What is the net shopping map? Nothing but "fast" and "le"!

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What is the net shopping map? Nothing but "fast" and "le"! "Fast" based on the convenience of the payment link, and "Le" is to pay security, buy concessions. This is not, UnionPay online pay hand in hands with many regular dealers to bring you a large number of authentic licensed and safe and convenient payment experience, but also set off the "Happy" online life select UnionPay pay Win ipad2 "activities, so you save money to take a good gift!"

March 12 to May 20, in the designated merchant Select UnionPay Online Payment in the certification payment, fast payment or small payment successfully completed a trader, can participate in the lottery, the prize for the value of 4000 yuan IPad2, a total of 10, PU Award for the value of 50 mobile phone charges, a total of 3,000. Details can be landed UnionPay online payment website inquiries (online.unionpay.com).

Consumer Wang told reporters: "Today prices are too high, I try to use the net to buy home spending, such as the recent handle network access to pay the UnionPay online, group purchase payment more reassuring than before, I bought a lot of delicious for the family, and UnionPay online payment This national platform is very convenient, it does not need to open the net silver, Not only support the merchant enough, there are more than 180 bank access, just enter the necessary information on their page to complete the payment! And let the activities are also many, I took part in the beginning of the net to buy happy season promotional activities, the lottery is also quite good, in the enjoyment of the payment of convenience and discount shopping at the same time, may also be able to draw iPad2, why not? ”

It is understood that "UnionPay online payment" is China UnionPay United Commercial Bank jointly launched the integrated, comprehensive online payment platform, comprehensive support for all types of bank cards, covering certification, fast, small, stored value card and network silver payment and other payment methods, which certification, fast and small payment without opening the net silver, It can provide "safe, fast, multiple choice, globalization" payment service for UnionPay card holder's shopping payment, travel reservation, charitable donation and transfer repayment.

It is reported that participation in the activities of many domestic merchants, new egg nets, Pat Net, UnionPay online mall, handle nets, full network, Gome, top grade discount, CHE, Youku, odd art nets, treasures Network, the state purchase network, excellent network, Love still spring, Tianyi electronics, I love my Home, spider web, Huayuan Medicine Network, hkust flying (002230 , stock bar), Hundred Easy Mall, emblem of the Still, the sale of the South Central University, Ningxia network Worms, Ningxia Telecom, Hainan Telecom, star Cluster Alliance, Bingo net, Wang Shang Mall, now Regiment, Shadow ticket network, Xinglong Electronics, Green Sen Digital, Bo, Happy People's Congress pharmacy and other types of domestic mainstream electrical business sites can participate, including department stores, apparel, digital, group buying , film and television, medicine, education, communications and many other fields, to help you happy online life.

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