Centos7 after installation, restart the system prompt initial setup of the CentOS Linux 7 (Core) workaround

After you install Centos7 (centos-7-x86_64-dvd-1511.iso) Today, restart the system prompt initial setup of CentOS Linux 7 (Core):650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/8B/6B/wKiom1hOBBCClkeuAACrzh6YAOg642.jpg "title=" 1.jpg " alt=

CentOS Installation Jdk-8u111-linux-x64.tar.gz method

① First download the jdk-8u111-linux-x64.tar.gz JDK package on the window host side② created under #cd/var/ftp/pub: #mkdir ProgramFiles folder③ using FTP to upload window jdk.tar.gz to ProgramFiles folder④ View: #cd/var/ftp/pub/programfiles whether

To set up a CentOS key login with Xshell

Today brings the set X Shell key loginBecause the Chinese x shell is used, it is easy to follow the Chinese setting1. Click Tools------The new User Key Generation Wizard (new)2. Then when it appears, remember the key type select RSA. In fact, the

Tomcat starts slowly in the CentOS environment

A problem was found when the recent project was deployed on line. Tomcat takes a long time to launch. Look at the logs and find that the longest time is:INFO [localhost-startstop-1] Org.apache.catalina.util.SessionIdGeneratorBase.createSecureRandom

Centos 7 Implementation of recurring tasks, log rotation, filtering, and core compression

Centos7 periodic task log rotation, filtering, and core compression implementationsExample of implementation of Cron script and its invocation script in 1.centos7[Email protected]cron.d]# pwd/etc/cron.d[Email protected]cron.d]# cat syslog#Run Mysys

Tomcat starts slowly in the CentOS environment

A problem was found when the recent project was deployed on line. Tomcat takes a long time to launch. Look at the logs and find that the longest time is:INFO [localhost-startstop-1] Org.apache.catalina.util.SessionIdGeneratorBase.createSecureRandom

CentOS one NIC to set multiple IPs

Method 1: A small number of IPs are manually bound:(here to bind IP to eth0 for example, the other network adapter words to modify the corresponding file name can be)1. Copy the Ifcfg-eth0 network adapter profile and rename it to ifcfg-eth0:0[[email

CentOS Tomcat installation and self-booting

First, Installation:① download a good tomcat tar.gz file② Create a folder in #cd/var/ftp/pub ProgramFiles③ Extract folder #tar-xzvf tomcat**.tar.gz file gets tomcat**④ move the file #mv tomcat**/usr/⑤ Modifying the file name #MV tomcat** Tomcat⑥

CentOS 6.5, 6.7 set static IP tutorial

CentOS 6.5, 6.7 set static IP tutorial, you can ping the extranet: www.baidu.com①. Networking Adapter (VMware network Adapter) Select NAT Mode②. Setting up a static IPDevice=eth0 #描述网卡对应的设备别名BOOTPROTO =static #设置网卡获得 IP, options: Static specified,

Creation of the CentOS boot-up script

One of my CentOS boot start scripts   One, switch to/etc/init.d/  II, make SH script vi andy.sh[plain] #!/bin/sh     #add For chkconfig   #chkconfig: 2345   #description: The description of the shell   #关于脚本的简短描述   #proce Ssname:andystart            

Centos Rescue Mode

Centosrescue modeIn the event of a CentOS problem causing the system to fail to start again, you need to go to CentOS emergency mode for recovery. According to the author's experience, this paper summarizes the processing of common problems based on

CentOS nginx server_name Configuring domain name access rules

Tag: Name error Not today configuration rule RMI Term serverWhen configuring server_name today, I want to disable some domain names, which should be the domain name I want to configure with another serverSERVER_NAME "~^ ((\w*[^w]{1}\w*) |w{1,2})

Hard disk partitioning recommendations for CentOS installation system

I. Description of common mount pointsIn general, there are at least two mount points in the Linux system, namely / (root directory) and swap(swap partition), in which,/ is required;See below for details:When installing the system, select Creat

CentOS installation maven

One of the existing projects was managed using MAVEN, and the source code was put into subversion. Although Maven manages the project very conveniently, it is cumbersome to deploy. Build the project jar package locally, upload it to the server, and

Centos 6 Server for NFS and related problem solving

NFS is the abbreviation for the network file system, which is the web filesystem. A contract for the decentralized file system, developed by Sun, was announced in 1984. The function is to enable different machines, different operating systems to

wget progress bar in Centos 6 shows bugs in multiple lines

Recently, because of the need to deploy a new CentOS 6, in the use of wget to download the source code to compile the package, there is a very frustrating problem is that the progress bar will continue to display "ETA (UK Central time)" and then the

Installation and configuration of the CentOS 6.5 rsync service

I. Introduction of RSYNCrsync (remote synchronize) is a data synchronization tool that allows you to quickly sync files between multiple hosts via Lan/wan, or use rsync to synchronize different directories on your local hard drive. Rsync is a tool

"Centos" modifies the network card name & problems that occur with it

Since learning the tool tcpdump, the inside will need to be involved in a grab packet for a network card, which will enter the network card name, but the CentOS7 Egg network card default name is to let the heart broken, so I thought to modify the

After cloning CentOS, the virtual machine network configuration

Recently, to use Nginx to build a virtual experimental environment of reverse proxy after cloning in the virtual machine, the cloned system does not correctly access the network.The troubleshooting was found because the cloned environment changed

Add new disks to CentOS 7 without rebooting the system

for most system administrators, expanding the disk space of a Linux server is one of the daily tasks, especially for VMware-series virtual machines. Expand the space without restarting the virtual machine: Now run the following

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