How to anti-theft chain? How pseudo static? (Win2003+iis+isapi

iis| anti-theft chain | pseudo static If you want to have a server of your own, Then download: Then install, whatever you want to do. Then, open Internet Information Services, right-click, Web site Properties

php5.4 Distributed Cache Memcache (windows7 installation configuration)

I. Installation of Memcachememcached installation problem on Windows7 now install package: Memcache installation package error: Access to D:\webEve\ via cmd command line memcached (Download the extract directory)

Resolution of the installation of Red Flag 3.2

Solve | The problem I downloaded from the Linuxaid 3.2 desktop version, in the Red website get the registration code. Problems were encountered during installation on several machines, most of which were normally installed, but the reboot was unsucce

WIN2000 Server Security Configuration Servers manual (4)

server| Security | Server SQL server is the most used database system on NT platform, but its security problem must be paid attention to. The database often has the most valuable information, once the data stolen consequences unimaginable. Timely up

CSS3 Instance Tutorial: CSS3 drop-down Menu Code Resolution

Last week I posted a CSS3 pull-down menu, and someone reflected that I didn't explain the CSS code in detail enough. So, this article will explain the new CSS properties, including: Text-shadow,box-shadow and Border-radius. These CSS3 properties are

Draw2d--1. Design ideas and related patterns

Design 1. draw2d Design Idea draw2d is a lightweight component (Widge) system that hosts the SWT composite control. A draw2d application consists of an SWT composite control, a lightweight system, and its contents (figures). Figures is the building b

SQL story Excerpt (ii) inquiry into ———— join query

Example 1-2, information with duplicate key values Now look at the product table that compresses the duplicate information ID pname Price Number pdescription 1Apple 123000NULL 2Banana 16.997600NULL 3Olive 25.224500NULL 4Coco Nut 40.992000NULL 4Orange

FOXPRO System Index

FOXPRO System Index  FoxPro 2. 5 Standard Edition FoxPro 2. FoxPro under 5 Enhanced Windows The maximum number of records per database L0 billion L0 billion 1 billion the maximum number of characters in each record    650006500065000 maximu

Transaction processing in Sqlserver2000

Sqlserver2000 transaction processing in server|sqlserver| transaction processing   I.        Definition and its nature: transaction: A series of actions performed as a single logical unit of work. Attribute: A logic

Fu Sheng Dictation 360 security Guardian History: I'm not Lin Biao

Why would fu Sheng leave 360? is because of evil deeds, premeditated defection, the bite of the hand, or the high earthquake Lord, compelled? Of course, the original things will not be pure one-sided. Listen to the story. Please note that this is a F


The main contents of this article: 1, under normal circumstances cgridview implementation of Ajax paging and sorting principle 2, paging and sorting can not AJAX situation Analysis 3, custom paging (rewrite Clinkpager) How to implement Ajax paging an


/*** Http:// JavaScript and Ajax with Yii translated by PHP engineer Http:// 1. Official JS Wrappers 1.1 Form validation 1.2 Cgridview 1.3 cjui* classes 1.4 Partial update

Installation and configuration of PHP4.04+PWS under Win98 (transferred from Tenkine)

Pws.... This paper mainly introduces the installation of PHP4.04 and mysql3.22.32 under the pws4.0 of Win98 system. The software in this paper can be downloaded from the Software section of this website. .... The required software php4.04 Win32 Bit

"PHP4.04 installation under Win98"

[He Zhiqiang] Supplement From Installation of PHP4.04 under Win98 .... This paper mainly introduces the installation of PHP4.04 and mysql3.22.32 under the pws4.0 of Win98 system. The software in this pape

Two methods of cloning a database between two machines

Data | database About cloning the database method, has been studying recently, occasionally wandering on the cnoug, found two posts good, now as a reference in the future work: Method One: How to use Rman to clone a database between two machines Or

Effectively promote the data analysis of Digg website of your website

Data | promotion Now the site is not just a vibrant community and a place to gather news, has become increasingly influential for bloggers and owners of websites. It can bring you a lot of traffic to generate revenue, but also make

About Web page source code masking

Web page | source code Very early wanted to write an article on the Web page source code screen. is because often make up some JS script, in the same time, also worry about the source code will be seen, steal my script. So all along, I've been trying

Installation of PHP4.04 under Win98

The required software php4.04 Win 32-bit installer Mysql3.22.34 Win 32-bit version share phpmyadmin_2.0.5 the best tool for managing MySQL databases The first step is to download the program you want to install and run MYSQL3.22 Setup. The download

Extend Spring's JMX support (1)

The Spring framework minimizes architectural dependencies and materializes the components in the application, but the application is still managed. Fortunately, Spring 1.2 includes advanced JMX integration support, and JMX provides a practical manage

SQL2000 solution that cannot be installed after uninstalling the reinstall

1, the Program files under the SQL installation directory Delete (here if there are important data, please back up) C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server80tools. C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Servermssql. 2, the relevant information in the registry dele

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