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Site analysis through the statistical click Stream data and other types of data generated by the site, providing a variety of http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/9282.html "> Data reports to monitor the operation of the site, Provide reference for the optimization and improvement of the website. But web analytics can provide no more than just data, the hot map (Heat map) is a good expansion of the site analysis, the current online introduction to the hot map of the article is also more, many web site interaction designers with the click of the thermal map to assess the interaction between users and the site to improve the user experience. Here is a brief introduction to the implementation of a few hits on the thermal map and the use of my blog to do the click of the hot map experiment.

several hits the hot figure tool

Sidney's blog A long time ago introduced a hot map of the analysis tool--crazy Egg amazing Excellent website analysis tools, the article is written by Tenly. In addition to the online introduction of more than a click of the hot map tools and clicktable and tealeaf, these tools are implemented through JS, as long as the corresponding page embedded in the JS code, on the Web site of these tools to view the click of the page effect map, the implementation of the mechanism with Google Analytics is more similar. These tools generally need to charge, but there will be 1 months of free probation, interested in can go to try.

Another open source Tool--clickheat, you can download its source code deployed to its own server, and in the site page embedded in the corresponding JS code to generate a hit hot map, and then by calling the appropriate page to view. To deploy Clickheat, the server needs to support PHP, and because the logs clicked and all the statistics are saved to the deployed server, the server's space and resource footprint is high.

Click on hot map Application Example

Some time ago with my blog to do under the Web site click on the trial experiment, I use the click Density, with clicktable and crazy egg similar, but also through the embedding of JS method to achieve, in the results of the output page can choose to click the time period, Browser type, and so on to filter the results, the following generated a few click Effect chart:

Heat Map

Because my blog access is not large, so the distribution of the hot map is not very obvious, but still can see the main focus on the blog's latest article on the other side of the search, subscription and classification directory modules also occupy a certain percentage of clicks. General site clicks will be clustered in the global navigation bar underneath that piece, and the "F" type distribution, in the need to pull down the part of the page to click on the general will be reduced (for the need to drop the view of the content, unless the user found the information they need, otherwise generally not too much to click).

Click Map

This is the click of the distribution map, Red Fork on behalf of the invalid click, the green Fork to represent a valid click. This figure seems to be more valuable than the mere display of click or click Density, because it shows the effective click of the page, you can see from the graph that the user is browsing my blog in addition to clicking on the article title and search box, the subscription button also distributed a large number of effective clicks, which is critical to the blog, Because the blog site is an important goal is to generate subscriptions, so through this map can see how many effective clicks into the site goals, the total click ratio and the total number of effective clicks.

In addition, you can see that some of the effective clicks on the graph do not necessarily fall on the clickable object, precisely because the blog content update results in the page elements (title position, content summary rows, etc.) offset, and generated clicks will not follow the page element movement, resulting in the production of image display error.

Hover Map

This figure is actually quite similar to the Web page overlay (Overlay) or click Density (click Density), and Google Analytics also offers the same functionality. The clickable position on the Web page is circled by a dotted box, the mouse is placed above a box to show the number of times the module has been clicked and the click Conversion Rate (CTR); In addition, if you set a target for your site, it will also show you click on the module's target conversion rate, for the analysis of important pages of the site is a good choice.

Click on the value of the hot map and the value of the hot map click the hot figure to find the user often click on the module or focus of content, see which modules in the page have a high number of effective clicks, users will try to click which modules; apply to A/b test to compare the click distribution of different pages To improve site interaction and user experience. Click on the hot map of the site to click on a hot map of the site to provide a very intuitive way of analysis, but its function needs to be improved, because the implementation mechanism is generally based on the coordinates of the page to locate the click location, so the different resolution and site layout (center, etc.) will lead to inaccurate , in the use of the click of the hot map needs to record the user each click behavior, so it will affect the performance of the Web page, resulting in slow loading speed of the page, when the page elements of the location of a wide range of changes, the results of the hot map is not valid.

Finally, incidentally, my blog before an article-the basic process of Web site data analysis introduced the DMAIC model, at that time I was in the PDCA Ring of the relevant information when inadvertently found, feel very suitable for the Web site analysis process. A few days ago in turn Avinash Kaushik "Web Analytics", found that the book also introduced the DMAIC model, so feel dmaic is really comb the web analytics process a good choice.

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