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What kind of sparks can TV news and big data collide with? Yesterday, CCTV evening News launched the "said Spring Festival" special program, the first use of Baidu map lbs positioning of the visualization of large data, broadcast the Chinese New Year population migration. Industry insiders point out that this is the first time that large numbers of people can understand the way, visual display on the television screen. This novel way of news reporting in the broadcast after the hot discussion, "very interesting, the original data can find so many bright spots", "the screen to do very cool, scientific and technological sense, evening news such as the Spring Festival report!" ”

The advent of the big data age is already the consensus of the scientific and technological community, in fact, large data for the media industry is also of great significance, the Big Data era spawned a new form of journalism, that is, data news. In the past, news is about recent facts, but based on large data technology, news can be found and mined from the data, through analysis and insight to get more valuable information, and then through the visualization of the data to pass the information to the audience.

At present, the Spring Festival is entering the peak, every day there are hundreds of millions of people in various cities across the country migrate, and then produce a variety of related data: Which road to return to the hottest? Which city is the most people returning from Beijing? Which tourist city is the most popular this year? These issues of public concern can be reflected through the data, CCTV Evening News column keenly grasp the topic, and joint Baidu positioning large data, the location coincided with the launch of the "said Spring Festival" special program.

As the host said on the show, in the past more than 30 years, the Chinese Spring Festival has increased from 100 million to 3.6 billion people, and this 3.6 billion people in such a short period of time is how to migrate, it is difficult to imagine how the country will be a scene, but through the collection of large data, analysis, and ultimately the visual effect on the television screen, Can bring the most intuitive feeling to each audience.

Baidu provides a migration map for example, Baidu through the LBS open platform analysis of mobile phone users positioning information, can map the mobile phone user's migration trajectory, hundreds of millions of of the user's migration trajectory constitutes a real-time change of the dynamic map. China currently more than 500 million mobile phone users, and Baidu lbs open Platform positioning services cover hundreds of thousands of app, the number of requests per day more than billions of, the location provided by Baidu Location-based information data is undoubtedly the most persuasive, most reflects the population migration dynamics during the Spring Festival.

CCTV Evening news anchor said yesterday, Baidu migration dynamic map reflects the Beijing and Chengdu Migration route for several days to become the hottest line, the result of the data analysis, and Chengdu Railway Bureau's actual statistics are very consistent: from the Spring Festival to the news broadcast the night before 8 o'clock, The number of visitors to Beijing from the Chengdu railway station has increased by more than 3,000 over 60% over the previous year.

Data news is more than just fun, says Shenhao, a professor of communication at the University of Communications, which brings a new understanding of the field of journalism and a new challenge, "the media has been more focused on content in the past." In the age of large data, we hope that news programs can perceive social emotions through analysis of large data, and better insight into the impact on society. ”

CCTV Evening News of the "said Spring Festival" special program will continue to the new year, in the first broadcast harvest netizens and the industry's general acclaim, the next "said Spring Festival" will also bring more interesting data to the audience, through the data Unearthed Spring Festival story. At the same time, Baidu map of the Chinese New Year migration of large data official website is also officially open today, users can login qianxi.baidu.com, through the visualization of large data to understand the latest trends in the Spring Festival.

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