The whole world is about to be swallowed up by the cloud.

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When it comes to cloud computing, it is no stranger to the complex technology system of the entire ICT sector, which it has often been mentioned in the last two or three years, because it makes it possible for supercomputing to flow freely through the internet, and its backers regard cloud computing as a "revolutionary computing model". But it is not hard to find that the scope of cloud computing is gradually expanding, almost bringing the whole world into it, cloud computing is more than just cloud computing, he also has several new nouns, such as internal cloud, external cloud, private cloud, public cloud, business cloud, network cloud, cloud processing, and even the emergence of cloud printing, cloud logistics and other new concepts. The concept of these kinds of people get a foggy, unknown. Today, in addition to cloud computing, there are many other term for you to introduce a simple.

Our sky is always floating in the clouds

Cloud computing (Cloud Computing): A new business computing model. It distributes computing tasks on a large pool of computer-made resources, enabling various application systems to acquire computational power, storage space and various software services as needed. This resource pool is called the cloud. The cloud is a virtual computing resource that can be maintained and managed, typically for some large server clusters, including compute servers, storage servers, broadband resources, and so on. Cloud computing centralizes all computing resources and is automatically managed by software without human involvement. This allows application providers to be more focused on their business, in favor of innovation and lower costs, without having to worry about tedious details. Called "Cloud", because in some ways it has the characteristics of the cloud in reality: Clouds are generally large, the size of the cloud can be dynamically scaled, its boundaries are blurred, the cloud is erratic in the air, you cannot and need not determine its exact location, but it does exist somewhere.

It's called "cloud," and because one of the originator of cloud computing, Amazon, which used to be known as Grid computing, took a new name, "Elastic Computing Cloud" (EC2), and achieved commercial success.

Cloud Platform: In our industry, the most important change in the face is cloud computing. One of the many important parts of this change is the arrival of the cloud platform. As its name shows, this type of platform allows developers to write applications that run in the cloud, or use services from the cloud, or both avid. Today, different names are used on this type of platform, including the immediate need platform and as a service platform (PAAS). In any case named, the way in which the application is supported has great potential.

Cloud services: To understand cloud services, you must first understand the fundamentals of cloud computing. Cloud computing distributes computing across a large number of distributed computers, not local computers or remote servers, and enterprise data centers run more like the Internet. This allows the enterprise to switch resources to the required applications and to access the computer and storage systems as needed. This type of service is to mobilize the various resources in the network to serve the users. (personally think a bit like BT). Unity is strength! This service will be the mainstream of the future. According to IDC, a market research firm, the current economic crisis in the United States has seen a glimmer of hope for IT companies investing in cloud computing, which will lead to significant growth over the next five years. Based on a survey of business executives, CIOs and other business leaders, IDC recently said spending on it cloud services would reach $42 billion trillion by 2012, driven partly by the US economic crisis and the global recession. Cloud services allow users to store and read data over the Internet.

Cloud storage (Cloud storage): Once the concept has been put forward, it has been the support and attention of many manufacturers. Amazon's three-year-old elastic Compute Cloud (EC2: Resilient computing Cloud) cloud storage is designed to provide users with more powerful storage and computing capabilities in the form of Internet services. Content distribution Network service provider CDNetworks and the industry's renowned cloud storage platform service provider Nirvanix released a new partnership and announced a strategic partnership to provide the industry's only current cloud storage and content delivery service integration platform. Six months ago, Microsoft had launched the Windows Live SkyDrive Beta test version of the network mobile hard drive service. In the near future, EMC has announced the inclusion of a trusted infrastructure project, dedicated to global research collaboration on trust and reliability assurance in the cloud computing environment, and IBM has also taken cloud computing as part of its 300 million dollar expansion plan for global backup centers.

Cloud Print: According to the U.S. Technology blog website TechCrunch, Google Thursday in the Chrome OS operating system behind the open source project Chromium official blog site, Google Chrome OS released later this year, the so-called "cloud printing" (Cloud print) Technical standards to support all types of printers, and users do not need to install printer drivers. Google said that through the cloud printing technology standards, all the devices using the Chrome OS operating system, in the running of any application (network version, desktop version and mobile version of the application) can be connected to any printer around to complete a variety of printing tasks. During this process, Chrome OS users do not need to install drivers for the corresponding printer. Google says cloud printing works by using a programming interface (API) to support cloud printing standards for any application that can run in Chrome OS. As a result, Chrome OS users can execute print commands directly from the application.

Cloud Safety (Cloud Security): Is the latest manifestation of information security in the network era, it combines the new technologies and concepts such as parallel processing, grid computing, unknown virus behavior judgment and so on, and obtains the latest information of Trojan and malicious programs in the Internet through the network of a large number of clients ' abnormal monitoring of software behavior. Transfer to the server for automated analysis and processing, and then distribute virus and Trojan solutions to each client. Future anti-virus software will not be able to effectively handle the increasing number of malicious programs. The main threat from the Internet is from computer viruses to malicious programs and Trojans, in such cases, the adoption of the feature library discriminant method is obviously outdated. After the application of cloud security technology, the identification and killing virus no longer depend on the virus database of local hard disk only, but rely on the huge network service to collect, analyze and process in real time. The entire internet is a huge "anti-virus software", the more participants, the more secure each participant, the entire Internet will be more secure.

Cloud Search (search Cloud): Cloud Search is a new search engine launched last July 17, and the traditional search engine needs to enter multiple keywords, the user can tell the search engine each search keyword weight, each search keyword is placed in the "Search Cloud", and different sizes, The font of the thickness. For example, we type "Tech Crunch" and "Apple" and let Tech Crunch appear in bold to get all the articles on the Tech Crunch website about Apple. In the perfect search for the future, we can type in "IPhone" and "App Store", and let the "App Store" display in a finer font style, which will let the sales of related products store information in the results of the rankings are upgraded, while excluding those who do not have the relevant products store. The idea was very creative, but unfortunately the results of search cloud were bad. For example, the first example above, the search results are not one of the results Tech Crunch. And you can't tweak the search keyword font again-you can only create a new search again to resize the keyword. Search cloud relies on Yahoo's results, but it is not clear whether they are using a new boss platform (can reorder search results) or a normal api-boss that allows developers to control Yahoo's search in a predefined way, This will result in a large number of different search engines actually promoting the evolution of search engines (in fact most of them are going to disappear). Search cloud has an excellent keyword-specific idea-if they can take full advantage of the boss and give meaningful search results, they will have a niche in the marketplace. But so far, it's just a good idea.

Cloud Logistics: The star of the chairman Chen Ping, adhering to the "cloud computing" concept, the "cloud computing" mode of operation of the logistics industry model, called "Cloud logistics." Cloud Logistics is also called Cloud Express. Cloud Express is indirect and direct battalion and join between the exploratory model, absorbed the direct battalion of Express enterprises and join the advantages of the Express enterprise, put the terminal out, people as the core of the platform, the way to direct management. But the cloud logistics model can operate on the premise that the logistics company has a huge amount of orders. Chen Ping, who proposed this concept, prefers to compare logistics companies to water companies, which require a pool, a water pipeline and a large number of taps. His stars were like pools, and the pool provided a range of resources for piped water and faucets. The so-called water pipes, taps are highways, aviation, railway transportation companies, faucets are a variety of distribution, courier companies. The main resource provided by the "pool" is the manifest of numerous shipping companies from across the country. In this way, the "pool" has a kind of energy, that is, can be a large amount of waybill information by region, time, category, emergency level, and so on classification, and then designated transport companies sent to express companies, the final delivery to the hands of the recipient. To deal with a large amount of waybill information, you need to build a "cloud computing" platform, small courier companies need only a computer can access the "cloud Logistics" platform, access to customers, and through this platform to take goods, delivery.

Cloud input: Vimim is a plug-in designed for vim players and can be used as a vim embedded Chinese input method. As long as your vim can display Chinese, you can use VIM to enter search Chinese. Vimim the potential of Vim's Chinese editing to a new level. A text file that forms a Chinese input method. Plug in the network to enter the cloud. If you add a text file, you don't need networking to beat Chinese and do whatever you want. program file with Vim script, born Cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) thesaurus file is their own input method (full spell or double spell, five, English, DIY). The so-called installation, is to throw the text file into the plugin directory of vim. Without setting, do not change mode, point Hotkey can be on the Chinese characters, is called the Midas. If you switch to Chinese input mode, you can also be on the current popular input method habits.

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Sitting in the driver's position and cloud computing game Cloud model deeply rooted in the enterprise communication market is a battleground. He Baohong: Cloud computing may make cryptography crash the whole world is about to be engulfed by cloud

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