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1.12306 website Upgrade Dynamic Verification Code grab ticket software close to scrap

Beijing Times News According to the Central wide report, in the third party to steal the ticket plug-in after shielding, the day before the 12306 website and new action, the static verification code into a constantly rocking color dynamic verification code, many netizens call "see not clear". At the same time, this upgrade also affected the ticket software, a number of ticket-grabbing software close to "scrap."

Previously, 12306 Web sites used static authentication codes, characters are clear, and case-insensitive. And the new version of the code not only often appear character superposition, the verification code is still shaking, many users said, want to see a bit of difficulty. A ticket buyer said: "It will move, left dangling right or color, you have to look hard." I can't say I can't see clearly, but it's hard. ”

12306 What is the purpose of the upgrade verification code? In this respect, the Railway Corporation customer service Hotline said, "Other software and Web site has affected the normal passenger order, the dynamic verification code is to protect the normal passenger ticket." ”

After the upgrade, some third-party ticketing software with automatic fill verification code function is directly paralyzed.

2. Online purchase regret right will be implemented: Electric business emergency Change returns policy

The new "Consumer Protection Act", revised by the 12th NPC Standing Committee in October 2013 (hereinafter referred to as "the new Elimination Law"), will be formally implemented on March 15, the first of which is to further standardize the right of online purchase regret, which makes the electric business enterprises and consumers look forward to the 2014 policy.

3. Taobao brush The Rational confession: in the "Explosion" in the arena

Titanium Media Note: Alibaba and the existence of Taobao, spawned a number of emerging occupations? Professional shop Madou, shop decoration engineers, real people one-on-one customer service ... Taobao Kingdom, there is a kind of God general existence: Brush the guest. The overwhelming black Wen nu scold "Brush the guest" all sorts of pickled dirty unbearable, and today the article of the body in the Lake of occupation "brush Guest" said, "This thing, I think things can have another way of understanding." ”

He said that those of you who have resented the customers, you are suspected of exaggerating the value of store goods, not all of the negative energy. They represent a reasonable competitive force on Taobao's Lake. As a professional brush, brush the means and depth is the only measure of its professional value, at present, the industry's requirements for the customer is not limited to a brush Taobao sales. What is the professional painter's career?

4. BEIJING-East Ali Tencent and other electric giants have been layout of cross-border electrical business

It is estimated that more than 90% per cent of China's new operating Cross-border electric business enterprises are SMEs and individual merchants. But in the face of this soaring market, domestic and foreign electric business giants are how to think of it? How do they want to get involved in this billion-dollar market?

According to the Ministry of Commerce, the national Cross-border E-commerce turnover in 2012 has exceeded 200 billion U.S. dollars, of which cross-border E-commerce retail exports exceeded 15 billion U.S. dollars, the growth over the previous year more than 30%, far higher than the same period of China's general trade growth level. 2013 statistics are expected to continue this trend.

On the other hand, according to the Ministry of Commerce estimates, the current annual Cross-border E-commerce platform registered on the new business owners, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual merchants accounted for more than 90%.

Fast growth and small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for the ratio of these two features superimposed on a number of hidden dangers, such as product quality problems. And this is precisely those big electric business enterprises most concerned about.

Alibaba recently in addition to global purchases and launched the Cat International, Tencent's wealth through the launch of overseas payments, the Giants seem to sit down.

5. The case of Sohu siege Baidu: Anti-piracy justice cannot be maintained by lies

On the first day of 2014, I lay in bed do not know what to do, open the public number, everyone in the 2013 year-end summary, left Acqui's position is almost no. I had to open Baidu audio and video aftertaste classic movie "Batman's Dark Knight Return", the result it tells me Wood has this resource. Acqui and tried to search the "saw" series, the result is nothing. It seems that the previous phase of Baidu's commitment to suspend the non-cooperative site Peer-to-peer technology services fell to the practice, I can only change a posture to sleep.

6.Com domain name is not subject to the impact of the domain name registration or old spicy

From the 18, individuals can be resolved, with policy restrictions say-goodbye,cn catch up with the reform and opening up to become landlords. Take advantage of this good time this time CN also clever one, lined up waiting for real gold silver was robbed home. Farmers investors are not calm, even the major terminals have also been for the CN domain. Many people have speculated that the CN domain name is not to replace the location of the COM domain to do preheating?

It's not just a matter of history.

Rong small series poured cold water, although the CN domain name in the domestic is Shang unshakable, but there is a period of growth space, To catch up with COM domain name registration www.72e.net Commercial Commercial, the original and not too many policy protection, by virtue of their own advantages, rapid infiltration into the user's habit, become the world's most widely popular domain name General format. As a member of domain history, the influence of COM domain name is not other domain name small body can shake, at this point can definitely say ginger or old spicy.

7. BEIJING East official Release im Tool "Jingdong" mobile app

January 2 News, the Beijing-East officially released its personal users of free IM (Instant Messenger, instant Messaging) tools-Jing Dong. It is mainly used for personal user communication, but also has customer service advisory function.

In fact, recently, Jingdong has announced the introduction of the Beijing-East, the PC-side test version, and this time is specifically launched for mobile-side app.

BEIJING-east said that compared to the previous release of the web version, Jingdong Drum client increased the addition of friends, group chat, screenshots, send files and other functions. and support the user to set the personality nickname and set characteristic avatar.

In addition, chat at the same time can view shop information, consulting commodity information, brand best-selling merchandise information, and can be consulted on the goods to join the shopping cart.

The application of the introduction of the Beijing-East in the IM field of an important layout, but also filled the Beijing-East in this field vacancy.

Some netizens pointed out that Jingdong and Ali and Tencent QQ regardless of function, appearance are very similar, this also became after Ali, in the field of another IM tool, it will enhance the customer stickiness and customer experience, and get rid of QQ and other communication software dependence.

8. Internet financing war first ticket born Baidu, etc. may face rectification

Beijing Business News (reporter Su Changchun) to push large subsidies to do high profits to attract guests, Internet wealth management products such brutal play began to be stopped by regulators.

Zhejiang Securities and Regulatory Bureau recently said that several meters fund through the company's website and other channels to promote "several meters wins Bai Ba" activities, for the benefit of investors who buy money market fund products through several meters, there are some improper terms such as "the maximum 8.8% years of income" in the promotional materials, according to the relevant regulations of the Securities Investment Fund sales management measures , ordered a few meters company to correct the deadline.

9. Does Ali have to borrow interest to socialize against Tencent?

Ali is really out of the world, according to the News of friends, this year, the entire Ali group net profit of 2/3 will be smashed to Ali Wireless.

A No doubt the reality is that micro-letter to Ali the threat is growing, Ali to wireless mobile Force urgent.

In this process, contacts, mobile phone Taobao, Alipay Wallet is the main force, more such as Taobao movies, offer platform, Taobao map, Taobao with the city, shopping assistants, such as logistics, gold, Sina Weibo, on the road are allied.

10. Fast taxi billion subsidy passengers to seize the Beijing market

Morning News recently, fast taxi high subsidy activities have been large-scale landing in Beijing's major building ads. Reporter from the fast Taxi company learned that the last one months of activity, Beijing for the first time using a quick taxi new users will get 30 yuan in the return of the bill, is expected to spend more than 100 million yuan total investment. This is also the company following the beginning of last year "Northern Expedition" and the joint Alipay promotion after the new round of enclosure movement.

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