US Rochester University invests $50 million in building large data research Center

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On October 18, at the 2013 data Forum held at Rochester University, Rochester University president Joel Seligman announced that it would raise 50 million dollars to build a new data science center dedicated to the field of large data research. The center will bring together experts from the Rochester University's research data science to share research progress.

Rochester has invested 50 million of dollars in school-related researchers and computing infrastructure over the past 5 years, helping 100 researchers get about 300 million dollars in data science and research funding. Researchers at the University of Rochester, using large data to build analytical models, have done much to predict the spread of infectious diseases, track and analyze political sentiment and predict the existence of planets.

It is predicted that by 2018, large data areas in the United States will generate nearly 200,000 of the demand for professional and technical personnel. At present, Rochester University has established a customized master of data Science program for Xerox engineers, and the undergraduate course in data science is being developed. The establishment of the center will not only enable Rochester University to maintain a leading position in the field of data research, but will also help stimulate regional economic development.

Large data is used to describe the enormous amount of information created and stored in a computer system, such as financial transaction data, social media passages, radio signals, medical testing data, climate information collected by sensors, and GPS signals from mobile phones. Data science is the meaning of finding effective ways to extract large-scale data.

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