Why are the micro-merchants not suitable for the business?

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The controversy over the micro-business has intensified, with the sound of Crusade and a powerful voice. There are too many onlookers who are concerned about whether the micro-business can do, there is no prospect of the problem. Looking at one after another to create a rich case, will inevitably not echocardiography, and when the real entry was found, the micro-business is not imagined so beautiful.

The first thing to do is to put a positive mentality. The electric dealer's stall is too big, like the tennis court, but the micro-letter stage is too small, is the most is a table tennis table, wants to use the table tennis platform to play the tennis, this is in itself the very matter. So, do not expect micro-quotient can become the mainstream of electricity, overthrow Ali What, Yy is OK, but not realistic.

Do not expect to become rich in micro-business, good stories are carefully packaged to cheat children. Of course, is not to say that the micro-business is not a chance to see his bad side, but also the discovery of potential opportunities, the micro-business to do a sideline to earn some extra money is still possible, once the micro-business as the main industry, escape.

Why are the micro-merchants not suitable for the business?

If any experience is not, rashly to the micro-business is the most important, the risk is very large. "Micro-business" is the key to "business" word, full-time micro-business will inevitably "Shang" flavor unlimited amplification, there is bound to be a friend circle marketing over the situation, and the micro-business is based on the circle of friends to do the sale of acquaintances, over marketing can only produce the effect of the isolated, with you cooked a little too annoying, and you do not know that you are disgusting, Lahe is the ultimate destiny.

The reason is very simple, if you do full-time, very urgent to generate transactions, so will keep the brush circle of friends, hoping to facilitate the transaction, and brush more, friends will be disgusted, the more can not produce transactions. In this vicious circle go on, not dead also residual. Full-time micro-business is very difficult to draw a state of mind, the mentality is not positive, will only go more and more biased.

If you do the micro-business from joining, hoarding goods start, it means that you have been plunged into the deep pit. First, accept the join fee is want to tie you, gave the franchise fee will not easily quit, at the same time, merchants through the franchise fee can be harvested a lot. In addition, once you accept the first paragraph after the goods to store the goods, the home will risk transfer to you, and you can only carry the pressure of hoarding goods endless brush screen, the other can do is to die.

Micro-business to make money, but the money so that a few small number of big players to make a profit, where did the money come from? To join, store goods this way, in the traditional retail market is very common, and micro-vision also does it make sense? This way does not deserve the "micro-quotient" so tall title, at most only called "micro-letter sell" just.

Acquaintance business is not taboo, "trust" is the fundamental development of micro-business

The difference between the micro-quotient is to give full play to the trust between acquaintances, and then generate the transaction through trust. The relationship between acquaintances is not the inability to produce a trade, such things are common in real life.

Example one, you have a good friend is selling mobile phones, when you buy a mobile phone where to buy? There is no doubt bought from friends here;

Example two, your downstairs there are two fruit shops, which is a friend of your friends open, you also met, and the other B is completely do not know, this time you buy fruit will go to which home? Look at the relationship between friends also have to go to a home bar;

Three, you want to buy a new computer, but you do not know much about the computer, so ask a friend to help to buy a computer, and your friend recommended you in a store to buy 007 models, most of you will follow the recommendations of friends.

Life, such examples abound, who have encountered, there are problems first to find acquaintances help is a human instinct, and the above examples of transactions, are based on the trust of acquaintances reached. Therefore, acquaintances business is not taboo, "trust" is the fundamental development of micro-business.

The biggest trouble in the early stage of electric business development is lack of trust, so sales, evaluation in the status of online shopping is very important, and therefore produced a brush, brush review of the industry. and the micro-business is to solve the problem of trust, this is a unique advantage of micro-business, in addition, payment, logistics and so long ago is not a problem, reasonably speaking, micro-business should have a very good prospects, Zennai is now a piece of smelly water.

The micro-business as a sideline to do, will not be caused by excessive marketing to disrupt the harmony of the circle of friends. Sideline to do the biggest advantage of micro-business is not because of the sale of food can not eat food, there is no psychological pressure on the business, will not be frequent in the circle of Friends brush screen, it will not be shielded pull black, not be shielded pull black to continue to do micro-business.

In fact, the circle of friends occasionally brush a commodity information is not unacceptable, afraid of those who endlessly brush screen, see such people, if the relationship is good friends choose shielding, if you do not know the stranger must pull black.

Micro-business is an acquaintance business, and acquaintances will not have too much, counted on the primary school students, junior high school students, senior students, college students, former colleagues, colleagues, all kinds of friends, friends, 300~400 people have survived. Based on this 300~400, good business will also develop more friends (more potential buyers), it is more than crazy add some strangers and then crazy brush friends Circle is more valuable. It's no problem for a micro-trader to make some extra money on a sideline.

Micro-credit distribution helps reshape the micro-business market

Micro-credit official to the third party to open all the interface, but also to comb the micro-business market, after the micro-business, the lack of a reasonable living environment, a complete release of the interface, with the help of Third-party power to change the current situation of micro-business chaos.

Among them, the third party actively involved in micro-credit distribution development can have a positive impact in the micro-business system. has been for the traditional enterprise development of micro-credit Distribution mall micro-letter business Bao quickly responded to the introduction of the micro-business distribution system, followed by a third party, such as Pocket Pass also announced that will kill the letter distribution market.

From the trial experience, the micro-credit distribution system has several effects on the remodeling of the micro-business. First, the subordinate micro-quotient and superior distributors have a clear background management system, Headquarters, distributors, terminal micro-business marketing, CRM can be visualized; second, the distribution system for the subordinate distributors, terminal micro-vendors to provide micro-shop page, Friends Circle shopping more electronic characteristics; third, the micro-credit distribution system with superior generation function, In other words, lower-level micro-business can not store goods, which allows part-time micro-business has a rapid expansion of the hotbed.

For the headquarters level operators, the purpose of the development of micro-business is to extend the unlimited terminal coverage capabilities, more micro-quotient means more potential purchasing power, the fact has proved that the micro-letter is not suitable for the flow conversion of the electric business model, so to as many as possible to develop the number of terminal micro-quotient, give full play to each micro-trader's personal influence.

and to rapidly develop the scale of the micro-quotient, threshold to low, can not be forced to accept the franchise fee, nor to subordinate Yahuo, all the operating costs should be borne by the Headquarters, the micro-business from the operating pressure to liberate, will not muddy the circle of friends, friendly micro-business friends circle environment easier to produce transformation.

Each micro-business is an important portal, many of the micro-quotient added, the performance of the natural opportunity to go up, the value of the micro-business is not to crush the micro-business practitioners, but to play the business value of the practitioner's acquaintance. The most important role of micro-credit distribution system is to be able to free up the micro-business practitioners, and the micro-merchants only need to exert their communication ability without affecting the relationship of their friends.

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