You have 50,000, 500,000, 5 million, and you're not necessarily successful.

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Completely veto type

Entrepreneurs from Shandong Rowan very opposed, not ready to come out of entrepreneurship is unscientific:

From you ask this question, you can know that you are not suitable for starting a business.


First, the first repair of internal strength, you do not even have their own entrepreneurial projects, talk about you want to start a business, this either means that you are sentimental, or it means that you have not enough skills.

Second, you are not the first, your contacts, channels and other resources, you naturally have no. If you fix your internal strength, you will naturally know how to find the resources and how to integrate them.

Third, 1000 yuan, you soak in the online waiting for someone to give you the answer, if you go to work, make money, then your capital 10 days time becomes 2000, one months later becomes 4000. See what I mean? While your time is not yet a measure of value or time is very cheap, while accumulating the original capital, while cultivating internal strength.

Four, suppress their own years of time, waiting for the best shot opportunity, decisive shot, formal entrepreneurship.

Other, attracting venture capital are all nonsense, first, you do not have enough skills, as the founder, lost 30% of the opportunity; second, you have no team, you lost 20% of the opportunity; third, you have no project, and lost 50% of the opportunity (30% business model, 10% technology, 10% product concept).

Remember, people do not, when others say vote you, is probably a liar, do not believe.

Experience Type

Case one:

College student entrepreneur Jintao with his own experience to prove feasible:

For such a problem, different people have different views, I say myself.

Sophomore year, while freshmen report, will own 1500 of the living expenses to the wholesale market to buy 10 sets of bedding (bed linen, quilt cover, pillow core, pillowcase, quilt, mattress each), in addition to the quilt is not cotton, other quality is not worse than the school selling. My price is a set of 260 yuan. The school sells 550 yuan, but one more sheet, quilt cover, pillowcase, Mat. At that time, students generally reflected that the school sold, not good-looking, quality is also very general.

The first day of the afternoon bought back in the dormitory, the next day to start selling. As a result, 10 o'clock in the evening, one of my roommates downstairs playing a double bar, a send New Songlai reported parents can not find school to sell the quilt place, ask my roommate where there is selling quilt, my roommate replied: "Our dormitory ah, parents thought is joking, the result of the first single business completed."

The next day to receive new students at the same time, they also sell quilts, they sold 2 sets. At the same time, there are three students who are also receiving freshmen to help me sell 4 sets, each set gives them 30 yuan of commission. I find it is more powerful than people.

Finally there are 3 sets, I told my roommate, if you can sell, each set I give you 50, the result of the third morning he ate breakfast, he brought 4 people back, are sold out.

Of course, I do not calculate the entrepreneurial ah, can only say that the student era of a try it, after all, investment and output are not big. This is the first time I have a small business, no experience, ran an idea went, I hope you do not laugh at me ah.

Therefore, I would like to say that the money is less than the way, and more powerful people go, and even some people do not invest to succeed in business. The question of the author, also not necessarily as Rowan said, "From you ask this question, you can know that you are not suitable for entrepreneurship." "Because a mediocre person like me dares to try."

Case TWO:

Xiamen's entrepreneurial success Yujiang proved that small business can also be successful:

I am 5000 yuan to start a business, 12 to now, still holding.

Monday with some money saved to pay the down payment, two days to lift the car.

I think the project can be big and small, expensive in you insist that you do things can be worth your persistence.

1000 Yuan,

Get a three-wheeled bun.

Push a car sell kanto water boil enough,

Get some goods on the overpass.

Sometimes dreams have nothing to do with size and form.

The important thing is how you want to achieve it.

Perhaps you want to open a chain of hot pot restaurant, then you can start selling from the cart to the Kanto, at least you will begin to understand the dishes and ingredients.

If you want to do fresh e-commerce, you may be able to sell only a few fresh vegetables, and from your community to start distribution, use the Internet publicity, and then the neighbors Taobao orders.

I think entrepreneurship can be a formality, a scale.

The key is to take the first step, you have the opportunity to understand the second step, the third step.

I wait for pure cock Silk, no money two unmanned veins, fight is oneself do not dislike you even do small and humble small project, and also very serious to deal with this matter.

Recall the past type

Asked about this question, Li bin of the northeast recalled the 90 's father's entrepreneurial story:

I've actually seen thousands of startups. But more than 1000 pieces, but more than 4,000.

97 A father was laid off, he is factory (before a county to do outpatient doctor).

Gather more than 4,000, to find friends spend 1500 rented façade three months, 2000 into medicine, and 500 bought 1 more cabinets, a sofa, two beach chairs, are second-hand.

Relying on the former classmate relationship, I got the clinic license.

and then open.

Because the father before factory time for righteousness, but also to old colleagues care, before the factory at the same time to find him, the first month to maintain.

And because of the old Dad clinic when there are two brushes, especially good at first aid and cold fever 1 days, there is a family next door to the patient, Dad ran to give up the case Leng artificial respiration for 1 hours, the resurrection so famous, six months after the father swept a radius of 3 kilometers.

Then, is the father happy entrepreneurial success, a year after the year into 30w, two years after the water nurse sister paper work, it is 98 yo Pro ~

Story Description:

1, you need to have two brushes, core technology (Doctor first Aid);

2, you need to have enough social network resources to help you to deal with the entrepreneurial Environment (license);

3, you need a stable customer source to support you to survive the initial stage of entrepreneurship (factory colleagues);

4, you need to do an eye-catching event to allow users to recognize your products (First aid events);

So, want to really start a business, finish 4 points first.


When asked how 1000 yuan to start a business, probably most people will find it very absurd, "1000 dollars, in the modern capable of what, but also want to start a business, dead this heart!" But if the conversion, 1000 yuan, 1 money can buy 1000 dumplings, 2 yuan can buy 500 of the card, 5 dollars of slippers can buy 200 ... Different ways of looking at it, you will come to the same conclusion.

Entrepreneurship requires careful consideration, but if you worry too much, to wait for all things are ready, and then start a business, perhaps the opportunity to make money can not wait for your long preparation to go first.

People who want to start a business, "money is not a problem, age is not a problem", now the internet finance, public financing mode, etc. can be for you to raise venture capital. Mary Lin Kay 45 to create a Mary Kay cosmetics company, Kentucky founder of the 65-Year-old Captain Saunders was a poor old man, Kingkian 85-year-old entrepreneurship and so on these "old-timers" in the life of more than half of the time have entrepreneurial courage, you have fear it!

The heart has how big, the stage has how big, wants to start a friend, Refuels!

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