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In the workplace, there are never no shortage of excellent women, such as the "Venture Queen," said today's capital founder Xu, Gree chairman Mingzhu, online video learning platform, founder Wang, and so on. With the rise of O2O in recent years, under the trend of mobile Internet, the O2O industry has attracted many female entrepreneurs. To this end, billion European network inventory of 2014 years O2O industry enterprises within the top ten female executives.

Drop a taxi COO Liu

August 2, 2014, Liu's daughter Liu to join a drop-by-taxi COO news in the Internet circle caused no small stir. Liu, who has worked for the international investment bank Goldman Sachs for more than 12 years, has served as an analyst at the investment Banking Department, vice president of direct investment, Executive director and managing director.

Founded in July 2012, the drop of a taxi is a mobile phone intelligent car system to help passengers anytime, anywhere, convenient and quick to call a taxi, to help drivers less cost more convenient to accept the reservation. September 2012 drop by taxi officially online. August 2014 drop by taxi launched a new business "drop Car", set in the high-end crowd. In terms of financing, drop by taxi in July 2012 to get angel investor Wang Gang's millions of yuan seed Angel round financing, December 2014, Tencent, Temasek, DST received 700 million U.S. dollar D-round investment.

Liu has publicly said that the drop of a taxi in the initial reliance on subsidies and push to rob the market, and to the late, the drop will pay more attention to the promotion of matching efficiency. In addition to data analysis, the drip will also be adjusted on the platform rules to make the entire transportation system more efficient.

91 Foreign Teachers Network gong

Mention of the 91 foreign network will have to think of gong, gong in the Internet is a well-known female entrepreneurs, billion European network before the article "Gong Online education step too fast too big" also detailed about the gong of several entrepreneurial experience: Gong in 2003, founded the Century Jia Yuan network, after several years of development, The 2011 Century Jiayuan became the first Chinese dating site to be listed in the United States. December 24, 2012 Gong resigned from the JI Jia Edge Network joint CEO, transferred to the joint Chairman. Company by the new CEO Wulin Light.

Gong's three startups since he resigned as CEO of the Century Jiayuan network are devoted to the online education industry: Founded in January 2013 91 Foreign Education Network, 91 foreign Education Network is an oral English training website, is committed to the line of high-end oral English teaching to move online; October 2013 Gong launched primary and secondary education resources sharing website "Ladder Net" , the ladder network is a teacher, students, parents, etc. to provide different services online education website; in July 2014, Gong again announced the introduction of "Interactive live" on-line education platform "the Good net". The website is in the form of live broadcast, and it is the teaching platform of K12 online education and quality course. However, due to the enterprise capital chain Rupture, September 2014 Ladder Network announced that the layoffs closed, the line less than two months of the good network also announced closure. Business Core return 91 foreign teachers.

Zhu Vice president of beans and fruit net

Bean Fruit Net Vice President Zhu in Tianjin TV career show "Not You Mo" on the display of elegant and beautiful image of the deep rooted, to the bean fruit brand image undoubtedly added a lot of points.

Bean Fruit Network is a commitment to discover, share, Exchange food interactive platform, has now developed into a more leading domestic and foreign food interactive Community network, online cooking exchange, food sharing platform, to provide domestic free mobile phone food recipes, life information should be software. Bean-fruit food is the current domestic menu O2O platform, its mobile end of the bean food online in May 2011. 2014, the bean and Fruit Gourmet and Cade Mall cross the border, jointly explore the new mode of O+o channel cooperation, beans fruit in addition to the self-employed, but also tried to "kitchen economy" in the upstream to continue to extend the food commercialization, with the food, tools and other retailers to cooperate to achieve the transformation. The November 2014 bean-fruit cuisine was financed by $25 million trillion in Gao capital and a clean capital investment, valued at $300 million.

Recipes O2O industry in the domestic more unpopular, but the bean fruit Gourmet Financing Let the industry see the dawn, financing will be in technology research and development, marketing ideas, geographical coverage and sales of commodity categories to expand.

Mom Net founder Ying

For mothers who have babies, it must be no stranger to their mother's nets. Mom NET was founded in December 2006, founder Ying, under the Guangzhou Sheng Cheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Mom Nets is a set of shopping, sharing, buy, trial in a consumer-guided media platform.

Mother net embryonic origin from a QQ group, and later developed into a similar BBS website, until 2007, with the increase in user volume, the need for special operations, founder Ying will resign in the original company senior executive positions, registered Canton Sheng Cheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd., mother network began large-scale operation. Mother net profit way mainly has two: on one hand is the advertisement income. At present, 55% of the delivery line is the mother and child brands, such as Procter and Gamble, the United States praise, and so on. MOM Network is committed to help these brands to do Word-of-mouth marketing and hard to wide, including brand base, trial, activities, such as planning. On the other hand, through the O2O website service charge and the regional mother and child, life class customer.

Billion European network December 27, 2014 in Guangzhou Salon founder Ying has been based on the mother network over the years operating experience from the consumer purchase process depth analysis O2O. Ying said the community had to have two skills in doing business in the O2O mode: Professional skills and selling skills.

Beaver CEO Zhongping

Mention the Beaver House, presumably everyone will think of the carving ye, but very few people will notice the other founding members of the Beaver family. In fact, the CEO of the Beaver family is a Ali-Department of beauty: auspicious Zhongping. Billion European network as early as in June 2014 had interviewed her, please refer to billion European Network article "American Industry O2O Beaver Home: To build the female service platform for craftsmen."

Beaver Home Since its inception in March 2014, after nearly a year of development, the current business in addition to from the initial field of the United States has extended the make-up of the shape, the United States, hand-foot care and other fields. Beaver family after a long exploration of the category of nail, is trying to create a set of non-standard service user experience process, and through the supply chain to control the depth, to ensure that the home nail not only to save the user time cost, but also to create additional value for users.

Meng, the founder of two rounds of financing, said publicly that, for the Beaver family, he is not anxious to consider the matter of making money and revealed that the current monthly beaver home loss of about 10 million yuan. Billion European network to understand that after a round of acquisition of IDG Capital 30 million, the Beaver family completed the end of 2014 round B financing. At present, nail O2O field has appeared many competitors, such as Doodle Nail, beautiful A, 58 U.S. A, but in the valuation, there are no enterprises beyond the beaver home.

Auntie's here, CEO Zhou Yuhong.

Auntie's coming. Founded in April 2013, founder Zhou Yuhong, Aunt came is a O2O domestic brokerage service provider, to provide domestic services online booking, payment, reviews and other functions. Users can use micro-blog, micro-letter, APP, PC end, telephone and other multi-channel orders. Aunt came to the aunt's service quality and domestic brokers credit rating binding, through the credit rating to determine the income of domestic brokers. Its target users mainly focus on foreign people, business people, celebrities and other high-income groups. It is understood that the aunt came to the relevant responsible person has openly said high Commission can attract high-quality people to join, high Commission can be a broker's personal credit assessment management, the entire domestic service industry through the management of brokers can be bigger and stronger.

According to Aunt Zhou Yuhong, founder and CEO, the main source of the current domestic brokers are: first, the original domestic service staff, the second is experienced sales staff, three university graduates. Aunt came this way from the line down to the line, for the aunt came to establish a higher industry barriers to hinder the rapid replication of competitors and disorderly imitation. August 2014 aunt came to announce the Qing Branch venture investment millions of dollars a round.

Porky Network CEO Tang Yingzhi

Pet people may have a knowledge of the Porky network, Porky Network was founded in December 2007, founder of Tang Yingzhi, under the optical Orange (Shanghai) Information Technology Co. Porky network is a pet theme community, pet Supplies Online mall and other comprehensive pet service website. Porky Network is committed to working with the offline business cooperation, to carry out group buying and promotional business, users online purchase offline business services, online after the successful payment to the offline consumption, offline merchants can also use Porky Network platform for product and service promotion, thus attracting online customers.

In terms of financing, the March 2014 Porky Network completed the B round of 25 million U.S. dollars financing. The financing Porky network will focus on brand building, market promotion, is committed to Porky dozen caused a warm pet O2O service company. According to founder Tang Ying, its investors are eyeing Porky's O2O development plan.

According to public information, Porky net according to the turnover and offline businesses to determine a 10%~5% proportion of the split, and in the expansion of O2O business in the early days, Porky network is also in the expansion of the number of stores, expand the scale of the stage.

Hunting Internet CEO Xin Xiao Butterfly

Hunting online was founded in October 2012, founder Sincholi, under the Network Technology Co., Ltd. hunting. Hunting Internet is a result of the results of the recruitment service trading platform, is committed to helping traditional headhunters solve the difficulties of cross-sectoral, cross-regional, large-scale operations, but also solve the network recruitment can not be involved in high-end job bottlenecks. Hunting Online is committed to establishing a direct relationship between headhunting and employing enterprises on the Internet, and constructing O2O mode of headhunting recruitment. Through the PC or mobile end, enterprises to release various recruitment needs, and the national headhunting can speed response, the first time to push candidates. In contrast to other online recruiting industries, the hunt does not directly link job seekers to recruiters, but instead gives recruiters the job.

April 2014 Hunting Internet announced the acquisition of 10 million dollars a round of financing, by IDG Capital and the joint venture capital investment; the November 2014 Hunt Online announced the acquisition of 20 million dollars B-round financing of the dollar, by Sequoia Capital China, IDG Capital, China Capital investment joint venture.

"In the age of the mobile Internet, any hiring budget that is responsible for results and does not waste employers is the most valuable recruiting service of the age." "This is the value that the CEO of the hunt has always emphasized."

Beauty and Beauty Makeup CEO Zhang

Beauty Beauty Makeup was established in July 2013, under the Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd., CEO Zhang. Beauty Beauty makeup is a cosmetics comment interactive community and beauty skin beauty exchange platform. Its use of "content + community + Business" structure, its content mainly by the "star + talent + senior users" three parts, to the main picture and text tutorial, especially focus on highlighting pictures. Beauty Beauty Makeup original structured blog ideas to guide the vertical type of community products, and strive to each post can make the user of all content targeted evaluation, so that content and commentary interspersed together.

Billion European network to understand the "beauty of beauty makeup" from the beginning only focus on beauty makeup gradually extended to the United States nail, hair, beauty and other fields, is committed to from a number of fashion section to meet the needs of users of the United States. January 2014 United States owned company to obtain IDG capital millions of U.S. dollars a round of investment. August 2014, the United States won the 20 million dollar round of investment, by the morning Hing Capital, Jinsha River, IDG, Yunqi Capital with investment.

Honey Bud Baby CEO Liu

Honey Bud Baby was founded in October 2011, CEO Liu, under the Beijing Hua Wang Online Trading Co., Ltd. Honey Bud Baby is an imported mother and child brand merchandise limited discount special site, every day in the site recommended hot imports of mother and child brand, far below the market price discount strength, within 72 hours limited sale. Honey Bud Baby positioning vertical mother and infant Electric, the main import high-end maternal and infant products. March 2014 on-line imports of mother and infant brand special selling mall, to "fine + authentic + limited-limit" model to cut to the high-end mother and child population.

Honey Bud Baby with accurate crowd positioning and cross-border electric power to help, become the focus of the capital market. January 2014 Honey Bud Treasure won the fund, the perilous peak huaxing millions of yuan a round of investment; May 2014 Honey Bud Baby to get 20 million dollars B round investment, Sequoia Capital, the fund and the perilous peak Hua Xing with cast; The fund 60 million dollar C round investment. One of the "overseas supply chain integration + Mobile end + socialization" is Honey Bud Baby distinguished from other competitors, an important advantage.

O2O Entrepreneurship is never an easy thing, billion-Net co-founder Huang in a salon once said, "do O2O more bitter than who, there is no shortcut to go." "The above mentioned 10 O2O industry female executives or entrepreneurs are worthy of everyone to admire and learn." However, it is believed that in the future entrepreneurial tide, there will be more and more female entrepreneurs emerge.

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