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I divide the network into three big chunks:

1. Selling Service

2, Sell products

3, selling advertising

No matter what product, service or advertisement you are, you can make money if you sell it. And AdWords is the fastest, most direct way to promote the network, so we do not just as a promotional platform, but to the AdWords as a marketing tool, so around it, we can also be specific means of making money 6 levels.

Quick money: Use AdWords to sell your services

As long as you have skills, you can use AdWords to make money quickly. For example, you are a lawyer, a designer, a Feng Shui division, a trainer, etc. As long as your service can quickly solve problems, using AdWords will be your quickest way to make money. And why?

How to operate?
1. You need to have a blog or website
2. Use AdWords to promote your business

How long has the effect been?
24 hours

This together, AdWords than Baidu Advantage, although Baidu market share is big, but in Baidu new open a customer needs when the company, need to pay more advance, while the audit cycle is still relatively long, from communication to advertising normal, it may take a week, the most annoying is an account can only give a website ads. And AdWords, almost automatic, generally 24 hours can see effect.

Ii. put on the scale: use Adwrods to sell others ' services

The advantage of selling services is low cost, low threshold, as long as you have the ability to sell to make money. However, you want to make scale, it is really difficult, the more customers, the more tired you, slowly you become a money-making machine.

How to enlarge the scale of selling service and make money by selling service?

A: Sell someone else's service!

Selling other people's services is easy to do. For example, I'm a student. It cooperates with some clothing custom factory, has done a series of websites, specially provides the clothing custom service, the customer comes, has these clothing custom-made factory to provide the service, they only use one year, on the scale does very big.

The same principle, you can through your AdWords marketing skills, to many people can provide services to work with, you can make more money. such as dentists, naming, unlocking and so on. You are all around you so you can be the whole person, you carefully to observe it?

Third, open up overseas: use AdWords to sell their products

When traditional sales channels become more and more difficult to do, more and more traditional enterprises must take the initiative to open up overseas markets through the network. How to quickly open up overseas markets with the lowest cost?

The first choice is definitely not to look for those business-to-business websites, if you can not withstand the phone calls of Business-to-business E-commerce website salesman, pay to the Business-to-business website, you will see the result is: see the order is missing! Because the Business-to-business Web site will send only a single inquiry to you and all of your competitors. In fact, the foreign customers of business-to-business websites are also through search engines.

So your business to do overseas promotion, its own direct through AdWords to promote, is the most direct and immediate. When you see the effect, in order to long-term development, you can do SEO optimization and use of business-to-business website promotion.

Iv. semi-automatic making money: using AdWords to sell other people's products

In the past few years, it is easier to do foreign trade than domestic business.
Because you only need to do a website, and then daily through AdWords promotion, collect money. Delivery directly to the supplier, a single AdWords test OK, that is, continue to put ads, collect money, and then arrange orders to suppliers OK. Semi-automatic money, but also very relaxed.

See here, may be some people will say, you tong is outdated, foreign trade a lot of selling is to release goods, but now the Google ban to let the goods put ads, can only use SEO.

I tell you here, you use to sell imitation goods to earn the first bucket of gold can also, but in the long run, formal products can make you really big. Because sell imitation goods you all day fear, perhaps that day was shut, a single close, the previous site all the accumulation is gone.

But do regular products are not the same, as long as you do, can be long-term to do, with the accumulation of Web site customers, the more relaxed, can really big.

Although, Google began to prohibit the global sale of the release of the site's AdWords account, imitation goods currently can only rely on SEO to do. However, in the formal product areas, there are many more than imitation goods more lucrative products. More popular, such as wedding dresses. You in English google search "wedding dresses" This keyword, a lot of ads are so operating.

There are many, many formal products, you can take this model to do the offshore market. That is, you only need to promote the pre-sale order, the supplier direct delivery. This operation, semi-automatic money, can also do a lot.
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Five, fully automatic money:

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