The difference between CentOS and Ubuntu modified hostname

CentOS Modify Host Name 1. Temporarily modify host nameDisplay host Name:[Email protected]:~$ hostnamelocalhostModify Host Name:[Email protected]:~$ sudo hostname orcl1[email protected]:~$ HOSTNAMEORCL12. Permanently modify the host nameThe

Installation of Linux CentOS-7.1

DescriptionFirst, Version: 7.1 Version:centos-7-x86_64-everything-1503-01.iso download from: X86_64/centos-7-x86_64-everything-1503-01.isoThis is the everything version, 7.07GB. Install via USB stick. and to

CentOS Source code installation Ipython2.7,setuptools, Pip and solve the problem Ipython cannot use the arrow keys

Installing Python version 2.7wget zxvf python-2.7.8.tgzCD Python-2.7.8./configure--prefix=/usr/local/python2.7--with-readlinemake (resolve arrow key

How to install the two-system detailed steps: Take Win10+centos as an example

I integrated the online many dual-system methods, at the same time on a variety of online version of the problem has been summed up, pictures from the Internet, allow me to steal a lazy, haha ...Assuming the WIN10 system is installed on the computer,

Configuring the Yum source for CentOS 6.5


Issue: Redhat 6.4 The default comes with a Yum source that needs to be registered before it can be updated.Solution: Remove the default yum source and manually configure the Yum source for CentOS 6.5.My system here is Redhat 6.4, so in

Set SSH connection time under CentOS

For security reasons, if the user is idle after connecting to the SSH server, SSH server will automatically terminate the SSH connection after a certain period of time. Here's how to set the terminating connection time: 1. Open

Install CentOS 5.3 to be garbled in Chinese

Install CentOS 5.3 to be garbled in Chinese650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Qq20150930193507.png "alt=" Wkiom1ylyg_bhnt-aacew6srg9y184.jpg "/>How do I resolve this

Installing Git 1.8 on the CentOS 6.5 compiler

Yum Install git version number is too old, it is 1.7.1.Here, we'll show you how to compile and install git 1.8Yum install curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel openssl-devel zlib-develcd/usr/srcwget https://

Some necessary processing work after installation of CentOS

1 Permanently close SELinux, modify to permissive or disabled (recommended), modify the need to restart2 Configuring Network3. Disable ping (optional, generally do not need to prohibit) (default is 0-bit enable ICMP protocol, 1 is forbidden), no

CentOS under source installation lamp environment

What is lampLamp is a Web network application and development environment, is the abbreviation of Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php/perl, each letter represents a component, each component in itself is a very powerful component in the aspect it

CentOS Restart NIC Failure reason

Ready to restart the NIC, with two commands failed to succeed[Email protected] desktop]# ifup eth0Active Connection state:activatingActive Connection path:/ORG/FREEDESKTOP/NETWORKMANAGER/ACTIVECONNECTION/1^c** message:caught Signal 2, shutting down .

CentOS 7 x64 Codis cluster and standalone Docker

# to install Zookeeperwget zxvf zookeeper-3.4.6.tar.gzMV Zookeeper-3.4.6/opt/local/zookeeperMkdir/opt/local/zookeeper/logscd/opt/local/zookeeper/conf/CP

xplico1.1 CentOS compiling problem and its solving method

Xplico is a tool that resolves IP traffic data from the pcap file, resolves each mailbox (POP, IMAP, and SMTP protocol), and all HTTP content, as the product may need to be used, has been studied. The Linux version used in the product is CentOS,

Redhat replacing the CentOS 6.6 yum Source


Newly installed redhat6.4. After installation, log in to the system and update the system with Yum update. Tips:This system isn't registered to Red Hat Subscription Management. You can use the Subscription-manager to register.cannot be

Centos 6.4 Build SVN service

Subversion is an excellent version of the Control tool, its specific advantages and detailed introduction can refer to the encyclopedia,[Email protected] ~]# iptables-f[[email protected] ~]# setenforce 0[[email protected] ~]# lsb_release-a #查看系统版本L

RHEL6 using CentOS's Yum source


1. Uninstall RHEL6 's own Yum sourceRpm-qa | grep Yum |xargs rpm-e--nodeps2, download the corresponding installation package# wget # wget HTTP://MIRROR.

CentOS 6,7 Minimize installation and install graphical interface

CentOS 6.2 Minimize installation and install graphical interfaceWhen installing CentOS 6.2, I found that it did not prompt me how to install, but "on my own" to choose the minimum installation, the result is only the terminal interface after loading,

CentOS compiled source code

Compile Python3 For example:1. Download the source package (may be. tar.gz, tar.bz2 format, or it may be downloaded from git)2. Get the source package decompressionSource files: usually. C. py and the likeDetection file: The name is usually

How to mount a 4TB hard drive in CentOS 6.X

One task at hand is to make a local backup of some of the company's important data. Use Seagate's 4TB hard drive.For a 4TB hard disk, the following warning appears if you use the partition directly with Fdisk:Warning:gpt (GUID Partition Table)

CentOS 7 Time zone settings

Time to synchronize the server for various reasons after the installation of CentOS 7 or the device time zone.In CentOS 7 there is a command timedatectl can help us to modify the time zone of the server.First we can use the TIMEDATECTL command to

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