Ajax is not a mystery: revealing all kinds of AJAX controls and class libraries

Ajax| Control AJAX controls and class libraries now really too much, unknowingly added the mystery and complexity of Ajax, see a lot of people in the version of this puzzle and worry, decided to send this post to talk about my view of Ajax, I hope

Advanced article on developing intelligent Web applications with Ajax

Ajax|web| Program | advanced Download the source code for this article    first, the introduction In the first part, we discussed the Ajax basics-the ability to build communication from script to server, which is why HTML

Deep development of Ajax based on JMX notification framework

Ajax Article TipsAjax and JMX are located on the two opposite sides of the system management stack, respectively. However, Ajax models are now ubiquitous in Rich browser clients. This makes the model become blurred in the architecture domain to

jquery Ajax:ajax Concept

The production of Ajax Technologies: Ajax is considered to be (abbreviated asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Now, technology that allows browsers to communicate with the server without refreshing the current page is called Ajax (asynchronous

The concept of jquery Ajax:ajax

The production of Ajax Technologies: Ajax is considered to be (abbreviated asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Now, technology that allows browsers to communicate with the server without refreshing the current page is called Ajax (asynchronous

Ajax developers "Forget about the network"

Ajax| Network In Friday, a spokesman for the PHP UK 2006 conference, Harry Fuecks, said: Many coders who write AJAX applications tend to forget about network latency, leading to poor end-user experience. Fuecks has been

Ajax. NET User Development Guide

Ajax| Development Guide Overview Ajax relies on the server as an intermediary to distribute and process requests. To do this, the. NET encapsulation class relies on the client's request object, and the XMLHttpRequest object is supported by most

AJAX+J2EE Development Organization Management System (1)

ajax|j2ee| Institutional Management I. OverviewAjax is a new technology that came out early this year, and is an abbreviation for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a set of technologies for developing Web applications that enable browsers to

XMLHttpRequest and Ajax master Web development

Ajax|request|web|xml|xmlhttprequest First, the introductionWhile XMLHttpRequest objects and Ajax bring great benefits to users and developers, there may be some problems you don't consider-but it's time to get everyone's attention.

Ajax call backstage: Ajax calls with caution post, there are serious problems or bugs

This problem only exists if the client is an IE or IE kernel, but you can't control what browser the client uses, so it still poses a great performance problem for your application.Let's first say the phenomenon:Service side: We only use a static

Ajax security issues cannot be ignored

Ajax| Safety | issues XML security Vendor Forumsystems a warning on security issues last month, and he believes that as more and more Ajax-style applications emerge, many organizations need to consider potential security flaws and performance issues.

Rational thinking Flash and Ajax related issues

ajax| problem This article is written in the book "Interactive Design road-let High-tech products return to humanity", "Ajax in Action" two books. I do not wish to have such a title, but the crisis has come. Before (2005-04-28-year lapse) I have

Can Ajax replace desktop applications?

Ajax| Program first, the introduction There is a lot of controversy over whether Ajax can replace desktop applications. These two camps are now evolving. In this article, my view is that Ajax cannot replace desktop applications, but it will lead to

The Google suggest of Ajax case studies

Ajax|google Google suggest Google has a Google suggest website. When people enter the search text box to query the keyword, Google will automatically give some keyword suggestions. From the content, it is actually the same as Baidu's related search.

The meaning of the value of the status of Ajax XMLHttpRequest

The status of the XMLHttpRequest object represents the state of the current HTTP request, which is a long integer data, and this article describes what it means.HTTP request status and its meaning table1XX-Information Tips100-The initial request has

Using Ajax to get the current time in real-time

Dynamic Display Time-www.cxybl.com Server-side code:Copy code code as follows: Header ("Cache-control:no-cache,must-revalidate"); To cancel the settings for the PHP page cacheHeader (' content-type:text/html;charset=gb2312 ');$showtime = Date

JavaScript framework: Standardized AJAX requests across browsers

Ajax The most compelling reason to use JavaScript frameworks is to standardize AJAX requests across browsers. An AJAX request is an asynchronous HTTP request that sends a request to a server-side script and then gets a response result, such as data

Use Microsoft Ajax Minifier to help your JavaScript thin

Two days ago in Plurk to see 91 elder brother in talking about this tool, a little bit of the rise under a little play, found that it is quite interesting, the following introduction for you to see. Since the rise of the Web 2.0, the user's need for

Js-ajax Getting Started example: loops, Functions, objects, object properties

ajax|js| Objects | functions | loops 1, enumerate the names of the object properties 2: Using the object 3: Using a simple example of a function 4; loop, judge

Building an error-submission system for AJAX applications

Ajax| Program | error SummaryWhen some applications crash, they often give the user an opportunity to submit information about the error. This information can help developers track and fix bugs. This article will show you how to implement this

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