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The above saying is small micro spirit, if you do not know Lakara situation, may not know this sentence meaning. Lakara rely on a payment tool, into the country's hundreds of thousands of stores, mobile Internet after the fire, they began to plan to rely on these small shops, how to play turn O2O.

Because the store is the physical distance from the residents of the recent business, although the big stores and department stores have been affected, but the community shop more open, mature community, small store density is very.

Relying on these landed shops, Lakara designed a business model: First will be all over the national community convenience stores from the traditional store mode to upgrade to the Internet electric Business platform (rely on Lakara "open Shop Treasure" completed), to the national Community Shop to do a platform, the store is responsible for delivery to customers, the platform responsible for orders and dissemination, which, As a result of the platform access to a large number of High-quality brand and channel providers, greatly enriched the community merchant commodity types to meet the needs of different users of the community. Finally, through the Lakara store distribution services, to get through the Community electric dealer 020 Last kilometer, for consumers to achieve rapid delivery, basically in half an hour to complete delivery.

Here, presumably many people have already seen the core--b2b2c of Lakara Community electric quotient. January 17, along with the Lakara near the store fresh Fast Tatsu channel official online, marking the Lakara community Electric Business B2B2C mode unique operating scene to complete, forming a integrated upstream and downstream resources of the closed-loop ecological circle. This is also the mobile internet age of the commercial biosphere.

Obviously, Lakara's community electric business model is bound to impact on the traditional community retail model, once the national hundreds of thousands of stores developed into a landing distribution side, to those network supermarkets, may be a copy of the war, a typical terminal interception!

In the realization of this step, in fact, Lakara has done a shop for the wholesale platform, one-stop to meet the demand for small stores, even in Beijing has built a central warehouse.

But, this O2O platform, the wholesale platform has evolved a step further.

Lakara Electric Company president Hanji to "flirt with the electricity quotient" reporter further introduction said, originally just to help store stock, but now, turned to help the store with customers. Because before the store was the impact of the electric business is also a bit confused, watching a parcel placed in their own store, but it does not matter to their own, feeling by the electric quotient to fall.

It is not realistic for them to make their own electric dealers, so it is necessary to o2o the community platform for the small shops. and the community store, operating ability is very strong.

They have been stationed in the community for ten years, they know the consumption habits and characteristics of the Community consumers, and they have established a good relationship with the consumers in the community, which is what O2O enterprises value most.

Localization is the core of O2O

Lakara's O2O platform is not the community store of goods all of a sudden put on the network shelves, but the store before want to sell the fresh category as a breakthrough.

Because fresh is just needed! And before buying fresh are original state, now made semi-finished products, take home a little processing, you can eat, this is the urban people just need category, the shop itself can not do, because of freshness and order quantity problem.

And those in high-end fresh brands will be in the city to create a number of experience shops, in the former store form, the back of the warehouse for storage of fresh food, Lakara only need to connect the system with them, in the community shop when there is demand, direct these raw foods from the brand experience store distribution to the community store, and then the community store to save it in the fridge , waiting for community residents to come to the store and bring them directly to the house.

Direct purchase by the supplier, both reduce costs and ensure the freshness of the product, the shopkeeper has great benefits. Hanji said: "Fresh to shop is a O2O the core of the times, because the store has freezer to do temporary storage, we can dynamically manage inventory backstage." When the new product is listed, the sales volume is too small, we will be the first time to help the store to recover products, reduce losses. ”

Lakara do community electric dealers have been emphasizing localization! Beijing and Shanghai are different, Chaoyang and Haidian different, even Tian Tong Yuan one district and two districts are different, through large data to different community residents of consumer demand analysis, different community Lakara side of the store to provide the types of goods and services are also different.

"Thousand Shop thousand Noodles", this is Lakara to do community electric business localization of the ultimate pursuit.

Hanji said: "Lakara do O2O is the core of our things more is every community, every shop is a lbs system, this behavior we and shopkeepers know, such as Tian Tong Yuan this place and other areas for the demand for goods is different. ”

The fresh products of each store are subdivided to make the characteristics, so that there is a difference between the small community, which will stimulate the consumer's desire to buy.

The existence of this differentiation for the community micro-shop and consumers are very useful, shops can make their own more characteristics, to create a stronger competitiveness. Consumers in the Lakara platform under the single, you can freely choose the shop, so, differentiated community micro Shop will give consumers more choices.

When more choices are made, how do you impress consumers and let them pay for your fresh life?

What category does a community store need?

Consumers are willing to pay the premise that they have this demand:

First: convenience, see a product can immediately take away, because this is what I want.

Second: The new taste, the neighbors are very want to try something fresh, they do not want to buy kind, traditional shops and offline retail, with the traditional logistics system, distribution methods to do, so the cost of goods difficult to overcome.

Third: experience, neighbors buy things when very much hope to have experience, this is also a lot of online enterprises do not have the power to solve the problem effectively. It takes a taste to eat something in the mouth, and we want the neighbors to see it in the shop around him.

Four: Affordable, which is what all consumers want.

What kind of product is at the same time with four conditions?

On the Lakara platform, fresh products are mainly seafood and fruit. They have several common features:

First: small convenience. Whether it's scallop or orange, Lakara's weight can be roughly one to two people.

Second, semi-finished products mainly. Under the "lazy economy" consumption behavior, consumers want to provide a one-stop customer service, Lakara Community electric business to fresh-type semi-finished products as a breakthrough, is undoubtedly wise. Take seafood as an example, many products are taken home without finishing to eat.

Third: The price is low. 18.9-yuan Scallop (six) from the Oceanic family, quality assured, while the price is also accepted.

Four: Consumers can see products in Community micro-stores. In the past, consumers can only look at products through pictures, and now consumers are able to experience products in close proximity to the store.

In this way, Lakara launched products are easily favored by consumers.

The largest O2O platform

According to the operating data of Lakara, as of December 2014, Lakara store has reached a daily average of 13,000, customer unit price of 60-70 yuan, during the holiday promotion can reach the daily order volume 50,000, the results are very gratifying. As of 2014, there are 20,000 Lakara stores nationwide and about 2000 in Beijing.

Lakara has developed 2000 stores in Beijing in three months, this set of patterns after a year, gradually mature, spread out the country is very easy, do not worry about logistics and distribution problems, because all are local suppliers, everything is based on the local business ecology to operate, the amount of rapid, the future scale, immeasurable.

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