Android simulator application and installation method (1)

Since its appearance, mobile phones have gradually become one of the essential tools for people. Many manufacturers are constantly changing the functions of mobile phones to improve their position in daily work and life. Google launched a mobile

Android Droid-Fu introduction (1)

What is Droid-Fu?Droid-Fu is a general Android Application Library The main purpose of Droid-Fu is to make Android development easier. Isn't Droid-Fu open source enough? Droid-Fu contains many tool classes and very easy-to-use Android components,

Android SDK offline Installation

Android SDK offline InstallationIs the content to be introduced in this article, mainly to understand and learnAndroid SDKInstallation content, detailsAndroid SDKHow is itOffline InstallationFor more information, see this article. Android

Android 4.0.4 simulator installation tutorial (1)

In the latest Android 4.0.3 R2 simulator, GPU support has been added to support the OpenGL ES 2.0 standard, allowing developers to use the simulator to test their own OpenGL games. After camera support was added last year, the new version of the

How does Android correctly save application data?

There is a document in the official Android development documentation that describes how to save application data, but I have used many programs from well-known to unknown.) The processing is not perfect, or the Android development team did not save

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[Android game development 4] Android game framework (a demo of game role walking on the screen)

  In fact, the previous article on surfaceview analysis is a simple game framework. Of course, I would like to emphasize that it is a simple game framework, so do not let the experts not spray it out ~   This Demo is a demo of image operations and

[Android game development 15th] performance optimization of OnTouchEvent () Touch Screen events in Android game development

  Let's take a look at the previous Code:   ··· · 50 ······· · 90 ····· · 140 · 150 Package com. himi; Import android. app. Activity; Import android. OS. Bundle; Import android. util. Log; Import android. view. MotionEvent; Import android. view.

[Android game development 22nd] (graphic details) Flexible animation playback in the game! Briefly describe the game library

  Due to writing a book, blog posts are updated slowly and we are considerate. Today, we will give a detailed explanation of the problem of animation implementation in the group; This chapter is suitable for those who have not developed games! When

Android 29--------------xxxxxx.9.png

Previous: character is 9.png:All the tasks that can be completed by the job catalog will be notified. There are many xxxxxx.9.png images in the framework-res.apk \ res \ drawable-hdpi directory.Do not

Optimized Battery Life for Android devices-(1) monitor Battery and Battery charging

When you want to reduce the update frequency of the background Update Service to reduce the impact of programs on the battery, checking the current battery power and charging status is a good start point. The impact of program update on the battery

Android Application Resources-provide Resources (3)

Use resources to provide the best device compatibility To allow applications to support multiple device configurations, it is essential to always provide default resources for each type of resource used by the application. For example, if an

Android Application Resources-Providing Resources (1)

Resources such as images and strings should always be separated as external resources and code, so that they can be maintained independently. You can also organize resources to the Resource Directory named in a special name to provide optional

Android Application Resources-provide Resources (2)

Provide alternative resources Almost every application should provide alternative resources to support special device configurations. For example, you should include optional trace resources for different screen resolutions and provide optional

Android adb command ~ Illustration

After such a long period of development and management, the command is always self-viewed, but the sharing process on the command is often ignored. So now I just needIts command-related operations can be used for simple literacy, and the system also

Android RoboGuice User Guide (2): Example 1 Hello World

First, we will introduce how to add the Guice and RoboGuice libraries to the project.1. Download RoboGuicehttp: // guice-2.0-no_aop.jar (not guice-3.0) Labels2. Create a new Android project, such as

Android RoboGuice2 User Guide (2): Example 1 Hello World

Download the new RoboGuice library, which consists of four libraries, as shown in:2. Create a new Android project, such as GuiceDemo and the Target Platform Android1.5 or above. 3. Generally, you can Add a libs directory under the Project, copy two

Android adb details (called by adb when multiple devices exist)

(). I have read a total of 0 comments for 36 times. 10:29:15 When you want to use logcat to view the status of one of multiple devices (simulators), or directly install an application on the target device, you must specify the device number.Adb

Bluetooth operations for Android development (1)-scan paired Bluetooth devices

1. What is Bluetooth )? 1.1 BuleTooth is the most widely used wireless communication protocol. 1.2 mainly for short-range device communication (10 m) 1.3 is usually used to connect headphones, mouse, and mobile communication devices. 2.

Android Multimedia Framework overview (Multimedia Framework overview) -- base on jell

I don't know why I suddenly thought about writing a blog tonight! There are two reasons: one is to record your own learning income, consolidate your knowledge, and learn new things in a gentle manner. In the past, I used to look at the light and

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