Where do you go with the reverse water?

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Where to go "the next storm" just subsided, the same way suddenly Fangui to go where the move will http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/36385.html "> Online tourism Market Competition to a new climax." Peat peat, is this the beginning of the drama?

Why is the same process actively organized against the alliance?

Prior to that, a netizen opened the painted skin wrote "Why the lead organization to boycott where the alliance," the article, the article in more detail to analyze why the active organization of the alliance in some detail reasons, interested friends can read the original. Below, Shang simple quote to uncover part of the view of the painted skin to describe this matter.

Where to go encounter "the next door" at the beginning of the same process network to take the lead in activities, actively organize all the OTA, to persuade the Ota collective from where to go down the shelf. It is said that in the process of organizing the Alliance, Wu Zhixiang has repeatedly called several OTA to consolidate the united front.

This year 315, where to go and order it in the People's Daily travel 315 platform complaints top two, to where half is to be ordered it to the trouble (to where internal statistics, hotel complaints 70% from to order it). On this occasion, where to go to promote their own TTS system, foreign claims to improve the user experience, standardize the online travel agent market, can not tolerate to order it continue to misbehave? March to where to give notice of the same process, in addition to price increases, but also expressly requested to go to the TTS (the same way the network itself can continue to jump), and must be committed to the amount of money in advance to where, which almost broke to order the way out. So, a process initiated where Zujizhan quietly staged.

Let's order it. Where to pinch the door of life, the interests of the lead organization to boycott where the alliance is better to understand. Then, the same way suddenly reverse water, back to where to embrace what is it?

Why did the same process suddenly reverse the water?

Along with the "Betrayal" Alliance, the Art Dragon and other Ota are somewhat unprepared and surprisingly angry. Why did the same process choose to betray suddenly when the alliance was successful in forging a good boycott? Where is the initiative to invite, or the same way to return voluntarily, or the organization of the anti-union before there will be such a? Inside, I'm afraid only the bureau can solve puzzles for everyone. No matter what the reason, the same process at this time return to where, indeed can get enough profit. The rich and the risk of seeking, desperate, perhaps can be a big.

The same way, how to play where?

The same way before the water must be able to think of the alliance will be a joint strike, where to accept the same process will also think of this. In the house after being blocked, the same way affectionate leisurely wrote the bulletin long Wen, on the one hand stressed with such as home for many years of cooperative relations, on the other hand, said Ctrip is behind the scenes, using the industry monopoly position to suppress competitors. Did not expect such as home there is no response, but with Ctrip, Art Dragon and Han court jointly launched 51 promotional. Liang Jianzhang also confirmed that Ctrip and art Dragon stopped supplying the same hotel backstage inventory. If you say that before the house ban is shy to put aside, the joint is a naked United encirclement and suppression.

For the two camps that now form online travel, it must have been expected. Some netizens think where to go now face awkward choice, either honestly do tourism search engine, or continue to carry with the Cheng Lidou all Ota alliance. I do not think so, where to go to this step, in the face of the IPO and market competition pressure, is unlikely to go back to do the search engine, can only think about how to carry the same breakthrough Ctrip, Yi Long and home, Han court of the league. Things have developed to the present, where there is no compromise, so calm because the hands of enough chips? In this campaign, Baidu (in fact, where the major shareholder) can give what kind of support? In addition, do not know where to go to the recent performance of the said is not called the Wolf of the total culture?

As the online tourism competition upgrades, the follow-up also has large and small hotel OTA selection team, I believe the play has just begun.

Although the same way against the water for peer contempt, but the King defeated, regardless of winning or losing, after a few years may be very few people remember such a story. Shopping malls such as battlefield, there is no right or wrong, only success or failure, time with us to witness.

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