Android uses the Xfermode graphics rendering method to implement custom circles, rounded corners, and ellipses ImageView

One: Introduction: In the previous "Android using Bitmapshader Graphics rendering to achieve circular, rounded and elliptical custom picture view", using the Bitmapshader method to achieve custom round, fillet, and other custom ImageView, In this

Android combines multiple controls to implement custom title bars

Here we use the classic left-right layout, can also be adjusted to the needs of the project, such as the right to add a control, or to the left side of the title can beNote: It is applied to the BUTTONM control in the previous article, you can get a

Android Design Support Library high-forcing leopard production course

The recent project is not very busy, finally have time to write a blog, take advantage of these days with some of the new features of Android to write the leopard frame, first look at the picture, and before the original version do not know what

Android Development uses SSL encryption in Netty TCP connections

1 IntroductionData security is a very important aspect of network communication. In order to support Ssl/tls,java the JAVAX.NET.SSL package is provided with Class Sslcontext and Sslengine. In the Netty framework, I/O data is processed in

Simple implementation and improvement of the Android countdown function

Projects often encounter the ability to retrieve the password, and now find the password is generally used to receive authentication code, in order to prevent multiple transmission, the general need to set a send interval, such as 60 seconds. In

Android using soft references and weak references for performance tuning tutorials

Java begins with the JDK1.2 version, dividing the object's references into four levels, allowing the program to control the object's lifecycle more flexibly. These four levels, from highest to lowest, are: Strong references, soft references, weak

The post and get methods of Android network programming and server interaction

These two requests are implemented on Android, primarily using Apache's HTTP LibraryThe GET request is implemented as follows: The code is as follows Copy Code GET Request//////////////////public void Getrequestweb (View v)

Android Learning Notes TextView Border usage instructions

1. Nesting a layer, using the content of the margin or padding to the background of the container to achieve the border effect. In fact, this is very simple, very early in the time we also use table to do HTML page layout, we are using cellspacing

Android Development Time Date format internationalization implementation method

DateFormat helps to the format and parse dates for any locale. Your code can be completely independent of the locale conventions for months, days of the week, or even the calendar forma T:lunar vs. Solar. To format a date is Locale, use one of the

Android Display Network image implementation code

It's actually a bit of a hassle when it comes to displaying a picture of the Web in Android. First you have to convert this network image into a Java Imputstream stream, and then convert this to a bitmap.Bitmap can be passed as parameters to

Android XML parsing and saving program code

Parse XML file: In Android, the common XML parsers are sax parsers, Dom parsers, and pull parsers, which I'll explain in more detail. SAX parser: The SAX (simple API for XML) parser is an event-based parser, and its core is the event-handling

Android uses Memoryfile file class read and write for performance optimization

Android Anonymous shared memory the anonymous shared memory subsystem of the external Android system is implemented in kernel space in the form of a driver and provides a Java calling interface at the application framework layer. At the Android

Use Intel HAXM to speed up the Android simulator emulator

On the weekends. The environment for developing an Android application using ADT in Eclipse is, of course, as we all know, that the Android emulator simulator is really slow to start and run, and is "legendary", hehe. Of course, Intel last year

Summary of Android file private storage and access to resource files

Android File Private Storage First, the internal storage path is/data/data/youpackagename/, and the paths explained below are based on your own application's internal storage path. Files saved in all internal stores are deleted when the user

"Detailed" Android remote HTTP download and dynamic registration third party so Lib library tutorial

I. BACKGROUNDIn the development of the implementation of the Android application, sometimes need to introduce a third-party so Lib library, but the third party so cubby large, such as open source Third-party playback Component FFmpeg Library, if

Detailed Android thread pool Threadpoolexecutor Tutorial

three ways to get a thread pool: 1. Executorservice pool = Executors.newfixedthreadpoolCreate a thread pool that reuses the number of fixed threads to run them in a shared, unbounded queue. At any point, most nthreads threads are in the active state

Android (Android) phone ringtones set source analysis

The code actually does not have a few lines, here simply records the learning process. Android system will scan the system and SD card on the media files, respectively in the database SQLite, in the form of ContentProvider to provide services Path:

Android mobile phone development of the automatic Switch Machine implementation code

My implementation is in the Setup program to add an interface to allow users to set the automatic switching machine, this automatic switching machine settings can refer to the setting of the alarm clock. About the automatic shutdown, considering the

JavaFX implements the 9patch function in android

9patch is a feature directly supported by android. Background images and games are a common technology. Background in css is very common. The principle is to cut a graph into nine blocks (9 patches), as shown in the following figure (lazy, directly

Solve the problem of incorrect display of Listview in Android

ProblemRecently, I encountered a very difficult problem in the project, that is, the display of ListView after sliding is inexplicably disordered, and the problem is easily solved after I check the information on the Internet, but the cause of the

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