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Living in the internet age, always dealing with data, online shopping, micro-letter, network social, network services, etc., each click produces data. Research, production and social management activities also produce a large number of data, the study of large data processing technology, the construction of large data processing platform is particularly important. From the National Center for Supercomputing Tianjin, as of now, "Tianhe One" has started to carry out large data research for production research and Intelligent city construction, support industry and technological innovation through technology and platform construction.

Open use for small and medium-sized enterprises

"To put all the things in the city building, what the common people see and what they can't see is depicted in a digital model, like a building, which is actually a building, but when it is digitized, it can be stored in a computer, and the digitization of the past GIS system can only see an appearance of the building, but ' People ' can't get in; now that the BIM system is digitized, like watching American blockbusters, ' people ' can go around in cyberspace. "Liu Guangming, director of the National Center for Supercomputing Tianjin, through a large data processing platform, the future, if people want to look at the Internet or choose a room, through the internet terminals can" walk into "the community," into "the house, immersive view of the House room type, structure, direction, and even building materials. In the future, such a convenient life will be described by the "Tianhe" platform, at present, the "Tianhe" built a Building Information Modeling system (BIM), the system can be digitized to describe the people in urban life to see or invisible things, such as underground pipe network, coal, electricity, Gas and other pipelines are described in digital mode. In addition to the building design and construction and management to provide all-round support, at the same time can facilitate the daily life of the people, and improve the Government's decision-making ability to respond to emergencies.

Liu Guangming Introduction, "Tianhe a" team mainly through the study of large data processing, storage and other key technologies, the construction of large data application support platform. The core of large data is large-scale mass data processing, which requires very high computational performance, the National Supercomputing Tianjin Center combines large data mining and high-performance computing, using supercomputing to support large data mining and processing, and improving the effectiveness and scale of processing. In building an application platform, at present, many enterprises to use large data need to have platform support, if the enterprise itself to build a platform such a large investment needs, for some small and medium-sized enterprises can not bear, in order to achieve resource sharing, relying on "Tianhe" to build a large data processing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises open to use.

Improve the level of human health

The National Supercomputing Tianjin Center application Development Minister Meng Xiangfei introduced, at present, "Tianhe one" the support more is the production research type and the intelligent city construction related data, in the production research type large-scale data processing aspect, the gene big information application has made the stage progress. For example, a comprehensive analysis of large-scale genetic data from the human population can reveal a link between a gene fragment and a cancer. In this way, people can be consulted on health, through the gene alignment, if an individual has some kind of carcinogenic gene fragment, which means that the future of the individual cancer of the possibility of a significant increase; In this case, the medical structure can design personalized treatment or develop new drugs, To achieve early intervention through drug therapy before such individuals onset, reducing morbidity. At present, large genetic data have been applied to the screening of women's cancers and neonatal congenital diseases. In addition, in the production of scientific research type of large data processing, "Tianhe" supercomputer has been used in oil and gas energy development, the use of supercomputing technology to large data, to help enterprises more accurate and efficient exploration of oil and gas energy distribution, to achieve industry support.

Meng Xiangfei said that large data mainly divided into two categories, one is the network type of large data, mainly with e-commerce and public opinion monitoring and other related data types, as well as the production of large-scale research-type data, such as genetic data and oil exploration data. Whether the network type, or the production of scientific research type of large data, with the traditional data processing technology and hardware and software technology are difficult to support. Relying on the Tianjin Super Computing Center "Tianhe No." Supercomputing and cloud computing platform and technology to carry out large data analysis and processing, can further help enterprises, scientific research institutions and Governments more efficient and comprehensive access to business, decision-making, scientific research and other effective information, in-depth excavation of economic development, scientific and technological innovation potential, improve the efficiency of government management.

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