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"Tenkine Server channel October 16"

Editor's note: 2012 is the "outline" implementation of the year, the pace of Chinese enterprises to accelerate the progress of information has become irreversible trend. However, the scale of data center brought by information construction has multiplied, the data center complexity has multiplied, the server data volume has increased dramatically, with the server's footprint as well as the server's heat dissipation, power supply and other energy consumption increase greatly to the whole environmental society to bring the heavy energy consumption burden. Imagine, alone in terms of electricity, if the future growth of urban power supply cannot meet the rapid rise in power consumption of IT systems, how will the power supply of the whole city be "miserable"? In addition, the problem of inefficient server utilization is outstanding, according to IDC's Data center research, the average server utilization is not more than 25%. So what are the ills that Chinese companies face when using servers? How to overcome? How to take care of energy-saving and green based on reasonable purchase and optimization of Management Server, in the IT infrastructure to promote information construction preparation? To this, the author went into the IBM data Center, interview front-line technical engineer Ng, seek the answer.

"IBM Frontline technical Engineer Ng"

Current China enterprise Data Center Server architecture: X86 Schema Server 90%

When it comes to server application, we should first understand the server architecture selection of Chinese enterprises. According to NG engineers, more than 90% of the servers in all types of enterprises are x86 architecture servers (traditional x86 servers), and non-x86 UNIX servers account for a small proportion of the enterprise. However, non-x86 UNIX servers are often responsible for some key business applications, in the financial sector deployment of a part of the use of large mainframe (mainframe), these mainframe as a national business network of financial sector, the status can not be ignored.

and concrete to have in the x86 server, the rack-type server occupies the absolute dominant position. The traditional use of the tower server education industry and small manufacturing, and so also gradually in the use of rack-type servers, with the tower server is gradually eliminated. As the cost of data center increases, the demand for high-density servers is increasing, and more large enterprises begin to pay attention to the application of Blade server.

Current Chinese Enterprise Server application has the disease: the energy consumption is astonishing + cost is high

According to a team of NG engineers who have conducted a survey of some of the city's CTO or information technology managers, companies currently using X86 servers or non-x86 UNIX servers are facing five ills:

"1" Energy consumption is serious: a large number of servers used in the daily consumption of electricity resources is staggering. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal operation of these servers, the necessary supporting power resources are also considerable. This allows companies to bear the high cost of electricity, but also seriously affect the city's energy distribution, so that the city's energy demand has increased every year.

"2" environmental impact worry: In addition to the impact of the server cooling on the atmosphere, the power supply for the server fuel consumption is also an important environmental impact factor. At present, the power supply of our country still depends mainly on the power plant, and the pollutant from the combustion of the industrial boiler is one of the main destructive factors of the atmosphere at present.

"3" Construction resource consumption: At present many companies have thousands of or even tens of thousands of servers. These servers and their supporting facilities occupy a growing space, making the Enterprise room area is also forced to increase. In the situation of limited work and commercial land, the consumption of the computer room is a problem that cannot be neglected.

"4" maintenance costs are huge: enterprises in the development process, as the data center to provide decision support to enterprises to adapt to the business flexible demand, which makes the number of servers have increased, resulting in high maintenance costs. At the same time, the number of servers has increased, which makes the cost of System software license and application software development increasing.

"5" Waste of human resources: the increase in the number of servers led to enterprises need to occupy more technical personnel to the maintenance and maintenance of these equipment, on the one hand, the enterprise's IT expenditure further increase, on the other hand, it makes many technical personnel difficult to invest in more meaningful business design and technical innovation work.

Chinese Enterprise Server application has the root cause of the disease: IT system mutual independent procurement process complex

"1" IT systems are independent of each other, integration is difficult: According to NG engineers, the different business departments to the system requirements of the difference caused IT systems to be independent of each other, integration difficulties, low utilization, high energy consumption. As the demand for system applications comes directly from the business unit, IT personnel only provide corresponding product information in the process of purchasing system products, and cannot make significant changes to the system construction directly. As a result, a large number of business units to purchase a wide range of products, and often can not be compatible with each other. and the integration of the system, the integration of resources is even more difficult. This makes the enterprise's system presents a low utilization rate, the phenomenon of large energy consumption.

"2" procurement process complex, inefficient: not fully understand the true intentions of it procurement, so that the final procurement of IT equipment can not achieve the original goal, resulting in reduced efficiency. For the enterprise demand System products, enterprises in the procurement often need to be approved by a number of departments. The level of approval in the procurement process is the reason for the direct reduction of the purchasing budget. This makes it procurement of many enterprises directly affected.

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