Android Log Architecture (i)

We know that in the Android system, we provide a lightweight log system that is implemented in kernel space in the form of a driver, while the user space provides both a Java interface and a C + + interface to use this log system. Depending on

Android database query record __ Database

root@android:/# CD

Ubuntu16.04/16.10 of TensorFlow demo on Android

This is my first blog, in reference to other people's blog to install the process, for my platform system, encountered a lot of problems, here to write my practice and the problems encountered.For the reference to the blogger's article, here to

Android SMS Format

the permissions required by Android SMSJava code Second, SMS send The class related to the short message send is: Smsmanager. Java Code smsmanager.sendtextmessage (destinationaddress, scaddress, text, sentintent, deliveryintent); Parameter

Probe into Android LRUCache

In Linkedhashmap, we know that Linkedhashmap has reserved an interface for our map cache that implements a specific substitution strategy, that is, to rewrite the Removeeldestentry function as follows: private static final int max_entries

Android Oncreateoptionsmenu () Create menu

Android has three different forms of menus: 1. Option menu (Optinosmenu) 2. Context menu (ContextMenu) 3. submenu (submenu) One of the most common is the option menu (Optionsmenu), which is displayed at the bottom of the corresponding activity after

How to install the Android SDK under XP system

1.1.1 Operating System Only XP (32-bit), Vista (32/64-bit), Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later (x86), Linux (only tested on Linux Ubuntu dapper Drake) are currently supported. My notes are just according to my system XP SP2/SP3 32bit to do the explanation,

Android Breakpoint Renew Download file

There are two functional points here.1, download2, download After the pause can be downloaded in the location. So the tentative technology involved is that HTTP network requests, multithreading, SQLite database cache Download Locations. Process flow

Android Service+socket Networking Interaction

In Android, the networking operation has two broad categories: HTTP connection and socket connection. Due to the project needs, we are taking the socket connection. In view of the frequent connection, so put the socket connection to the service,

Apollo Build Android push

Recently made a Apollo to achieve MQTT and mobile phone side of the push, summed up the experience, Apollo is an open source Mqtt proxy Server in Apache with the following address 1. Configure the environment,

Implement service dynamic update UI interface in Android

We have previously introduced you to the Android UI design and background threading interaction, according to the Android API, the service is generally run in the background, there is no interface. So how to implement the service dynamic update UI

The Greendao of Android ORM framework

from: Greendao is an object/relational mapping (ORM) tool for Android development. It provides an object-oriented interface to the SQLite database. ORM tools like Greendao not only save you a

Simple examples of Android TCP communications and frequently asked questions [timeout/main thread blocking]

Individuals prefer to look at examples, starting with the simplest, step-by-step testing. Let's put aside the theory and run the program again. Only run up, will have the power to continue to learn, penetrate the entire code of the operating

Get the installation status of the Android installation apk box (e.g. click Cancel, return)

Recently Tinker Android, encountered a problem, because there is no root permissions, need to invoke intent installation apk, but need to get the user is installed (such as, the user clicked back or cancel), check a lot of articles, and finally can

Implementation of OpenFire configuration installation +android client based on XMPP implementation

Recently in the collation of some of this information, less gossip, let me go straight to the theme: A. OpenFire configuration installation based on XMPP implementation 1, download the latest OpenFire installation files Official Download site: Http:

Http:// not to solve the solution

First, update the SDK, encountered the update download failure problem: Fetching Https:// add-ons List successfullyFetching

Android Rxjava+retrofit Network exception, status Code unified processing __java

Android Rxjava+retrofit Network exception capture, state code unified processing Preface Recently using Rxjava+retrofit for development, in the project encountered such a requirement, when the networking request to obtain data anomalies, the

Android Development Sharedpreferences Not read the latest data.

Recently, the company's app to achieve access to the app when users manually select the area, and then log in, this time is actually the corresponding server address selected, however, in the implementation process, I found sharedpreferences in the

Android View database methods and tools __ Database

Transferred from Android can use SQLite data pants to store data, but Google does not directly provide us with the tools to manage the data in the database.If you can't view it directly from the tool,

Share an Android sorting print, and Logging tool

Printing Tools public class Logi {/** global output/private static Boolean is_show = true; Private static final String project_name = project_name;//project name/** picture file rack Path */public static final string Pic_folder =

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