Android's more reliable picture compression

First: Let's look at the mass compression method first: Private Bitmap Compressimage (Bitmap image) { Bytearrayoutputstream BAOs = new Bytearrayoutputstream (); Image.compress (Bitmap.CompressFormat.JPEG, BAOs);//mass compression method, where 100

Android listening for files and directory dynamics

The Fileobserver class under Android.os is a listener that listens for file access, creation, modification, deletion, and movement, based on Linux inotify. Fileobserver is an abstract class that must be inherited before it can be used. Each

Android Listening APK installation replacement uninstall broadcast implementation code

The first is to obtain the installation state of the application by broadcasting the formThe following is an application-related broadcast Actionaction_package_added A new application package is already installed on the device and the data includes

Android listens to WiFi broadcasts in two ways

1.XML Declaration 2. Register in codeIntentfilter filter = new Intentfilter ();Filter.addaction (wifimanager.network_state_changed_action);Filter.addaction (wifimanager.wifi_state_changed_action);Filter.addaction

Android registered Broadcasting and its pros and cons

Under Android, to receive broadcast information, the broadcast receiver will have to be implemented by ourselves, and we can inherit broadcastreceiver and we can have a broadcast receiver. A receiver is not enough, we have to rewrite the

Android three ways of playing video

in the in Android, we have three ways to play Video: 1, with its own player. Specifies that the action is action_view,data to Uri,type for its MIME type. 2, use Videoview to play. Use Videoview in the layout file to control it with Mediacontroller.  

How Android modifies the default input method

First, applicable to ICS (Android V4.0) before the version: 1. Install the default input method (. apk) required to System/app 2. Modify File Frameworks/base/packages/settingsprovider/res/values/defaults.xml    Default Input Method ID

Using ant to implement bulk packaging Android applications

The main story is how to automatically build tools ant, batch packaging of applications to generate applications corresponding to different markets: First take a look at the Java Engineering anttest for packaging and the Android architecture that

Android Jellybean Keyguard Lock Screen

Android Keyguard 4.1 lock screen in the/frameworks/base/policy/src/com/android/internal/policy/impl, the first full module reading framework, there are many can not understand, I hope you can advise! When the user

Android Screen Brightness adjustment

SeekBar SeekBar = (SeekBar) Findviewbyid (; progress bar binding maximum brightness, 255 is maximum brightnessSeekbar.setmax (255);Get current brightnessint normal = Settings.System.getInt (Getcontentresolver

Do Android apps need to quit manually?

More than once, more than one person has asked the question. I answered: no need. However, it is still to be recorded. Let's start by understanding the system's internal mechanisms for application management. For the Android system, it includes

Handle mail at any time. Android Tablet with WPS Mobile version perfect combination

For the busy business people, often outside, frequent business with customers, every day at home, companies, customers shuttle between the life, it is impossible to carry a notebook at any time, more likely to stay in front of the computer, but many

Android Tablet design: Do it like an ipad?

There is no longer a need for designers to create experiences for a variety of mobile devices than they do now. As tablets are being accepted, we are in the post-PC era, and the company will take advantage of the quality of the tablet's user

Android version of WPS Office will support PowerWord instant flip

Recently, Jinshan WPS said it will be implemented in the Android platform and Kingsoft to get through, after the Android users do not need cumbersome window switching, in WPS can be easily realized instant word-taking translation function. The

365 Calendar Computer Edition and Android version sync tutorial

365 Calendar as the most professional calendar software, has a very powerful function, such as through the cloud services can achieve Android phone version and computer-side calendar synchronization, very practical. The following small series to

Android reads JSON data (traversing Jsonobject and Jsonarray) __json

The private String Getjson () {//jsonstring contains, for example, Unicode encoded character \u67ef, automatically converts to the corresponding language character when GetString. The data fragments obtained from the server are generally in the

Linux string manipulation function _ Android

[Zz]linux string manipulation functionPublished 1 years ago (1) strcat (connecting two strings) Related functions bcopy,memccpy,memcpy,strcpy,strncpy Header file #include function definition Char *strcat (char *dest,const char *src); Function

Linux0.11 Process creation Function fork () _ Android

In Linux, there is a special function fork (). This function returns the process number PID of the subprocess to the parent process, and returns 0 to the child process. Have you ever wondered how a function might have two different return values? In

Android-bluetoothsocket set up socket __android for Bluetooth communication

We've all talked about it before. AndroidPlatform Bluetooth pairing, discovery, activation and other operations, this article began to pass Bluetoothsocketclass to establish a socket for Bluetooth communication. From Android 2.0Start supporting this

How to install Android simulator on PC

This method can now simulate the android1.5-3.0 system, from a variety of Android phone, to Android tablet computer can be simulated, and can install all Android programs, Internet access, QQ, listen to music and so on. Almost the same as the

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