching, the periphery development and so on omni-directional deep cooperation. Yintai Network as the leading high-end fashion brand shopping site, its audience is mainly white-collar workers, as well as the fashion has a high pursuit of young people, this point with the "Secret Angel" the target audience exactly, thus becoming the basis for cooperation between the two sides.

At the same time, in the implant mode, in view of the network shopping users most value the credibility of the business, online shopping process is also the most hope to get some guidance, so yintai in the "Secret Angel" in addition to the brand, more focus on the implantation of props. For example, throughout the story of the Angel necklace, as well as many sets of costumes in the show, Yintai on the trend with the concept of implantation and so on. Sohu Video in the playback synchronization with heavy resources to promote, so as to achieve interactive communication. Many traditional media can not do the implantation and advertising methods, "Secret Angel" has made bold attempts to achieve the best advertising results.

Sohu Video or set an example for the industry

It is worth mentioning that, "Secret Angel" by virtue of large investment, high production standards to attract the attention of several South Korean television stations, there are already KBS and other Korean television stations in contact with Sohu video to discuss broadcast matters. Sohu Video related Personage said, as China's leading video site, Sohu Video and other industry sites are different, with a full matrix resource advantage, with these advantages, Sohu Video has more resources for homemade drama investment.

Analysts pointed out that whether the "Jinling 13 Chai" or "assembly number", Chinese film and television invited foreign advanced team to participate in filming has become commonplace, but the overall use of the entire set of international teams is the first time. Sohu Video This attempt for domestic video website homemade drama "Go to Sea" to create the industry model, and Yintai cooperation has created a new video site advertising business model. "At present, there are more changes in the market pattern of domestic video sites, with sufficient capital advantages and the overseas advantages of Sohu Video will continue to maintain the leading edge, and bring more surprises to the video industry." ”

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