DB2 Key constraint operation

Label:Today encountered a problem, want to delete a table in a column of the only constraint, Google a bit, search out many, find can use, write down to summarize as follows.The command is as followsSelect Constname, TabName, ColName, colseq from

Self-writing Framework 2: Using a 200-line DBF parser to demonstrate good architecture design

Label:Because of the working relationship, need to work, need to read the DBF file, find some dbf read open source software, either is too large, still tens of thousands of lines, or functional problems, coding, length, in short, there is no very

GDB Series four runs the program in GDB

Tags: gdb run debuggingBefore you start running the program in GDB, you need to generate debugging information at compile time.You can start gdb with parameters (if any) in your chosen environment. If you are debugging locally, you can redirect the

Step by step to learn from me Lucene (6)---lucene index optimization multi-thread creation index

Tags: lucene storage multithreadingThese two days work a bit busy, blog update not timely, please everyone forgive me;Before we learned that Lucene was created in the index, a IndexWriter acquires a read-write lock, which is inefficient when Lucene

Interview question: In an array there are 0-99 integers between 101 (array unordered), in an efficient way to find the only duplicate elements!

Label:/** Problem: Find duplicate elements in 101 data* Topics are as follows: existing 0 to 99, total 100 integers, each different, put all the numbers into an array, randomly arranged.* Array length 101, extra number is 0 to 99 any number (unique

Cygwin's potholes

Tags: windowsBackground introduction to problems encountered in useThere are many problems with Cygwin use, such as permissions, time zones, and so on.Purpose of this articleFigure out what operations or features Cygwin will conflict with Windows

Why and what is DevOps

Label:Original Address article content Why DevOps What is DevOps The benefits of DevOps How can DevOps be implemented? Clarification on DevOps Resources Why DevOps There is a growing awareness that the

Always on the road--remember me from the middle school to undergraduate nearly ten years of learning and growth process

Label:Before university: A partial section-Sheng's ReadmeI was born in a rural area of Hubei Province (Huanggang, east of Hubei Province), our town is located at the junction of Hubei and Anhui, just at the foot of one of the main peaks of the Dabie

Microsoft Build 2015

Label:Brief overview (GitHub completes about 45%): Visual Studio Code Preview Visual Studio RC Visual Studio Update 5 Open Sourcing Visual Studio ' s gdb/lldb Debug Engine Entity Framework 7 Beta 4 ASP. 4.6–web FORMS/MVC

The general conception of population urbanization in China

Label:The general conception of population urbanization in ChinaPopulation urbanization--the process of rural and agricultural population moving to urban and non-agriculture is an inevitable and insurmountable process in the development of human

DDD Practice Case: Introducing event-driven and middleware mechanisms to implement background management functions

Label:DDD Practice Case: Introducing event-driven and middleware mechanisms to implement background management function I. INTRODUCTIONIn the current e-commerce platform, the user after the order, then the store will be in the background to see the

The smooth version of "A * Path Search primer"??

Label:A * Getting Started with path searchPatrick Lester published on October 8, 2003 8 o'clock in the afternoon 33 AIIf you find that there are errors or problems in the text (missing images or files, damaged code, incorrect text formatting, etc.),

. OCX,. dll file Registration command Regsvr32 use

Label:1. Open the file, open the OCX file or DLL file you want to register,2. Registration and anti-registration of the OCX file or DLL file as requiredDll. OCX Registration Method--File Regsvr32 usage and situation IntroductionPeople who have used

Teach you to make a perfect 301 redirect

Label:What is 301 redirect?Usually we will encounter in the site construction, such as: Website revision, dynamic static, the structure of the relocation of the site after the adjustment and so on, in these cases, if you do not do 301 Redirect, the

DELL R410 upgrade NIC driver

Label:Official link http://zh-cn.broadcom.com/support/ethernet_nic/netxtremeii.php(the official-driven name is occasionally changed)Note Ensure that the server's kernel-devel,kernel-headers is installedOne, the source codeRPMPackage Installation

Ogre Reference Manual (i) 2 core objects

Label:DescriptionTranslation from Ogre 1.81 Manual, without prejudice to the understanding of the case, to reduce the time of reading and translation of the workloadThis is done only by removing the modified part of the text, and does not reduce any

The browser sends a total of download files 2 second request, how to "download" only 1 times to record?

Label:Recently, the personal official website realizes the PDF downloading function, for the statistic consideration. Added "Download Count" download_count this field.But. I suddenly found out today. Each download Download_count is directly + 2.

PLS-00306 Error

Label:Ora-06550:line 1, Column 7:Pls-00306:wrong number or types of arguments in call to ' P 'Ora-06550:line 1, Column 7:Pl/sql:statement ignoredThis is an error;Reason:It is not correct to use the stored procedure with output parameters called by

Prove that any 6 persons inside existence three persons know each other or exist three humans do not know each other "graph theory, Drawer principle"

Label:The 6/7-month 1958 issue of the American Journal of Mathematics has the following title:"Prove that at any 6 people's rally, or 3 people have known each other before, or three people have not met each other before."This problem can be easily

Character encoding

Label:Character encodingReference:Http://www.liaoxuefeng.com/wiki/001374738125095c955c1e6d8bb493182103fac9270762a000/ 001386819196283586a37629844456ca7e5a7faa9b94ee8000As we've already said, strings are also a type of data, but a special string is a

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