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Millet Joint founder, Vice President Li Vanchang on March 1, the Chinese Wine Industry Forum said, the Internet to seize three characteristics, one is massive, the second is a single product, three is meager profit, millet if you want to make wine to do three "one": only to make a wine, each bottle only make a dollar, sell 100 million bottles. "At the time of the mobile phone at three thousand or four thousand yuan, I dare to cut down directly to sell 1999 yuan, when the first 1 million units are losing money." "Li Vanchang even thinks that when companies transform the Internet, they first have to turn their company into a complete internet company." This word, a stone stirred thousand layers of waves, caused the industry's extensive attention. Can the liquor industry really reproduce the operation mode of millet mobile phone?

In the wine net Guo Dabao view, liquor industry to build millet mobile phone, there are four limiting factors:

First, the core competitiveness of millet is its cost-effective, at the same time, the price of technology products easily perceived. and liquor in the quality and taste of the difference is not obvious, and it is difficult to visually display, liquor industry competition is mainly based on the quality of liquor brand competition and channel competition.

Second, the survival logic of millet mobile phone is determined by the characteristics of technology products and the Internet. Rapid replacement of technology products, fierce competition, millet mobile phone can only rely on a large compression of the profit savage growth to obtain the living space, which is similar to the development of the liquor-electric dealers at this stage. Jiuxian Net Shang also said the liquor industry lacks only a dollar of thinking. Li Vanchang and Shang all use the Internet thinking to consider the liquor, but ignored the liquor industry objective factors. Liquor industry competition pattern has been set, the old wine did not significantly reduce profits to gain market share power. Under the influence of geographical environment and brewing technology, the new brand is difficult to spread quickly with the millet model.

Third, the success of the Millet mobile phone is based on internet properties, fans are younger consumer groups, this part of the people active in the network, interested in science and technology products, easy to become product enthusiasts. The traditional liquor consumption group is older, there are differences in consumption preferences and brewing process, it is difficult to form a strong single product through the Internet platform to monopolize a price band, so in the Internet platform liquor to the high quality, meager profit, to the amount of success is difficult to do, but will make their own audience limited to the network.

Four, from the line below the channel, the liquor industry region brand many, regional strong brand channel network perfect, brand awareness, the formation of the situation of the vassal. According to the Millet logic, the high end liquor prices in the low-end market is difficult to occupy the edge, but also the brand value impairment.

Shang, chairman of Jiuxian Network, said liquor industry is not lack of millet such products, but the lack of only a piece of money thinking, "in fact, many wineries have to give gifts products, but often priced thousands of, hundreds of thousands of yuan, in fact, this product is the winery perfect product, in fact, if the price of this product to remove a 0, Can immediately become a product of the explosion. ”

Shang clearly did not see the real demand for the gift market, when ordinary consumers can not accurately assess the value of products, prices are considered to be the value of the product, especially in the gift market. The price cut off a 0, should send 200,000 gift people will send, but will choose other wine just. Gift Market is more of a face consumption, is the exchange of benefits, wine quality does not play a decisive role.

Zhang Dexin, chairman of the Liquor group, said the mass of the Internet, single, meager profit mode is not suitable for the liquor industry, liquor and technology industry, the difference is very large, liquor can not make a let all consumers will repeat the consumption of a single product, the region of liquor, including the origin, production process, etc. are more complex, The simple use of technology industry model to do liquor industry is not realistic.

Millet thinking is worth learning, but can not be copied to the traditional industry, wine industry "millet" will not appear in a short time. Liquor industry needs to absorb the advantages of Internet thinking, but the pure use of Internet thinking to guide the liquor industry, the mode of replication is gone the other extreme. To use internet thinking to subvert the traditional liquor industry, even if possible, now is far from the time.


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