Android View database methods and tools __ Database

Transferred from Android can use SQLite data pants to store data, but Google does not directly provide us with the tools to manage the data in the database.If you can't view it directly from the tool,

Share an Android sorting print, and Logging tool

Printing Tools public class Logi {/** global output/private static Boolean is_show = true; Private static final String project_name = project_name;//project name/** picture file rack Path */public static final string Pic_folder =

Android Database Transactions __ Database

In the development of Android applications, transaction processing is very important when using a database.         first Android database operations (especially write operations) are very slow, and packing all operations into one transaction can

Solution for Android.view.viewroot$calledfromwrongthreadexception Exception * Update time: 2011-07-21

Under the Android platform, when multithreaded programming, it is often necessary to do some processing in a separate thread outside the main threads, and then update the user interface display. However, the problem with directly updating the page

Android synchronized wait notify multithreaded sync

Problems encountered in the project, involving the main thread and child threads of communication and synchronization issues, the test found deadlock situation, record void Main () {     threadb threadb = new threadb ();      threadb. Start ();   

Android Math Usage Encyclopedia

 Java has a very useful tool class, you can less than a lot of if else to judge, but not many people use, published this article is intended to let many people use this tool class, improve code quality and force lattice Math.PI returns the

Android use FTP to upload files, download files, create new directories, delete file tool classes

Description In fact, Android rarely use FTP and server interaction, especially the file upload and download operations, performance first, the entire code is very embarrassing, the basic need to use the native API to operate. There's not much

Android development environment built under Windows XP

First, the Android development environment needs to download three tools: 1, JDK download URL: 2, Eclipse download URL: 3, Android SDK download URL:

Android Memory leak Finishing

Android Memory leak FinishingReference Documents: 1, 2, 3, 4. memory Management in HTTP:/

Android:gravity= "Center_horizontal|center_vertical" __android

The can say that the proxy is a very important mechanism of Java, and the other of course belongs to reflection, The Reflection API (Java.lang.reflect) is mentioned separately in the JDK. Some people think that the reflection on the resource

Original Android NDK installation Full record

Original Android NDK installation Full record 1. the latest version of the Setup.exe tool, select the nearest server, I selected is 163 of the mirror site, download all packages, to the local not installed, and then

Android MIT App inventor 2 Beta Chinese materials

Guangzhou server: "App inventor-create Your Own Android Apps" Chinese Translation Reference manual: Old Witch translated book) App inventor 2:create your own Android

Android Install kernel module, prompting required key not

Android Install kernel module, prompting required key not available Recently, when debugging a driver, loading with Insmod. Ko, the prompt required key not available, the first reaction is the signature problem, the kernel module also began to use

Android game development-my little game 2-video connection Game 3-video connection algorithm 1

There are three main cases for determining whether a connection can be made through review. 1. There is no inflection point during the connection, which is further divided into horizontal and vertical 2. There is an inflection point during

Google cloud messaging (GCM) for Android, Android platform message push technology (2): GCM push

In the previous articleArticleWe introduced how to create a Google API project and get your Project ID and server key..In this article, we need to push messages using these two key values. This example is rewritten based on the official examples

Android matrix and colormatrix

Recently, I learned about Android Image Processing in the system (I collected some information on the Internet and compiled my own testing program.) Here I will summarize: I. colormatrix class Colormatrix is a 5x4 matrix. The first line indicates

Android recovery Working Principle

Http:// 【What is Android recovery? What functions does the Android system recovery provide? See:Http:// ]! ^ "? 2 P/N-B-J0 I $ V; % | 0 d $ W8 {4G! M ^The Android system

Ubuntu12.04 the whole process of compiling android4.0.1 source code -- with wubi installed Ubuntu to compile Android source code, the hard disk space is insufficient to solve the problem.

After compiling the source code last night, make reported the following error after a while: # A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:## SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x40362d33, pid=12195, tid=2835454784## JRE version: 6.0_45-b06#

Fedora16 x86_64 install the android Development Environment (64-bit requires 32-bit Runtime Library)

1. Install jdk1.6 Set Environment Variables Execute vim ~ on the terminal ~ /. Bashrc   Set Environment Variables Export JAVA_HOME =/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.5.0 _ 20 Export JRE_HOME =/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.5.0 _ 20/jre Export CLASSPATH =.: $ JAVA_

Implementation of book paging in Android-source code

I have explained the principle of implementing the book paging effect on android and explained how to release the source code at the end of the article. However, there have been a lot of troubles recently, the source code demo originally planned for

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