Ajax application Case MSN Space

Ajax I have always admired the service of MSN Space, the album Service and Skin has always been a unique feeling. Domestic podcast, I prefer MSN space. Also possible, MSN space is not so much hype.Well, that's it. A few days to study the MSN Space

Overcoming obstacles to Ajax learning applications

Ajax's future Web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA) may be Ajax. Ajax is a rich, web-based programming technology that looks similar to desktop software, but is browser-based and consumes little resources. Ajax has been hyped in

What do you mean Ajax? Ajax Basics Tutorial

Ajax| Basic Tutorials Thanks to the research on Web Instant Messenger technology (TRACQ, mesh, web-commerce), it is interesting to Ajax, and recently it seems that Ajax is very hot, as evidenced by the search engine results. Baidu found 181,000

Using AJAX+J2EE to develop organizational management systems (2)

ajax|j2ee| Institutional Management The Init method is implemented as follows: function init () {Define Persondom as a xmldom ' objectpersondom= new ActiveXObject (' Microsoft.XMLDOM ');Persondom.async =

Using AJAX to write user registration examples and technical summary (1)

Ajax| User Registration Author: Dragon Calf finishing Source: Tenkine responsible Editor: Dragon calf [2006-03-17 09:12] Use Ajax to write a user registration instance--the example I have cited is an application of an enterprise user registration,

Use Ajax to track Google AdSense ads click

adsense|ajax|google| Advertising FunctionThe data for each user click on the ad can be obtained in full detail. Including the click Time, the user's IP, the page source address, the clicked AD website address, if your site saved the user cookie, you

Thoughts on development of RIA (II.)-flash VS Ajax

Ajax talks about Flash and Ajax will inevitably provoke a lively debate. Google search is a lot of such articles, here I do not quote. However, I still want to mention Luar wrote ' Looking forward to 2006, Flash has not come! ' This blog, I agree

A brief analysis of Ajax controls and class libraries

Ajax| Control AJAX controls and class libraries are now really too many, unknowingly added to the mystery of Ajax and complexity, to talk about my view of Ajax, I hope to let you have an understanding of Ajax. Point one: Ajax and server-side

The introduction of Ajax Hacks: Farewell page refresh

ajax| Refresh | page Have you ever remembered that the internet was called "World Wide Wait" by users? Has the web returned to the Neolithic age? In many applications, the Web still hasn't changed much. Filled with form, button, page transfer, wait,

AJAX hacks hack 4. Receive data in XML format

ajax|xml| data AJAX hacks hack 4. Receive data in XML format Many of the current data interchange technologies use XML-formatted data because XML-formatted data is widely used and supported. Therefore, different users can have the technology to

The application of Ajax in compiling user registration and its technical summary

Ajax| User Registration The example I have cited is an application of an enterprise user registration, when the user registration to check the user name and enterprise name is available, the previous practice is to add a button next, click "Check",

Ajax HACKS-HACK8 processing Request Object Errors

Ajax|object|request| Error Ajax hacks-hack8 processing request Object Errors Allow Ajax to detect server errors and provide useful information to users.The beauty of Ajax technology is that it allows JavaScript to connect to the server without user

Ajax Hack Hack 11 dynamic generation style

Ajax| News Ajax Hack Hack 11 dynamic generation style Dynamically define and develop CSS styles for Web content.JavaScript and DOM programming allow users to define CSS style attributes and apply them to page elements. A typical example is a wiki

Using JSON to accelerate Ajax

Ajax|js (translate) using JSON to accelerate Ajax Using JSON to accelerate Ajaxby Sean KellyWhen Microsoft added an ActiveX XMLHTTP object to execute JavaScript in IE, it seemed to sow the spark of a revolution in the Web application development of

Eric Pascarello parsing Ajax Security

ajax| Safety | safety Introduction "In this article, one of the Ajax in Action writers, Eric Pascarello, talked about issues related to Ajax security.Eric Pascarello is one of the authors of Ajax in Action. Pascarello, a 2002 graduate of Penn State

Using AJAX to improve the bandwidth performance of Web site programs

Ajax| Program | performance IntroducedAs a Web performance testing company, we have been concerned about the impact of new development technologies in improving the performance of Web page programs. Many of our users are experiencing problems that

The security problem that Ajax cannot ignore

Ajax| Safety | issues Forum systems, an XML security vendor, last month warned of security issues, and he believes that as more and more Ajax-style applications emerge, many organizations need to consider potential security flaws and performance

Using AJAX with direct WEB remoting

Ajax|web "Guided reading" This article describes the ability to formalize a remote invocation of a server-side Java object from JavaScript client code by using AJAX with the direct WEB remoting.

Creating a Cross-platform Ajax application

Ajax| Create What is Ajax?Ajax is not a new technology, it is the abbreviation of asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a combination of JavaScript and XML technology applications. The specific include:DHTML and CSSDynamic display and interaction

A preliminary study of Ajax technology

Ajax has been very interested in Gmail's client technology, today I found some Ajax resources, introduced as follows:AjaxWeb Client Technology: Asynchronous JavaScript + XMLMainly based on the following technologies:standards-based presentation

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