It new technology terminology: Ajax and soap--asynchronous data and XML acquisition

ajax|xml| Data | asynchronous It new technology terminology: Ajax and soap--asynchronous data and XML acquisition AJAX: The original asynchronous JavaScript and XML applications, which is actually the number of XML that can be asynchronously

Creating Scribble applications based on AJAX technology

Ajax| Program | create Brief Introduction atlas is a rich class library for development of AJAX-style applications. This article attempts to explain the general features of the Atlas framework, and since Atlas is a large library,

How Ajax technology handles bookmarks and flipping buttons

ajax| page | Flip Button | bookmark This article provides an open source JavaScript library that provides the ability to add bookmarks and fallback buttons to AJAX applications. After completing this tutorial, developers will be

Implementation of struts verification framework based on AJAX technology

Ajax    SummaryReal-time data validation is one of the most important advantages of AJAX technology, and the struts verification framework enriches its MVC by joining this technology, which makes Web application development more close to desktop

Improving search engine rankings based on Ajax technology

Ajax| Rankings | Search engine DescriptionNavigation elements embedded in your Web pages can degrade your search engine rankings and reduce the responsiveness of your site. The author of this article would like to explore with you how to use AJAX

Design and implementation of dynamic tree structure based on Ajax

ajax| Dynamic | design | tree structure abstract keywords :mvc mode; Ajax; tree structure; dictionary order Tree-type structure is a kind of data structure with very wide application. The genealogy of Clan and the organization form of modern

How to overcome the obstacles to AJAX applications

Ajax The future of Web services and service-oriented architectures (SOA) may be Ajax. Ajax is a rich, web-based programming technology that looks similar to desktop software, but is browser-based and consumes little resources.   

Whether Ajax can replace desktop applications

Ajax| Program   First, the introduction There is a lot of controversy over whether Ajax can replace desktop applications. These two camps are now evolving. In this article, my view is that Ajax cannot replace desktop applications, but it will lead

The core application of the Web2.0 era: Introduction to Ajax

Ajax|web|web2 As Java EE developers, we often seem to be concerned about the "back-end mechanism (backend mechanics)." We often forget that the main success of Java EE is in Web applications, and many reasons make people like to use web development

A brief analysis of AJAX application scenarios

Ajax Ajax Application Scenarios 1. Form-driven interaction Traditional form submission, after the text box input, click the button, the background processing finished, the page refresh, and then look back to check whether the

How Ajax handles bookmarks and flip-through buttons

ajax| page | Flip Button | bookmark This article provides an open source JavaScript library that provides the ability to add bookmarks and fallback buttons to AJAX applications. Ajax "How to handle Bookmarks and rollback buttons" illustrates a

Using an asynchronous servlet to extend an AJAX application

Ajax|servlet| Program | Asynchronous The advent of Ajax as a Web application model has dramatically changed the face of the server side. users fill out a form on a Web page and click the Submit button to go to the next link the typical Web usage

Ajax security issues cannot be ignored

Ajax| Safety | issues XML security Vendor Forumsystems a warning on security issues last month, and he believes that as more and more Ajax-style applications emerge, many organizations need to consider potential security flaws and performance issues.

Rational thinking Flash and Ajax related issues

ajax| problem This article is written in the book "Interactive Design road-let High-tech products return to humanity", "Ajax in Action" two books. I do not wish to have such a title, but the crisis has come. Before (2005-04-28-year lapse) I have

First experience. NET Ajax Brushless New technology

ajax| Refresh | no refresh Long heard of Ajax technology, the legend is a very bull thing, known as no refreshing, in fact, through JavaScript on the web, using asynchronous XMLHTTP request, to achieve a web interface without refreshing.

Developing a new generation of Web applications using AJAX technology

ajax|web| Program first, the introduction An ideal user interface is best not visible to users-only when users need them, otherwise they do not interfere in their work and let them focus on the work at hand. However, this is not an easy thing.

Ajax Technology Rollup (1)

Ajax Ajax is all called "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), a Web development technology that creates interactive Web applications. It contains the following kinds of technologies organically: The definition of Ajax (

Ajax brief application description and technology development example

Ajax Ajax Ajax, asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a Web application development method that uses client script to exchange data with a Web server. This way, Web pages can be updated dynamically without interrupting the interactive process.

Ajax Technology Practice Completion AJAX Auto Completion function

Ajax Recently studied Ajax, according to do a few examples, feel more novel. The first is the automatic completion of the function that AutoComplete, concrete examples can be seen here: Enter a product model in the

Integrated database technology in AJAX development (1)

ajax| Data | database First, the introductionToday, there are quite a few web applications, such as Backpack,blinksale and Gmail, that integrate database technology with Ajax. This integration has a huge impact on Web applications and the user

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