12 tricks to improve EJB performance

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a widely used service-side component architecture based on the Java EE platform, which can be used to quickly develop flexible, reusable, mission-critical enterprise appl

Ways to set up Pl/sql developer

Pl/sql beautifier (pl/sql landscaping device) PLD version 6 has the ability to format the DML code. Select part of the code in SQL window or program window (if you do not select the entire window), s

DOM4J Introduction and code example

DOM4J is an open source XML parsing package produced by dom4j.org. DOM4J is an easy-to-use, open Source Library for Xml,xpath and XSLT. It is applied to the Java platform, with a Java collection frame

The converter in Struts 2.0 (Converter)

In my past Struts 1.x project experience, there is a question that arises occasionally-when creating formbean, what should be a string or other type for a property? Unlike developing a traditional de

Solution for SQL 2008 "database backup in Backup set is different from existing XX database"

Because it is a backup of a database of the same name on another computer, restore with the normal method, the hint is not the same database, do not let restore, find the following method on the net to solve: One, right click System Database master,

Teach you how to upgrade to SQL Anywhere10 (11)

Ultralite Database Upgrade Path Because you can create an Ultralite database in many different ways, the upgrade process may also vary. The following table lists the methods to upgrade the database. If you need to upgrade an earlier version of: ·

Teach you how to upgrade to SQL Anywhere 10 (2)

Working with utilities If you have more than one version of SQL Anywhere installed on your computer, you must be aware of your system path when you use the utility. Because the installation will append the latest installed version of the executable

The solution of Sybase RS rs_init problem

When the Rs_init is complete, an error occurs: MSG 806, level, State 1: Server ' DSJCYLNKP620 ', line 1: Could not find virtual page for logical page 544371551 in database ' TestDB '. The SQL Server is terminating this process. Ct-library Error:

Sybase's experience and methodology in writing stored procedures

First, preface: After a period of storage process development, write down some of the development of the summary and experience to share with you, hope for everyone's benefit, mainly for Sybase and SQL Server database, but other databases should have

DB2 information integration speed up heterogeneous information management

With the complexity and diversity of the IT environment, modern enterprises face a huge challenge: they must derive more value from existing information assets. These information assets are stored in a variety of data, ranging from e-mail, spreadshee

Principles and techniques for DB2 recovery with transaction logs after a crash

After the system crashes, use the DB2 transaction log to recover the database. How many times have you encountered the error message "sql0946c The transaction log for the"? When trying to solve the problem, do you stop to think about the following

General process of DB2 general upgrade method

Download Revision Packs DB2 does not require a different level of revision packages to be installed individually, and the level-high Revision pack contains all the code in the lower-level revision package, so you can pick the most current-level pack

DB2 9 Data server Development 3 music

It is hard to imagine that there are any applications that are irrelevant to the database. Even Microsoft's next-generation OS Vista uses its database to organize its new file system. It can be said that after years of development, the data has becom

DB2 database design and highest performance principles

The purpose of this article is to give IBM (R) business partners Some important information about the performance of the DB2 Universal Database (UDB) database in Z/OS (hereinafter referred to as DB2) DB2 (R). This paper attempts to integrate material

Methods of DB2 data replication and migration

The following methods have been tested, in the environment IBM X346,3.2gx2,4g,raid 1,DB2 v8.2.4,win2000 ADV Server,dms tablespace, the data load speed is around 601 million/min. Background: You need to change the database table space, or you need to

The runtime integrates data with an XSLT style sheet

This article describes a mechanism for doing the following: developing application business data and presentation data separately, and then combining them with a common XSLT style sheet. The application business data is formatted as XML, and the pres

Follow me. XSL (7) XSL function one

This period learns about XSL style methods for use with the select Properties of XSL elements <xsl:for-each>, <xsl:value-of>, <xsl:template>, <xsl: Apply-templates> 's match properties, <xsl:if>, <xsl:when> test Pr

Follow me. The combination and application of XSL (8) script and XSL

Sometimes, we might want XML documents to be output with some statistical information or something like numbers, and it's not easy to make use of the previous knowledge. Two new elements <xsl:eval> and <XSL:SCRIPT> will be introduced toda

That's how I use the data: Fish and paws.

Just began to participate in programming, heard of such a joke: A programmer critically ill, a long coma, all kinds of drug treatment, are ineffective. Family in every sense of anxiety, a colleague came to see him, but gently said: "Ni-ma, the demand

Research on TreeMap red-black tree algorithm by analyzing JDK source code

Introduction: TreeMap and TreeSet are two important members of the Java Collection Framework, where TreeMap is a common implementation class for the Map interface, and TreeSet is a common implementation class for Set interfaces. Although the interfac

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