Tick-tock taxi suspected trademark infringement is forced to "drip"

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Taxi has come to pick you up, please be patient ... ", from time to again, the ear will come out of this familiar voice." And now, taxi software burning money war quite renzouchaliang meaning, micro-letter payment and pay Treasure Purse won a bowl full of pot, dropped the tick-tock taxi and quick taxi this to boat. Yesterday, tick-tock Taxi announced the official change of name drop a taxi, and the reputation of its Yue and tick tick "homophonic more fluently, another drop of the grace of the spring News" meaning. Small Orange Technology CEO Cheng Wei is this explanation: 1, the product on-line two years time, more users will choose ' drop a taxi ' this name, based on the user's use custom choice renaming. "2, tick a taxi to start to take the meaning of the horn sound, but now the company is more inclined to take the meaning of the" dripping of the grace of Spring News. Some brands in the business thinking and market strategy has some adjustments, often accompanied by the wind of logo replacement, similar to Apple, Apple, IBM and other industry giants have had a different version of the classic logo. Tick a taxi good to change the logo, logo and logo is different, this is not a small thing. According to Cheng Wei, the cock simply go to 360 mobile phone assistant search for a drop of a taxi, "below recommended only tick a taxi", and did not appear such as drip-like Shanzhai app. The so-called based on user habits, see a taxi software new users, how to find tick-tick taxi, more should be the application of distribution platform optimization, direct renaming is a bit of a fuss. The second reason--the water dripping of the grace of the report "is even more nonsense." After the war on burning money, subsidies plummeted, now where is the bubble? The change of name was the foreshadowing of this March. Titanium Media Author Yunting in March this year on the tick on the name of the lawsuit, the enterprise to make an analysis of how to avoid the danger of trademark registration. In fact, on May 19, a company known as Hangzhou Wonderful Shadow Microelectronics (also do taxi software) on the basis of trademark infringement, sued the tick-tock taxi, and claimed 80 million yuan, thought that his application for the success of the Beep "and the small Orange Technology" application of the tick-tock taxi ", the brand core is tick", And both sides apply for trademark categories are the 9th class of computer programs (downloadable software). The use of trademarks identical to their registered trademarks in the same commodity constitutes trademark infringement. In fact, tick-tock taxi and clever shadow microelectronics for nearly two years of the lawsuit. On November 28, 2012, Beijing Small Orange Technology Co., Ltd. applied for graphics, text combination trademark tick-tock Taxi "; January 13, 2014 by the State administration of industry and Commerce, the trademark office dismissed. January 27, the general administration received the application for review, is still under review. Generally speaking, the registration trademark applies smoothly, the time is 12-18 months. It has to undergo the form review stage and the substantive review stage. The situation review stage is mainly to check whether the trademark is the same and similar, and the substantive review is to see whether the infringement, this period is 3 months, also called the objection period. Take a taxi. This case, from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the trademark Office rejected the request of the time, the obvious problem is in the substantive examinationCheck stage.
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