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Group also established its own electric business platform

Electric Shock article

In the electric business relies on "double 11" to attract the attention of many consumers at the same time, the traditional retail channels have not sit still, department stores have their own marketing methods to attract customers. Compared with the electricity quotient, the advantage of the brand resource, supply chain system and member user of the department store is the most cost of the traditional channel Jedi counterattack.

Seeing the huge energy that the electric dealer bursts out, the traditional channel business has also catered to the trend, set up its own position on the network. Up to now, Yintai department stores, Spring department stores, Parkson Group, Dorset, New World department stores have established their own electric business platform, Beijing department store leading Enterprises Wangfujing (600859, shares bar) department store's electric business platform will also be available this Christmas.

According to Wangfujing department stores, Wangfujing department store electric business platform on the line of more than 300 brands, a total of tens of thousands of single products. In addition to the platform in Wangfujing department store in the best-selling brand, there is a network of shopping channels with a certain well-known fashion brand.

Previously, the same as the domestic large retail Group of Dorset in the trial of hydro business, has used the high-end brand positioning. However, after six months of trial, the electric business platform repositioning, eventually transformed into Dorset outlets of the official mall.

At present, including Spring department stores, China Friends department stores and Parkson Group, including a number of stores are on the line of the electric business platform, traditional retailing has become a powerful force in the field of electric business.

The Malaysian retail giant Parkson's Parkson network this year has tried to operate for several months, its commodity type, brand richness, merchandise positioning and Parkson physical store close. Parkson said, will be more focused on the realization of online shopping and physical store shopping integration to meet high-end consumer demand for the brand. Parkson Network is Parkson group for the high-end consumer groups, the whole heart to build multi-channel E-commerce. Designed to make the network and physical stores no longer disjointed, shopping has become more diversified, the trend with become tentacles to provide consumers with a three-dimensional shopping experience, personalized fashion, a full range of brand feast, achievements in China Fashion department store multi-channel E-commerce.

In addition, New World department stores are scheduled to be at the end of this year or early next year to the domestic mainstream electric business open platform, which is the company at the beginning of last year, the vertical electric platform "New World Department store online Mall" after another "net" new measures. But in the industry, although the number of traditional enterprises to set up a platform for electronic business significantly increased, but from the idea to practical measures, only a very few enterprises have the core competitiveness. "To the current pattern, only suning easy to buy and silver Thai network in the electric business thinking of the electric quotient, large traditional enterprises also need to give the Power Corps team greater freedom and support." Said the head of a business enterprise.

"Network + entity" business model has become the first step in the transformation of Latin America


every Krame: Borrow power electric business platform to enlarge shop

In the 3-year transition period, every Krame has undergone a great change in the appearance of calm, with every gram of Latin American diamond net on the line is a milestone of the company's breakthrough.

Since July 18, 2012 officially online, every gram of Latin American diamond Net online 100,000 members of the registration volume, for the company's physical store sales led to the popularity, and each Krame in the national visibility of the continuous upgrade is also the online layout brings another benefit.

Every gram of Latin America diamond Net existing bare diamond, female ring, male ring, couple to ring, pendant, necklace, earrings seven major category goods, are carefully selected, unique style. Future company will further increase product category and service, will be "online customization", "Diamond knowledge Classroom", "interaction with the Star", "Online Snap" and a series of convenient and innovative services to the vast number of consumers.

Through the settled Taobao Day Cat, Jingdong Mall, Dangdang and other large electric platform, each Krame will further extend the sales channels, the network of radiation throughout the country. At the same time each Krame also with China Merchants Bank (600036, Stock bar), Minsheng Bank (600016, shares bar), the Construction Bank (601939, share bar), Agricultural Bank (601288, shares bar), ICBC (601398, shares bar) and other in-depth cooperation, with the third party pay UnionPay, fast money, Lakara and other long-term interactive activities.

However, want to divide "the diamond net buys" this big cake, for each gram of Latin America is not easy, in the company President Shanyi View, every gram of Latin America diamond Net is not foil, it's on the line represents every Krame the traditional business transformation, into online, offline combination of "Network + entity" of the new retail business model.

Shanyi said, in order to distinguish from other traditional retail diamond brand, pure electric dealer diamond brand business model, each Krame in the layout of E-commerce at the same time, taking into account the maximum combination of online and offline business advantages. Every gram of Latin America Diamond NET is not only an online sale platform, more is a kind of network platform that carries multi-function service.

In the next 5 years, each Krame plans to add 20-30 entity stores in the country with experience function. Each store experience area to achieve from the online search, selection, appointment to shop, offline experience, purchase, convenient payment, online orders and after-sales service, such as a series of services, so that consumers line online without obstacles to smooth shopping. The business model of "Network + entity" has become the first step in the transition of every gram of Latin America.

this April, the contemporary Mall to the three-dimensional picture as a set of T-stage clothing release


Traditional clothing retail industry encounters "Winter"

In the traditional department store, clothing brand sales accounted for the proportion can not be underestimated, after all, some consumers are still accustomed to the physical store experience fabric feel, try to wear the latest style. However, from the China National Business Information Center statistics show that 2012 1-October, apparel retail sales, retail volume of year-on-year growth rate of 14.2%, 2.4%, compared to 2011 20.4%, 4.9% decline significantly; January-October, the cumulative exports of textiles and clothing 209.9 billion U.S. dollars, Grew 2% from a year earlier, a far cry from the growth rate of 24.99% per cent in 2011.

National Gold Securities (600109, shares bar) The latest report that, including seven wolves, O ' Connell, nine Shepherd King (601566, shares bar) and other clothing brands, such as retail companies face difficulties this year. "When consumption slows down, it starts with inventories rising, financial indicators deteriorating (starting quarterly from this year's quarterly), then closing up, through the crisis by reducing supply and restructuring ... From the long-term perspective, brand enterprises to change business model, enhance the characteristics, emphasis on endogenous also takes time. ”

The report was also supported by data. Domestic sports brand 2013 two quarter order situation was recently released, the orders of the year have been different degrees of decline. Extra-Step orders slipped 15% to 20%, while Anta slipped 15% to 25% per cent year-on-year, and the slide fell by as much as 20% to 30%. Data from Chinese apparel (000902, share bar) Association show that the number of China's garment exports has been negative for 13 consecutive months.

Contrary to the growing decline in traditional apparel retailing, Internet brands are moving toward profitability after years of "burning money". Where the founder of Customer Prudential, CEO aging that this credit belongs to the "Internet", "is the internet has made every customer prudential products, so that a young Chinese brand with a strong international competition." At present, where customers have 20 million users, the first-tier city consumption accounted for 60%, customer single average price of 150 to 200 yuan; in China, sales of products have surpassed from Japan's well-known fast fashion brand Uniqlo. ”

China Academy of Social Sciences Information Research Center Secretary General Qiping also said that the future of E-commerce should be the electricity business to create demand. The success of online shopping carnival reflects the power of the electric business in stimulating domestic demand and creating domestic demand. In the future, e-commerce needs to learn how to activate market demand, provide more products for the market, and realize the benign interaction between the net purchase and economic development. Where customer goods recently released 2012 VT Sales data, this spring and summer, where customers VT launched the theme of "positive energy" to provide more than 2000 design patterns, the overall sales breakthrough 13 million, in 2011 sales of 10 million pieces on the basis of a new high, stable China's T-shirt retail market first. VT Sales of one of the more than 235,000, one-second selling up to 216, per capita to buy about 4 pieces. (Beijing Youth Daily Lijia)

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