Java. lang. NullPointerException at com. example. phone. MainActivity. onCreate

Write an android dial and run the following error: 04-09 01:36:33. 880: E/AndroidRuntime (3689): Caused by: java. lang. NullPointerException04-09 01:36:33. 880: E/AndroidRuntime (3689): at com. example. phone. MainActivity. onCreate (MainActivity.

Android code block

1. Obtain the System Version Number: PackageInfo info = this. getPackageManager (). getPackageInfo (this. getPackageName (), 0 ); Int versionCode = info. versionCode String versionName = info. versionNam 2. Obtain system information: String

Android memory overflow solution (OOM)

As we all know, each Android application has a certain memory limit when running, generally 16 MB or 24 MB (depending on the platform ). Therefore, when developing applications, you must pay special attention to your memory usage. Generally, the

Android uiautomator instance usage

In the Android testing tool, Monkey Runner only needs a few simple commands, but its limitations are:Pixel-based operations are not portable. The automated test tool compiled by uiautomator can be used to select and directly operate uiObject Based

Use Android SDK Manager to install intel for Android * simulator plug-in & #174; lingdong™X86 System Image

Author: hernan-alijo Android * x86 simulator image plugin requires the installation of the Android SDK. For Android SDK installation instructions, see the Android developer website ( ). Android SDK

Share two tool classes that simulate the get and post methods to enable the application to interact with the server.

There has been no code word for a long time. Today, I want to share with you a tool class that simulates get and post methods. Many Android apps need to interact with the server in terms of data, first, the server will provide some data interaction

Wake-up lock: detects No-Sleep in the Android * Application (unable to Sleep)

Author: philippe-micel Summary If the Android * application uses an improper wake-up lock, the battery power consumption will be significantly increased. In this article, we will introduce some tips and tips to help you identify the No Sleep

Bluetooth 4.0BLE iBeacon apps on ios-Indoor positioning [original, multi-image]

I installed a lot of Bluetooth 4.0 BLE software on the App store on my mobile phone. AirLocate is Apple's iBeacon testing software, and Locate iBeacons is a third-party software, to achieve iBeacon distance positioning and calibration, let's take a

Android gets the resource image under asset

VcD4KPHA + TWFpbkFjdGl2aXR5yOfPwjo8L3A + CjxwPjxwcmUgY2xhc3M9 "brush: java;"> package cc. testasset; import java. io. inputStream; import android. OS. bundle; import android. app. activity; import android. content. res. assetManager; import android.

WeChat public service platform development (. Net implementation) 11 ------- Customer Service Message (important OPENID of message push)

This time, let's take a look at "customer service messages". First, let's clarify the concept of "customer service messages. This is different from the previous "passive response message", that is to say, it is not the "instant response" of your

1 first glance at Lua

1. Why is Lua used? Many of the predecessors have answered this question about its usefulness. Real game development can prove its widespread use. Zhihu's "Why is Lua widely used in the field of game programming" and the open-source community "why

Android sends an http get post request and uploads a file through MultipartEntityBuilder (2

Android sends an http get post request and uploads the second version of a file through MultipartEntityBuilder The code with the same function was roughly written last time. This time, some previous bugs have been fixed and the structure has been

Android uses NineOldAndroids to achieve brilliant ListView sliding and removing Item Effects

Reprinted please indicate this article from xiaanming blog (, please respect others' hard work results, thank you! Today, we will write custom controls to customize the effect of sliding the

Get Log for debugging in Android-summary)

Log files are classified into two types: Real-Time printing and status information. Real-time printing mainly includes: logcat main, logcat radio, logcat events, tcpdump, and QXDM Log The status information includes adb shell dmesg, adb shell

How does Android modify the default M for automatic data synchronization?

    After the first boot, choose Settings> More> traffic usage> option> automatic data synchronization. How can I change the default status?Find the SyncStorageEngine. java file (alpsrameworksasecorejavaandroidcontent) In versions earlier than JB

Android development and learning: Using Baidu Speech Recognition SDK for Speech Recognition (medium)

Today, we will continue to learn about the content of the Baidu Speech Recognition SDK. Today, we use the API interfaces provided by the Baidu Speech Recognition SDK to implement our own speech recognition interactive interface. Before officially

Android development and learning: Using Baidu Speech Recognition SDK for Speech Recognition (Part 1)

As the mobile Internet killer interaction method, voice recognition has been attracting more and more attention since its publication, from IOS Siri to xunfei voice in China, speech recognition technology is the most promising and promising

Complete Android static image face recognition demo (with complete source code)

Demo function: uses the facial recognition provided by android to identify the eye and face position. Click the button to perform face recognition. After that, the image view is displayed. Part 1: Layout file activity_main.xml  

Required for iOS developers: 10 most useful tools (for download)

IPhone mobile phone sales are booming and iOS application development is gaining traction. This article describes 10 tools that are useful to iOS developers. 1. iOS Dev Center Of course, this must be the first one. This is the help documentation

Nokia will create its own Windows Phone app store

According to Nokia's chief executive officer Stephen Elop, May 31, local applications are very important for Nokia and users' favorite global applications will be distributed all over the world. Later, Nokia will integrate all supported platforms, S4

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