Where will the big traffic data lead to future metropolitan traffic?

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In the Baidu Big Data Strategy Meeting, the Ministry of Transport and Transportation Science and Technology Division director Shongju explained China's future big data transportation strategy. It is well known that the traffic in Beijing has always been bad, so where is the big data going to lead to such big city traffic? I hope to be able to read from the traffic data and the processing of the data, hope that the National people can know from a more macroscopic level of the integration of technology and policy results, big data is not psycho, in fact, has been around us.

How does the traffic data get?

As Shongju said, future policies will no longer be made on the head, but on the basis of real data, then the large traffic data will be obtained from the following channels.

First: User travel card, to Beijing, for example, the Transport Bureau has a terminal system, can be detailed statistics of the number of people in and out of the subway every day, everyone on the subway whereabouts can be clearly obtained, and users use a card to do the bus is also able to count out, But the bus has a disadvantage is that there may be no bus card users travel, but the Ministry of Transport can still use the number of cards according to a certain percentage of the number of figures.

There is, of course, a bit of NFC's near-field payout that doesn't explode, and if China's future can achieve universal NFC payments like Japan's, the future traffic will be better off.

Second: Comprehensive monitoring of transport vehicles, the current "Road transport vehicle dynamic supervision and management measures" will be implemented from July 1 this year, which is the biggest bright spot is the vehicle network system, the transport vehicles are connected with GPS satellite, the state can monitor the route of these transport vehicles in real time, It's a good thing for traffic planning.

Third: Car networking, due to the gradual popularity of vehicle networking, the Ministry of Communications can better master the data of vehicle travel, and then according to Billy to simulate the approximate data.

Four: road network monitoring, the country's investment in road monitoring is not cheap, Chongqing expressway video surveillance data reached 50T per day, we obtained the ship location data, speed data per day up to 55 million, in Guangzhou, integrated processing service platform, daily new urban traffic operation data records more than 1.2 billion, The amount of data per day reaches 150 to 300GB. Through video surveillance, the Ministry of Communications can make up for the lack of other information.

Five: With Baidu's strategic cooperation, this is also the reason Baidu asked the Ministry of Communications to make a speech, Baidu will be its own ecological map to the Ministry of Transport, to increase the source of data sources. Baidu Map of the number of day requests have 7 billion times (including mobile phone app map, navigation, etc.), with a large number of user travel data, and then the birth of the Baidu migration map, and the Ministry of Communications can be based on data provided by Baidu to improve the reliability of data, to become a reliable reference sample, and

In addition, there are the logistics information platform for logistics companies, as well as the way of ship networking and so on, but not the scope of this discussion.

Second, what is the application of traffic data?

In fact, the Ministry of Communications in the use of large data has done a lot of things, but due to the increasing volume of data, its own analysis of the lack of technology, so this time with Baidu to work together to use Baidu's in-depth data analysis technology, for policy development to provide a more reliable reference.

There are, of course, many things that can help traffic decisions, and here are the four most important ones.

First: Intelligent public transport, this is the Ministry of Communications has long been achieved, but also the earliest use of large data to make decisions of the Ministry of Transport one of the successful cases. According to the GPS positioning technology, 3G communication technology, GIS technology and so on, combined with the monitoring of the vehicle, the implementation of the bus intelligent scheduling strategy, improve the utilization of the bus, but also continuously reduce the congestion burden of urban roads.

At present, the dispatching technology of intelligent public transportation has been spread in most cities, and all cities in China are now spreading the project.

Second: By using large data to assist in decision making, in the case of public transport networks, the traditional way is to invest a lot of manpower in OD survey and data collection. and the current one card, then let the data more comprehensive display in front of decision makers, flow data can be accurately mastered, while using the vehicle congestion time, congestion section of large data analysis, bus line adjustment, increase and reduce transfer station decision-making will be more basis.

Third: To the driver evaluation, the Ministry of Communications and Baidu Technology will be combined with the driver's travel habits, from the route to the behavior of the driver to provide a set of evaluation, and the person's assessment will be sent to traffic management and transport enterprises and other places, so that the use of reference data more. These assessments can also provide a safe reference for individuals.

Part Four: Predicting group travel behavior, at present, Baidu Map has been able to predict the number of two weeks in advance of the size of a city, and this mature prediction algorithm for traffic, combined with other large data of the Ministry of Transport, you can predict the trend of group travel, on its possible travel time, travel routes, Travel mode and so on to predict, so as to provide decision-making help for urban vehicle scheduling.

And in turn, these predicted group travel behavior data will provide more accurate service for individual travel, help individual decision making, let personal travel as far as possible shortest route to reach the destination.

Conclusion: In our unconscious, China has quickly entered the era of big data decision-making, and the Government is using technology to use large data to the country more scientific construction, and this time the Government and Baidu cooperation, can be said that the Internet company has historically been with the government policy formulation of the most closely linked. This allows us to see the current government in the information age with the times, let us also see clearly that the power of the internet is a little bit of real change in the country, from micro-blogging to the Yaan earthquake, and then to this major traffic data strategic planning, the Internet to make information become more and more transparent, And the government is constantly redefining its functions in the advance of the times.

To say something sentimental, thanks to technology, is really making this country more and more good.

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