The speed of "electronic commerce" of traditional enterprises is accelerated

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With the development of science and technology and the popularization of Internet, ordinary people's lives are constantly changing, the past to go out to buy things, now only need to move the mouse on the internet can be bought; before what department to do the formalities, now also can be quickly and easily on the network to complete. The network not only changes our way of life, but also changes the various industries, all kinds of enterprises, units must adjust the traditional behavior of the past, pay attention to the role of the Internet, and actively integrated into the Internet, will not be in the ever-changing world "outdated." Just as traditional enterprises are constantly involved in the field of electronic commerce, this trend is absolutely menacing, the overall "E-commerce" is the trend of the times.

Hundred Li Tao Xiu Network ( is a traditional enterprise involved in E-commerce, a representative case, it is Belle's E-commerce site, and Belle believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar, in various cities of the major shopping malls, can be seen everywhere Belle shoe counters, it is China's largest women's shoe retailers, in the mainland region has tens of thousands of proprietary retail stores, and the core brand "Belle Hundred Li" For more than 10 consecutive years ranked the top of China's women's shoes sales, in addition, Belle also has dozens of own brand and agent brand. It can be said that the business to do this, the Belle group is impeccable, even if not to make any changes, continue to focus on the market under the plough, Belle can still continue to profit and maintain its own market share.

However, Belle chose Shopex, set up the online mall, the business to expand to the Internet, and because Belle adopted is Shopex specifically according to the enterprise industry and business characteristics launched by the enterprise-level e-business overall solution, this program can not only enable enterprises to quickly and easily set up E-commerce platform, but also in the management , distribution and other aspects can be naturally formed, more comprehensive and in-depth use of the network for Enterprise Services, so that hundred Li in the technology did not invest much of the cost, but the effect is very significant-broaden the sales channels for consumers to provide more options for shopping, and consumers closer to the distance and so on, Belle's E-commerce strategy soon gained results.

Another representative case is the Cofco group's food shopping website, "I bought the Net" ( As the world's top 50,000 companies, Cofco invested in the creation of such a food business website in 2008, and is sufficient to demonstrate its objectives and expectations in E-commerce. And I bought the net is not only a platform to buy food, it is a part of the future overall development strategy of COFCO Group, it has created a brand-new innovation channel, accumulates and analyzes consumer's shopping habit and demand through the electronic commerce platform, then carries on the research and development of the target, thus guarantees the new product the success rate and the innovation quick and efficient. If the new sales methods and channels is the traditional enterprise "E-commerce" the first step of success, then the accumulation of consumer information, in turn to promote their own research and development and innovation, is a more important second step of success. Such layers of progressive, but also e-commerce to the traditional enterprise's biggest role and significance.

The online store

In addition, the traditional enterprises to enter the field of E-commerce examples abound. Clothing industry, GIORDANO, Uniqlo (UNIQLO) are the vanguard of e-commerce development, their online stores are consumers to contact the brand can choose a more efficient channel; products manufacturers, wholesalers are also very enthusiastic about E-commerce, This not only for them to find more customers and consumers, but also to enable them to better grasp the industry's latest development trends, more quickly understand the changes in user needs, while driving e-commerce and traditional models of two rapid development.

Therefore, we believe that the traditional enterprise "E-commerce" is the trend of the future, the speed will continue to accelerate, in fact, the State has fully recognized the role of E-commerce industry in the national economy, in March 17, the Ministry of Commerce's regular press conference, the spokesman Yao Jian pointed out that The Ministry of Commerce will focus on supporting traditional business enterprises to enter E-commerce, and will provide various support and policy guidance. It seems that the future development of E-commerce industry will continue to accelerate, the relevant technology, the concept of public concepts, ShopEx, Ecshop, Ecmall, distribution King, shop dispensers, such as the popularization of integrated solutions, coupled with a strong policy-led leadership, China's future e-commerce development is indeed expected.

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